How do you find a roommate at American University?

One question that bothers the mind of first-year students at American University is how to find a roommate. It becomes simpler once you understand the proper step to take.

How do you find a roommate at American University?

To be eligible to find a roommate at American university, you must have already submitted a housing deposit with AU {link} admissions to secure a space. This can be applied through the AU housing portal {link}. We will go over the requirements in greater depth below.

At American University, how do I choose a roommate?

  • Submission of the housing application
  • Completion of the roommate matching question
  • Roommate matching

How can I submit my housing application?

New first-year students are required to complete a housing deposit with the office of admission to receive access to the housing application. When the application becomes available, you must submit it through the housing portal. Housing is guaranteed to all first-year students as long as the deadline to submit the housing application is met.

How can I complete the roommate matching questions?

After the submission of the housing deposit application, you are now eligible to answer the roommate matching questions. The roommates matching questions are lifestyle questions that you answer about yourself, your living environment, and living expectations. You need to answer these questions to get someone of similar interests to be roommates with you.

Roommates matching

When roommate matching becomes available, students are required to sign the HLA (housing legislation amendment).

  • Go to the AU housing portal
  • Select roommate matches

There are two ways to find a roommate on the roommate matches page, through AVID or top matches

Avid: Roommate selection through avid is searching for someone you already know. It could be a high school friend or someone you got to know and had a connection with etc. To search for them, you have to enter their AUID and search for them. You can invite them to be your roommate; they will confirm if they want to be roommates with you.

Top matches: This is where the roommate matching questions are needed. Roommate selection uses all the answers you chose and combines them with that of other students. This gives you the best matches compatible with your profile. You can view their profiles and look through the kind of living conditions they set, if you are satisfied with their profile, you can invite them to be roommates with you by clicking the ‘invite roommate’ button. They will select yes or no to confirm if they want you as a roommate or not.

Can I find a roommate if I live off-campus?

Yes, you can get a roommate if you want to live off-campus. At American University first-year students are required to stay on-campus. Many upper-class AU students, and graduates, prefer to live away from campus.

You can find a roommate with similar interests and preferences using the AU off-campus posting site in the American university housing portal.

  • To create your roommate profile, go to ‘My account’ and select the ‘Roommate search’ button in the primary navigation.
  • Search and sort potential roommates with similar interests and preferences. You can search correctly by using the quick filter or you can use the advanced search page to apply more stringent search criteria.
  •  Choose a user’s profile that aligns with the living conditions you prefer, you can access his or her ‘About me’ section to view his or her interest.
  • Fill out the ‘contact’ information’ i.e. email address, telephone address, and links to your social media account. Send an email to the user’s AU email address using the “email now” button. When they respond to your email on the site’s inbox, you’ll be notified.. Text messages and phone calls can also be used to contact the user. These off-campus housing services are available in the AU housing portal.

One of the downsides to living off-campus is the risk of getting scammed. You should always be mindful and careful before giving out your personal information or payment of any kind.

How can I identify scams or fraud?

  • When the rent is so low when compared to the market price, you should avoid it.
  • Not wanting to meet in person, no matter the reason is a major red flag.
  • Being asked to use an escrow account to send money or request for money to be sent to an escrow account.
  • Asking you to tour the place without anyone’s guidance.
  • Being asked to send money to an account, especially one located abroad.

Can I get a roommate outside the AU housing portal?

Yes, you can find a roommate outside the AU housing portal. There are countless roommate finder websites online. You can find rooms or apartments for rent near the American University and connect with potential roommates. You can also find roommates by reaching out to friends for a recommendation, engaging in off-campus housing programs, and posting a flier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Can I change my roommate?

Yes, you can change your roommate only if the request is mutual. You can apply to change rooms if there is a vacancy and the student with a vacancy accepts.

  • What do I check for in a roommate?

There are so many things to watch out for when selecting a roommate. To mention a few, lifestyle, references, responsibility, guests, respect for others’ privacy, etc. Ask them a lot of questions before choosing.

  • Is housing guaranteed at American University?

Accommodation is guaranteed for first and second-year students whose application meets the deadline of the AU housing portal. Third and fourth-year students are also allowed to apply for housing though it is not guaranteed. Graduate students are not provided housing which is why they mainly stay off- campus.

  • Do I need a roommate?

Living with someone else has its ups and downs, but having a roommate is very important. You’ll also need to share a room to split the housing fees between you and that person.. You don’t have to be very close to them; you should be able to live peacefully.

Hopefully this helped give you a better understanding on how choosing a roommate works at American University. Do you live on- campus or off- campus? Let us know below, or share a question you have about choosing a roommate at American University.