How Do You Find Your GPA In A Sis? 

It’s that time of the year when a High School student goes an extra mile to study for tests, assignments, and exams these lessons are steps taken to calculate your school results and how will a GPA helps you get into the university you are always dreaming of off or at least get admitted into one that will depend on you getting the required GPA depending on the university’s mark allocating. Let’s see How do you find your GPA in a sis? 

How Do You Find Your GPA In A Sis? 

GPA the abbreviation of the full name is known as Grade Point Average this system is used when a learner goes from Grade 9 to 12 this is 4 years of High School where at the end of the year you get to see how hard you should work or have worked to score high every year after year for GPA. To know your GPA, know that GPA uses a scale that shows you from levels ranging from 1 being down to 4 being high in that way you get to see how much you scored for that BCOM Degree you cannot wait to study although it is important to consider scoring higher to secure your spot in any university and also a scholarship to pay for your studies GPA also helps universities see what kind of a student are you are in handling your school work, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, where you did awesomely, is it better to get more school lessons or home and has done work with other people helped you to solve problems you kept on asking yourself without getting answers or have you find out the solutions on your own and where you still need to put in some work they will see if you have taken any effort at all in preparing for admission to any university. 

How will you calculate your GPA? 

  • Number of grades you are in  
  • Number of school hours you attended for each subject 
  • The symbols of grade points 
  • The final score of your GPA 

Number of grades you are in 

The first step into calculating your GPA is to know which grade should you start with to add to your GPA the first grade you start within the first grade of high school in Grade 9 at the end of the year the score counts by adding up towards Grade 10, 11, 12 final results. 

Hours in school you attended for each subject

Every subject in school has been allocated hours which you have to attend for teaching and learning purposes of the subject it can be an hour of math or 2 hours of chemistry depending on the required time the school has planned for the student to gain, create their lives. 

The symbols of grade points and where you stand

There are different kinds of points you get according to how well you worked in every subject that will determine how well you worked hard or how easy the work was for you they all range from A being at the top to F and others. 

The score finalizes your GPA 

These are the results you get to see every year when the year ends it helps you to see if you will be in the same grade or if you will move to the next grade as a great performer or would your average marks take you to the top. 

How can you calculate your GPA?

The line of counting has letters that help you see how you scored the letter A is the point that gives you a score of (4) then comes A- which scores you (3.7) after comes B+ which scores you (3.3) then comes B which scores you (3) then get down to B- which scores you 2.7 then you get a C+ which gives you 2.3 then comes C that gets you 2 below that comes C-1.7  and the last point for the low ranks are standing in this order D+ gives you 1.3 followed by D that scores you 1 after that if you scored D- you get .7 and the underperforming level is F where you will be scored 0.  

Scoring, for example, an A is a top level in GPA for Accounting in Grade 9 and also know the hours you spend learning to account as follows for calculating GPA you have to divide the amount of grade by the number of hours the school set for teaching. 

Example: The Results  

LessonHours in LessonGrade ScoreGrade rating  
Mathematics 2B3
English 3A4
Social Sciences  2C2
8 hours 10 total grade rating 


Total Grade Points

Total Credit Hours Attempted 

Divided by 



Can any GPA score get you admission for a degree or diploma?

When your GPA gives you a score of B that means you have (3) points or more for you to get access to any Bachelor’s Degree admission and if you score lower than B which is 3 you get access to any Diploma and also certificates offered by the university, you should know that universities take quickly students with a great GPA as this student are top priority which will represent the university for taking academia seriously.

When it comes to finding employment and also carrying the university’s name higher this is where they get to see how you can handle 4 years of your degree will you withdraw from BCOM or will you decide to change your course or should you also consider getting an extra lesson that has Statistics.

This is why students who get an A go straight up into university acceptance without going on to the shortlist, booking a test to secure space, or being denied space, and also, they get to experience bonuses such as scholarships and learnerships without you going to the banks for loans to fund your studies which will leave you in debt by the time you finish graduating so that when they graduate, they got to gain something to help the world to think. 


GPA has made things easy for parents and learners to know how far they are in supporting their kids with school work not only does a helping hand make things easy for kids to do better at school it helps them to be more disciplined in taking account of everything they do and to put in more effort to get the job done on time to prevent being nervous when it comes to preparing to answer questions as simple as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What does each grade mean?

A- Superior Quality

B-Above Average Quality

C-Satisfactory Quality 

D-Poor Quality

F-Unsatisfactory Quality 

  1. What is the meaning of GPA and what is the importance?

GPA is called (G) for Grade (P) for Point (A) for Average is good to see what scores you achieved during your high school years that will help you gain access to university entrance  

  1. What is the highest GPA as they come?

The top GPA is A where you score (4) points for any A’s you got on each subject

  1.   How to check your GPA marks? 

You find your GPA by dividing grades from all your subjects with hours spent in class.