How Many Colleges Are In Evansville Indiana?

Several schools and institutions can be found in the city of Evansville, Indiana. These institutions give students who want to pursue higher education in the region access to a wide variety of programmes, degrees, and specialties. The number of colleges in Evansville, Indiana, will be examined in greater detail in this article, along with some extra details on each institution. So Let’s read about ‘How Many Colleges Are In Evansville Indiana?’.

How Many Colleges Are In Evansville Indiana?

How Many Colleges Are In Evansville Indiana?

Six colleges and universities with various programmes, degrees, and specialties may be found in Evansville, Indiana. These organisations include the University of Southern Indiana, Ross Medical Education Center, Harrison College, Oakland City University, University of Evansville, and Ivy Tech Community College Southwest. Ivy Tech Community College Southwest is a two-year community college with over 150 programmes, whereas the University of Southern Indiana is a public university with over 100 areas of study available. A private institution with nearly 80 majors is the University of Evansville, while a private college with veterinary technology, criminal justice, and healthcare programmes is Harrison College.

Types of Colleges in Evansville Indiana

In Evansville, Indiana, there are various different kinds of colleges, including community colleges, private universities, and public institutions. Following are quick summaries of each:

  • Public universities, which are supported by the state government and provide a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, fall under this category. The University of Southern Indiana is an example of a public university in Evansville.
  • Private universities are those that get funding from the private sector and provide both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Private universities in Evansville include Oakland City University and the University of Evansville.
  • Community colleges: They are educational establishments that provide two-year degrees at a lower cost than four-year institutions. An illustration of a community college in Evansville is Ivy Tech Community College Southwest.

Each sort of college has a unique blend of advantages and disadvantages. Public institutions frequently have a greater physical footprint and more programmes available, but they might also be more expensive for out-of-state students. Private universities may provide more individualised care, but they also frequently have higher tuition fees. Students who want to finish their general education requirements before transferring to a four-year university may find community colleges to be a more cost-effective choice.

Notable Colleges in Evansville Indiana 

  • University of Evansville: Located in Evansville, Indiana, the University of Evansville is a private institution that offers over 80 undergraduate majors as well as a number of graduate programmes. It is renowned for its robust engineering, business, and arts programmes and is ranked #5 in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Ivy Tech Community College: Ivy Tech Community College is a public community college in Evansville, offering more than 150 degree and certificate programmes in sectors such as healthcare, business, technology, and more. With more than 130,000 students enrolled each year, it is the biggest public post-secondary institution in Indiana.
  • Harrison College is a private university in Evansville that offers career-focused courses in a variety of subjects, including business, criminal justice, and healthcare. For those students who desire a flexible learning environment, it also provides online degree programmes.
  • Oakland City University – Evansville Center: Oakland City University’s Evansville Center offers undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in business, education, and counselling. As a Christian institution, it seeks to give its pupils an education that is based on moral principles.
  • Vincennes University – Jasper Campus: The Jasper Campus of Vincennes University is situated in the surrounding city of Jasper, Indiana, and it provides associate degree programmes in educational, business, and nursing specialties. Also, the school provides a number of student services, such as career guidance and help finding employment.

Admission requirements

Depending on the particular university and the programme you are applying to, the entrance requirements for colleges in Evansville, Indiana, may change. However, you might anticipate the following typical entry requirements:

  • Application: You must submit an application for admission to all colleges. You can do this via mail or online.
  • Transcripts from high school: The majority of institutions will demand an authentic copy of your high school transcript. Your high school grades and the courses you took are displayed here.
  • Test results that are standardised, such as the ACT or SAT, may be required by some universities. Nonetheless, some colleges have waived this rule as a result of the pandemic.
  • Recommendation letters: Some universities may ask you to submit one or more letters of support from educators, therapists, or other experts who are familiar with your abilities.
  • Personal statement: Some institutions can ask you to submit an essay or personal statement outlining your goals, interests, and background.
  • Application fee: Upon submitting your application, certain universities may ask you to pay a charge.

It’s crucial to confirm the admission requirements with the particular college you are interested in attending because they can have different or additional requirements.


In conclusion, students have a range of prestigious private and public universities to pick from in Evansville, Indiana. These universities may have different admission criteria, but the most of them will ask you to submit an application, high school transcripts, and in some circumstances, standardised test results, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. To make sure you are prepared to apply, it is crucial to research and evaluate the admission standards for each college you are interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I submit a college application to Evansville, Indiana?

You can visit the websites of each institution and submit an online application or ask for a mail-in application.

  1. How much is tuition at universities in Evansville, Indiana?

The price of tuition varies depending on the institution and the programme. It is best to contact each institution for detailed information.

  1. Do any of the colleges in Evansville, Indiana offer online programmes?

Sure, a few of the colleges provide online courses in a range of subject areas.