How Do You Hide Alcohol In A College Dorm Room?

College as everyone knows is full of fun and adventures, you’ll want to try everything out and do the things you couldn’t do or hid to do when you were in high school which includes drinking alcohol. We all know that in as much as we can drink alcohol as much as we want to in college, that is if you have reached the drinking age or you drink alcohol, alcohol isn’t allowed in most college dorm rooms if not all. So, I’ve thought of really creative ways of how you could hide alcohol I’m your dorm without being caught. In this article, we will see about ‘How Do You Hide Alcohol In A College Dorm Room?’.

How Do You Hide Alcohol In A College Dorm Room?

How Do You Hide Alcohol In A College Dorm Room?

This is a time in which you want to live life to the fullest and you get to your college dorm room and hide alcoho. find that there is a rule against having alcohol in your room, that sure would be a bummer. Most people just ignore the rules and still find ways to sneak it in except they are caught or a goody little two shoes them to the dorm master or mistress or the security. There are lots of ways to go around them, you might have heard of some, while others you haven’t. 

How to hide alcohol in your college dorm room?

Some people might just say why go through all this trouble to learn how to hide alcohol when you could just go out anytime you need a drink but what’s the fun in that? So, here are my ways on how or where to hide your alcohol

Pour it into a Juice Pack

Yes, this is one place they probably won’t go looking into, you can hide it in plain sight without being busted, except of course the juice happens to pour or it happens to be the security’s best juice and he asks for a drink, LOL. Although, not as foolproof as it might sound this might be one of the best places to hide your alcohol. 

Do not hide it under your BED!

This would probably be the worst place and also the first place anyone suspicious of you would check first. So, I repeat, do not hide it there! Instead, hide it where I suggested above. You might think that under your bed might be conspicuous and the security guard or dorm master might not want to get down on his or her knees to check it but, you would be surprised at the lengths people are willing to take when they become suspicious of you. So do not do this ever!

Hide it in the deepest parts of your wardrobe!

Why not? Most people who search for things often give up before they get to such areas, the dorm master or security might not have the right to do that more energy, especially if he or she has been going around all the rooms looking for defaulters. I do not like looking for things either and having to search deep into my wardrobe. I’m often tired before I reach that part, this makes it a perfect place to hide alcohol. 

Hide it amongst your Toiletries

A lot of people are uncomfortable with touching other people’s toiletries, especially female toiletries. This could be a good spot for hiding any contraband, especially alcohol. Just put it at the bottom of your toiletries bag, then put your bag in any of your drawers or your wardrobe. 

Get fake a bookcase

You know those fancy fake books interior decorators put on bookcases. Well, this is where it comes into use. You could find one in any home decor store and put it on your bookshelf, put your alcohol at its back, and no one would suspect it’s there.

Pour it into your used shower gel or shampoo container

You can get any of your used containers like shower gel, shampoo, or even mouth wash, depending on the color of your alcohol. This usually works best with clear alcohol. No one would be wiser.

Hide it in your bathroom

The bathroom can be a great place to hide lots of things, you could hide it inside your water system, and the top of a WC  is usually removable. Therefore, you can remove it and put it inside, most people would not even think of there as a hiding spot.


Don’t bring any into the college dorm room!

This is not a suggestion of where to hide alcohol, it is advice. Do not take alcohol into your dorm, most colleges prohibit alcohol in the dorm, especially for underage students. Even if your school is a wet school, it might be operating a dry dormitory. There are always penalties if you are caught, it could range from a fine to even expulsion depending on offense severity.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What happens if you are caught with alcohol in your college dorm room? 

The penalty for being caught with alcohol in your down can be as low as community service and as high as suspension or expulsion. It depends on the rules put in place in your school. Usually, the penalty is worse for those who are not up to the drinking age, which is 21 in the US. You might even be fined or forced to take classes for a misdemeanor that costs from $1000 upwards. 

  • What is a dry college?

A dry college is a school where alcohol is not permitted or served on the campus. Dry college campuses may have varying degrees of strictness when it comes to alcohol policies, some universities may prohibit the consumption of alcohol. Others may have dry dorms yet allow alcohol on campus in certain areas.

  • What is a wet college?

Wet campuses let students drink if they have reached the legal drinking age. University guidelines allow students to drink on campus when they turn 21. Wet campuses may also provide alcohol at university events or on-campus restaurants. For students on wet campuses, dry dormitories or dry sororities or fraternities could be available or possible.