How do I get into Miller Medical School?

The University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM) was established in 1952, and is known for being the oldest medical school in Florida. It is the graduate medical school of the University of Miami which boasts of over 17,000 students and 350 programs and majors. The private research university is ranked as the No 43rd best Medical school in the United States.

          The top medical school is a hub spot for not only Medical researchers, but also marine science, engineering, education, and psychology researchers. Every year, the school produces high-quality, medical professionals. The school receives over 9,000 applications, and the application process can be quite lengthy.

   The University has an estimated selection rate of 4.2%. What this means is that, out of 1000 students that apply for admission into the school, only 42 get admitted, which makes the institution highly selective. Despite the odds, 198 students are admitted into the University of Miami Miller School of medicine every year, and we’ll be showing you how you can beat the over 9,000 applicants that apply for its admission every year.  Below is a comprehensive guide on how to apply for admission into the university;

How do I get into Miller Medical School?

Minimum requirements

1) To apply for admission into the school, you have to be a US citizen or a permanent resident in the United States.

For First-year students

   Application to the university as a fresh student involves the following processes;

1) Common application: After completing the common application process here , you will be told to pay an application fee of $70, which is non-refundable.

2) Submission of Official High School transcript: For students that attended a High school that is located within the United States, you are to submit an official High School transcript directly from your High School to

3) Submission of test scores: When submitting your ACT or SAT scores, you can either request that your scores be transferred directly from the testing agency to the University, or you can input your score, yourself, in the common application process. The following are the test codes for the University; TOEFL (C730), IELTS (4861), ACT (0760), and SAT (5815).

4) Completion of school report: This should be done by your High School guidance Counselor and is part of the common application process.

5) Submission of letter of recommendation: The next process is to tender a letter of recommendation from a reputable person. Your school counselor or High School teacher is highly preferable.

Optional requirements;

        6) Completion of financial certificate form (for international students only):  International students applying for admission into the medical school will be mandated to submit a Financial Certification Form, which is gotten from the Applicant Portal after your application has been successfully submitted. 

7) Submission of educational activities

        8) Submission of financial aid documents

9) Conduct update

10) Additional requirements: When applying for special programs like Bachelor of Architecture, Frost School of music, Health Professions Mentoring Program (HPM), and Theatre Arts B.F.A, you will be required to submit additional documents and information. Below are the requirements needed for each program;

Special ProgramAdditional requirement
Bachelor of ArchitectureACT/SAT score or portfolio
Frost School of MusicSupplemental application and Audition
Health Professions Mentoring Program (HPM)Supplemental Application and Audition
Theatre Arts B.F.ASupplemental Application and Audition

For Transfer students

     Due to the high number of applications, and to ensure efficient and effective control of students, the school does not accept or admit transfer students.

      For additional information on the admission requirements of the University of Miami School of Medicine, you can check the University’s official website.


Due to its highly selective rate and competition, it is essential that every aspiring student of the University is current with the school news and latest information, and pays careful attention to deadlines.  A little piece of information might be all that you need to get into the school or miss your chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Is Miller medical school hard to enter?

      Miller medical school is one of the most competitive and highly selective medical schools in the United States. The University receives over 9,000 applications every year, and only 198 students get selected. You have to be very smart, brilliant and up to date with information from the University’s admission desk to have a higher chance of getting selected.

2) Is Miller Medical school a good school?

       Ranked as the no 43rd best Medical school in the United States, the institution is known for training and producing research-driven, problem-solving, and genius experts doctors and medical professionals. Its certificates and recommendations are widely recognized and revered, all over the world. For over 68 years since its inception, the school has been producing high-quality Medical professionals and only the best students get selected for their Medical programs.

3) Does Miller medical school accept international students?

   No, they don’t. The school is only open to United States citizens or aliens that have been granted permanent residence cards. Recently, as opposed to previous years, the school started admitting more students beyond the city of Florida and is also opened to women, traditional students, minorities misrepresented in medicine, and socio-economically disadvantaged students. 54% of the medical school is currently comprised of women.

4) How expensive is Miller’s medical school?

The private-owned medical school’s tuition fee is approximately $47,000. Meanwhile, the school provides financial aid, in the form of loans and scholarships, to students that qualify. Loans take a minimum of 10 working days before getting approved, and it attracts no interest on repayment. The University offers scholarships and grants worth $2,000,000, every year, and also awards students that have exhibited high academic excellence.

5) What are the requirements of Miller’s medical school?

A minimum of 3.78 GPA has to be maintained in your undergraduate program. Also, you must have completed the following;

2 semesters of Behavioral sciences

        1 semester of Biochemistry

        2 semesters of Biology

        2 semesters of English

        2 semesters of Inorganic Chemistry

1 semester of Organic chemistry

 2 semesters of Physics