How do you make the Dean’s list at Kean university?

Kean University has a list of requirements to fulfill to be published on the Dean’s list. These requirements differ for part-time and full-time students and consider semester grade averages as well as the status of the course.

How do you make the Dean's list at Kean university?

A Dean’s list is an academic accolade, or notation, used to identify and commend the level of superior academic achievement proven by students within their university or college journey. Usually, students at University will have to fulfill a specific set of conditions prior to receiving the Dean’s list. These conditions may vary from University to University, but in most circumstances, students are required to enroll in a full-time program, achieve a stated grade point average within the academic semester, and sustain a particular aggregate grade point average throughout their academic journey.

Being on the Dean’s list demonstrates your work ethic. Students on the Dean’s list commit a substantial amount of time and effort to obtain good grades. Furthermore, it indicates that you are goal-driven. If you make it on the Dean’s list, it may indicate that you have established goals at the beginning of the semester and worked hard and consistently to attain them. Making the Dean’s list is also a demonstration of your ability to succeed.

How do I make the Dean’s list at Kean university?

Students studying full-time and part-time can be on the Dean’s list in line with the requirements below:

Full-time students

  • The Dean’s list is published bi-annually for full-time students at the end of each semester. To be listed, the student must have obtained a semester grade average of 3,45 or higher for at least 12 credit hours.
  • The student needs to pass all courses.
  • Any student with a status of ‘incomplete’ is ineligible for the Dean’s list.

Part-time students

  • The Dean’s list is published twice a year for past time cohorts at the end of each spring semester. To be listed, the student must have obtained a semester grade average of 3,45 or higher for the entire academic year for at least 12 credit hours.
  • The student needs to pass all courses.
  • Any student with a status of ‘incomplete’ is ineligible for the Dean’s list.

What do I get from being part of the Dean’s list at Kean University?

Each student who is recognized on the Dean’s List receives a personal letter of congratulations, as well as a notation on their transcript.

Why should I aim to be on the Dean’s list?

A sense of personal achievement

Being on the Dean’s list certainly provides you with a great sense of personal achievement. It means that out of all the students within the faculty, you have achieved a lot. Even if your social group scores highly, you have an even better score as you have made a mark on the Dean’s list. Being on the Dean’s list indicates that you have been identified within the top 5% of the faculty in relation to your academic results. 

Improve employability

The aim of our university career is to find the best possible employment. While academic results are not the only element in getting a good job, your GPA is critical as it can be used as a preliminary requirement to shortlist potential candidates.

Exclusive access to top employers

Prominent companies hold recruitment drives on campus. These drives are for all, and then there are exclusive networking sessions for students who have demonstrated academic excellence. The HR of such companies may request the Dean’s office to invite such students. Companies who do this include several consulting firms, companies within the banking sector, and fast-moving consumable goods companies.

Being on the Dean’s Office radar

When you are on the Dean’s list, personnel within the Dean’s office will be familiar with you. After all, there are thousands of students on campus and only a few on the Dean’s list. This is valuable for situations where student insights are needed, such as upcoming events or student challenges.

Prestige and recognition

Being on the Dean’s list demonstrates that you are intellectually smart and academically successful. As the list will be published on the University’s website and notice board, students will have a general sense of who you are.

How do I get on the Dean’s list?

  • Aim to be the best.
  • Be proactive by planning your modules in advance.
  • Be aware of your evaluation criteria, such as examinations, presentations, or even practicals.
  • Do not hold back.
  • Study the material once it is taught.
  • Prepare ahead of time for tutorials.
  • Master time management.
  • Adopt effective and efficient study methods.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure.
  • Leverage your lecturers.
  • Join study groups.
  • Communicate with students who have done the course before.
  • Be consistent.

When to include Dean’s list on my resume?

When applying for a job with a GPA requirement?

Some jobs necessitate that candidates should have obtained a specific GPA to be considered for the vacancy. This is visible in jobs that require advanced degrees and specialized expertise. When this occurs, it can be beneficial to add Dean’s list to support your high GPA.

When applying to an advanced education program?

When applying for such, academics who read your application are aware of what it takes to make the Dean’s list. Your success as a student can deem you a strong candidate for the vacancy.

When you have a lack professional experience?

If you are a recent graduate, you may have little or no job experience. Your academic achievements may be the sole testimony to your abilities and potential. 

When you need to expand your honors section?

Several professionals choose to encompass an honors section on their resumes. This section is inclusive of any awards or professional acknowledgments you may have obtained.


In conclusion, being a part of the Deans’s list can be a significant highlight in a student’s career and can open a vast amount of opportunities for the individual. However, it also requires a lot of work, but it is definitely achievable.

Frequently asked questions

What is higher than the Dean’s list?

The President’s list identifies students who have obtained between  95 to 100 percent within their studies.

Do you get honored in Dean’s List?

The Dean’s List is a distinguished academic honor that you earn at the university level.