How Long Is The LPN To BSN Program At Berkeley?

Are you ready to enter a rewarding and in-demand healthcare field? Well, if you are thinking of going for the LPN to BSN program at Berkeley, it’s a great choice! You might be wondering how long this program takes. Hang in and read further to get some insights on the same. Let us know How Long Is The LPN To BSN Program At Berkeley?

How Long Is The LPN To BSN Program At Berkeley?

Berkeley has 2 programs: LPN to BSN Beginner Pathway and LPN to BSN Accelerated Pathway. The course of professional study for the LPN to BSN Beginner Pathway is 8 semesters in length, while that for the LPN to BSN Accelerated Pathway is 7 semesters.

Some Very Good Reasons To Choose Berkeley College

  • Berkeley College is the one that has the only LPN to BSN program in New Jersey.
  • Berkeley is notable for the comprehensiveness of its 120+ graduate programs across 14 schools and colleges, giving over 3,000 master’s and professional degrees each year, as well as close to 800 doctorate degrees.
  • Berkeley’s graduating students join an illustrious list of alumni.
  • At Berkeley, being a graduate student implies being a part of a vibrant, dynamic community of people who are enthusiastic, curious, and dedicated to their fields of study.

Consider the following factors while deciding to join Berkeley College

Great Location

Berkeley College excludes the entrepreneurial energy for which its campus is recognized. Berkeley is a hotspot of creativity and discovery, with easy access to leading specialists, Silicon Valley, national labs, and cutting-edge corporations. 

The Berkeley campus gives a gorgeous view of San Francisco Bay, which is impressive.

Friendly Environment

At Berkeley College, family-friendly laws make the graduate program convenient for all incoming students. The Berkeley community is active in promoting and engaging students from all backgrounds in the college. A friendly environment where everybody can thrive is encouraged at the college. The environment in the college thrives students to develope a friendly spacing.

All-In-One Campus

At Berkeley’s campus, you will find almost everything, right from multidisciplinary laboratories to research centres and from museums to various institutes, such as:

  • Space Sciences Laboratory
  • Institute of Human Development
  • Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute
  • Institute for Integrative Social Sciences
  • Institute of East Asian Studies

Exceptional Resources

The students at Berkeley College have conducted research work around the world. The University Library System at Berkeley College is one of the best research collections in the country’s public universities.

What Does Berkeley College Stand For?

Berkeley College in New York is famous for its museums, libraries, churches, historic buildings, and theatres. The fashion window at the WindowsWear Museum at Berkeley College features world-class companies on 5th and Madison Avenue.

Not only this, but the Middle States Commission on Higher Education has accredited the Berkeley College.

Insights Into The LPN To BSN Program At The Berkeley College

There are two ways to achieve an LPN to BSN program at Berkeley College. One is the LPN to BSN Beginner Pathway, and the other is the LPN to BSN Accelerated Pathway.

Both programs allow LPNs to advance to the position of baccalaureate-prepared Rregistered Nurse. Graduates will get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree and will be qualified to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

The Length Of The Programs

For the  LPN to BSN Beginner Pathway, the length of the course of professional study is eight semesters, while for the LPN to BSN Accelerated Pathway is seven semesters.

Programs Designed For

The LPN to B.S.N. Beginner Pathway is intended for recently minted Licensed Practical Nurses with less than one year of clinical experience.

The LPN to B.S.N. Accelerated Pathway is intended for experienced LPNs who in the previous two years, have performed a minimum of 2,080 clinical hours as a Licensed Practical Nurse, that is (one or more years).

Once graduated with the LPN to BSN program at Berkeley, the nurses can undertake duties such as

  • Medication and injection administration.
  • Supporting and educating patients and their families.
  • Assisting doctors throughout surgery and other medical procedures.
  • Creating nurse treatment plans.
  • Nursing supervisors and other healthcare providers offer nursing care.
  • Providing medical treatment to those who are unwell, wounded, or have other medical concerns.

Berkeley College in New York City is an accredited college where you can access the LPN to BSN program. This program is offered in two pathways: one is the LPN to BSN Beginner Pathway and the other is the LPN to BSN Accelerated Pathway. The LPN to BSN Beginner Pathway is for freshly graduated Licensed Practical Nurses and is eight semesters long. While the LPN to BSN Accelerated Pathway is a fast-paced pace program for experienced Licensed Practical Nurses, containing seven semesters.

  1. What type of college is Berkeley?

Berkeley College is a private, for-profit college situated in New Jersey, New York. 

  1. What are the chances of getting into Berkeley?

The acceptance rate at Berkeley College, New York is 94%, which is great.

  1. What GPA is required to get into Berkeley College?

To get into Berkeley College, you need to have a GPA of at least 3.15.

  1. How much does tuition at Berkeley College cost?

The tuition at Berkeley College would cost $27,000 (2019-2020).