How Many Colleges Are In Conway Arkansas?

Conway is a city in the state of Arkansas in the Central Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area. Despite being a Little Rock suburb, Conway stands out since its residents like to work there without commuting to other places for jobs. The city serves as a local hub for everything. Acxiom, the University of Central Arkansas, Insight Enterprises, and Hendrix College along with numerous companies are the major employers of Conway. The development of Conway can also be attributed to job opportunities in advanced technologies and higher learning. For students interested in both traditional classes and distance learning, the colleges and universities in Conway provide several choices. Let us know ‘How Many Colleges Are In Conway Arkansas?’.

How Many Colleges Are In Conway Arkansas?

There are three significant academic institutions in Conway Arkansas. The three main universities in Conway are the University of Central Arkansas, Central Baptist College, and Hendrix College. The four-year public university known as the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) provides a participation facility for a total of about 13,300 students. UCA is a public academic research institution.

Colleges in Conway Arkansas

Conway, Arkansas offers a wide range of higher education institutions that can be selected by the students as per their interests. These institutions provide leading syllabuses to accelerate the journey of career advancement. There are facilities for students interested in both traditional classroom settings and online learning.

There are different categories of colleges which are as follows. 

Public Institutions

The University of Central Arkansas (UCA) is a public educational institution that offers a four-year public college with about 13,300 intakes of students per year. UCA grants 39 graduate degrees, five doctoral degrees, and 80 undergraduate degrees through its six different colleges and departments. They are the only institution in Arkansas to offer Occupational Therapy programs. There are other courses such as distinctive courses in African-American studies, addiction studies, religious studies, digital filmmaking, dietetics, psychology, and speech-language pathology. The residential system is optional and allows the students to live in the same dorms and enroll in the same classes based on their areas of study to facilitate group study.

Private Institutions

Hendrix College is a private Institution. The undergraduate courses are conducted at Hendrix College. A total of 1,500 students per year are allowed to join. They have ties to the United Methodist Church that enables students to access more than 70 organizational and community activities. They have some of the most well-liked degree programs in some streams such as science, philosophy, and creative writing.

Community Colleges

The Central Baptist College (CBC) is a four-year private institution with a small-town atmosphere. With 970 students attending, it has the smallest student body among Conway’s three higher education institutions. Higher education students who enroll at Central Baptist are given a quality education for both academic and spiritual reasons. Ministry, the arts, and bible studies are three of the most popular study areas. English, adult education and training, music, and marketing are just a few of the major subjects the school offers as associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. There are also dozens of minor degrees available at Central Baptist College.

Online Educational System Followed at Conway Arkansas

Apart from these, educational institutions offer online programs also. Online college is becoming more and more popular among students across the country, and for good reason. The process of earning a degree has never been simpler if such a system did not exist. The online facility provides easy access to all of the lecture classes and course materials online. 


Conway is a city located in the Central Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area. Conway is unique in that the majority of its residents do not commute outside of the town to work.  Conway’s largest employers include Acxiom, the University of Central Arkansas, Hendrix College, Insight Enterprises, and numerous technology start-up businesses. The increase in employment opportunities in higher education and technology is another factor in Conway’s development. Conway, Arkansas has three important academic institutions which are Central Baptist College, University of Central Arkansas, and Hendrix College. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which are the online courses provided by UCA?

Answer: The University of Central Arkansas provides a range of post-certificates, master’s master’s degrees, and graduate certificates online. Students taking courses online receive the same excellent education as those taking them on campus because all of the courses are taught by UCA faculty. 

  1. Which are the online courses provided by Central Baptist College?

Answer: The Associate’s in General Education, the Bachelor’s in Leadership and Ministry, and the Bachelor’s in Business Administration are three undergraduate degrees offered online by Central Baptist College. 

  1. Why do the educational institutions of Conway Arkansas offer distance learning?

Answer: Educational institutions provide online classes in a wide range of subjects with the same opportunities and resources as traditional in-person academic classroom sessions. A degree has never have been easier to obtain if such a system does not exist. The registered students can easily access all of the lecture classes and course materials online.