How to get your parents to give you money?

Facing a bit of shortage in money and don’t know how to ask parents? It is not that easy to cash out some extra money from your parents. Your request will be denied without a second thought. In such situations, how do you convince them? Well, we have some tricks up our sleeves that may just work! Here we will see about How to get your parents to give you money?

How to get your parents to give you money?

Trick number 1) always know when your parents have money

This is probably the most important thing one must focus on if you need money from your parents. You cannot expect them to give you money when they don’t have it at all. Hence, make sure you are asking for money at the time when they have at least a few extra bucks to give.

Knowing your parent’s salary day can be helpful in such cases. If you know that your mom and dad are paid during this day, you can ask for some money on that day.

Trick number 2) search for money in unnoticed places

In your place, there might be so many unnoticed spots where you might get some money. You can’t expect it to be a hundred-dollar bill because that might be rare, but you can definitely hope for a few coins!

You can check your parent’s pant pockets or their sweaters where they might have probably kept these coins and forgotten about them. The only drawback is that this trick has no guaranteed money and might turn out to be really exhausting.

Trick number 3) Ask for small amounts

Now, this could be a long process, but there are pretty high chances of it working. Instead of asking for a wholesome amount from your parents, you can actually ask for a small amount and save it. Continue this practice, and you may be able to save enough money! 

The reason why I termed this process to be too long is that even if you are asking a small amount, you can’t ask it every day! You have to take a long time to ask them again. Apart from this, it might even take a lot of patience and time to collect a big amount by adding small amounts.

Trick number 4) Lookout for festivals.

Festivals can be a great time to receive money from your parents. You can take it with the excuse of buying something, or you can even take it as your gift! 

Festival time is the period where most relatives and close family friends come together, so there is a high chance for you to get something from them too!

Trick number 5) piggy bank.

This could be a great trick for some kids to retrieve some extra money from their parents. Make a piggy bank with all the decorations and colors you can put and ask your parents to contribute some money to .it. Your chances of getting money will increase if you give them a valid reason for collecting money. The reasons could be something like buying gifts for the family or something like that.

Trick number 6) asking for money contribution. 

If you ask your parents for money to buy something, they might probably say no, but if you ask them to share the expense, they might agree to it.

For example, if you ask your dad to buy you a remote car, they will probably agree. But, if you say that you have this much money with you, but you need a little more, they may probably help you out!

It might make them feel as if you were mature enough to do something from your own side to gather some money rather than coming directly to them to ask for the whole amount. 

Trick number 7) being polite and respectful.

Parents love to hear praises about their children. They feel proud when they hear good things about their parenting.

Hence, gatherings could be a chance for you to gain a few bucks. 

Showcase yourself as extremely polite and respectful in front of others and your parents. Try to be as kind and lovely as you can. This can really impress your parents, and they may hand you a few bills!

Trick number 8) do household chores.

Doing household chores could be really boring and exhausting, especially for your parents. Now imagine them coming back from work and seeing the house all cleaned and chores all done! They will definitely be happy and might reward you with a few bucks.

This trick can work wonders if you decide to do it on their salary or payday since that day they will have an extra amount with them.

Doing this on the days when your parents are broke might not really help you in gaining any money. Hence, make sure you are aware of what day you are deciding on doing the household chores.

Trick number 9) score better grades.

Parents may actually be pleased to give out some cash if you achieve something like getting a good score. They would willingly feel obliged to fulfill your condition.

However, this can only be possible if you score well. You can’t simply come up to them and ask for money stating you will get better grades in the future. They will not believe you and think you are probably bluffing it out. But when you actually get a better score and confront them, they might happily give it to you as a reward.

Trick number 10) cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner for them.

If you are a person who knows cooking or at least can try without getting the kitchen burned, you can think of cooking for them. Your sweet gesture might please them, and they may hand you some bucks. 

Points to remember while asking for money!

We have mentioned a few tricks above stating how you can get money from parents; however, there are some things that you need to be aware of. Let’s look into those –

  • Don’t ask for money before payday.

On the days before they are getting paid, they might not have money to give it to you. Hence, asking them at that time would not be appropriate. Therefore, always be aware of when they are getting paid and ask accordingly.

  • Don’t go for too much cash.

If you ask your parents for a big amount of money, they may either ask why you need it or straight up say no! Hence, it is better to stick to an amount which they can give us.

At times, even though you might want money for something you really need, but they may not be able to afford it, so make sure you are keeping your budget limited!

  • If you find a lot of money together, don’t take it.

You may often find a few bucks here and there in your house or your parents’ clothes. However, if you find a stack or a large number of bills in some hidden place, then don’t take it! 

It can be something that they have saved, and taking them can land you in trouble. Hence, avoid big bills as much as you can!

  • Don’t be rude while asking for money.

When you are asking for money, it is you who needs it. Hence, you should be polite enough to request it. Don’t be rude or show them any attitude while asking for money. Your unappreciated behavior may irk them, and you end up getting no money. 

Therefore, be as calm as possible and talk softly while asking for money from them. If they ask a question, reply to them with an answer. Don’t burst out telling it’s your personal matter or something like that. They may not buy it!


Getting money from parents is definitely not an easy task for children. When they ask for it, they might either have to end up explaining the reasons or get a straightforward no on their face. However, there are a few pieces of advice and tips that can land you with a few extra bucks from your parents. 

Always make sure you know when your parents are getting paid and do everything that you can to please them. You can cook for them or even do chores for them and expect some reward in terms of money. You can also try collecting a few bucks from them with a reason for buying some gifts or something else. You can also do better in your academics or any other activities to get some bucks.

All in all, there are many ways to get money from your parents. You just have to be smart enough!!

Frequently asked questions
  1. What are the reasons for parents not giving you money?

Answer: There might be many reasons for you not getting money from them. The reasons could be situational or behavioral. Here are a few points that can be the reason for your parents not giving you money-

  • They might not have enough money to give you.
  • They are in a bad mood.
  • They believe you will spend it in the wrong way. 
  • They didn’t like the way in which you asked for money.