How long does it take to get an Austrian student visa?

How long does it take to get an Austrian student visa?

To know how long does it take to get an Austrian student visa…read on this article….!

Austria is a country situated in Europe. It is a German-speaking country that is one of the richest countries in the world by per capita GDP terms. Also, the population of the country is 9,003,000. The capital of the country is Vienna. The currency of the Austrian country is the euro. Mainly the tourist attraction of that place is the mountains and forest. In general, there is humid weather present all over the country. Also, yearly rainfall occurs of 40 inches. There is the main population in Austria and German people. Mainly the German language is spoken in the country. 

It takes 2 to 4 weeks the processing an Austrian student visa. There are two types of students applying for the Austrian visa one who is not an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen and the other are EU/EEA or Swiss citizen. If the student is a non-EU citizen then he or she has to apply for a student visa and student residence permit. If a student is an EU, EAA, or Swiss citizen then he or she doesn’t have to apply for a student visa or resident permit. But if a student is planning to study for more than 3 months then they need to get registered with Austrian authorities. But for them, this process is quick and easy if they have suitable health insurance, proof of accommodation and if they have money for their expenditure.

Austrian student visa?

When a person from any country wants to enter another country for any of his or her purposes they have to get permission from that country. That legal document of that permission is called a visa and in Austria that visa is called Visa D. this legal document is attached to the passport then only one can enter the country. This Visa D is the approval from the government that one can enter and live country for the duration of that program.

What are the steps of getting a student visa for studying in Austria? 

Choosing and accepting the university 

First of all, you have to choose the university or college where you want to study. If that university conducts any type of exam then the first one has to clear that exam. After securing a place in the university or college they have to pay fees for getting enrolled in the college. 

Fixing appointment for the student residence permit 

In the meeting one has to show the following documents to the Austrian embassy:

Admission letter of the chosen university

  • proof that shows that you have sufficient funds for living there
  • Documents of travel insurance 
  • passport

Processing time of application and decision on students resident permit 

This process can take up to the time of three months so students who want their application to be approved before the college semester starts should apply well in advance for their application to get approved.

Visa appointment 

After getting approved for the residence permit, a student can apply for the visa D. a minimum of six weeks or more to get an appointment with the embassy. 

Go for the visa appointment

Once the student gets their residence permit the next step is for the visa. The documents needed are:

  • visa application 
  • photo ID 
  • passport
  • travel and health insurance documents 

Wait for the decision 

Normally the decision on the visa application is made within 4 weeks or more 

Get registered with the Austrian authorities

After the entire processing one has to get registered with the Austrian authorities within 3 days before arriving in the country for your purpose. One has to fill out the registration form and tell the authorities about their address.

What are the requirements for a visa for Austria 

  • passport 

One should make sure that their passport doesn’t expire during their stay there and they should have at least 2 empty pages in their passport book 

  • application form for visa 

After doing the above process one has to download the visa form and fill it with correct information which should be signed properly.

  • insurance for traveling

One should have the Schengen travel insurance for getting an Austrian student visa. The insurance should cover 30,000 euros for any type of emergency. 

  • recent passport size photos 

For this guidelines should be followed from the Schengen visa picture. Photos should be recent.

  • fees and financial means 

One should confirm to authorities that they are capable to pay their expenses during their stay in the country. What amount they require depends on the student.

  • a document that proves that you are enrolled in a university or college 

In whichever university you have applied students should have proof that they have already secured their place in the college or university. They have to provide proof of that.

  • receipt for the proof that you have paid tuition fees of the university 

One should provide a copy of the bank statement that they have paid the tuition fees of the university or college.

  • records from the previous universities 

If anyone has attended the previous university they have to provide their old records from the old university.


The conclusion of the whole article says that if the student wants to study abroad in a country like Austria then they can easily get a visa to the country. As it is a complicated process visa application in every country is a little bit of a complicated process but if they apply at the right time they will easily get approved for the visa. It takes 2 to 4 weeks to get approved.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can a student do a part-time job with his or her studies in Austria?

Yes but that student has to apply for the work permit that is they have to apply for the special C or D student visa for working in the country. After getting the visa that visa will decide how many hours you can work there. A student can work up to 10 to 20 hours depending on their visa.