How Can I Not Be Nervous On The First Day Of College?

Being in a new environment and a new institution can be annoying especially when there is not one familiar face. It can make you nervous because you’re far away from home. Lets’ start with How Can I Not Be Nervous On The First Day Of College?

How Can I Not Be Nervous On The First Day Of College?

Try to stay calm and remind yourself that you’re feeling nervous because it’s a new environment, it’s just a feeling that you’ll get over with time.

Other Ways To Feel Less Nervous On The First Day Of College

  • Take a stroll alone
  • breathe and meditate
  • Forget your past failure
  • Share your thoughts with someone interested in listening
  • Don’t overthink, you’ll be fine!
  • Make friends and feel more comfortable

TAKE A STROLL ALONE: Taking a stroll alone will make you breathe, take a walk around the college, reflect on how you want college life to be, the things you want to explore, and your academic goal at the end college, your dream.

Note: It is preferable to take a stroll in the evening when the sun has gone down, so, you can feel the gentle breeze kiss your skin

BREATHE AND MEDITATE: Breath, take a chill pill, and relax. Don’t stress yourself over your feelings, it’s normal to feel that way. 

FORGET YOUR PAST FAILURE: Just when you think you’ve forgotten about your past failure, then, the thought of how you failed the last time overwhelms your mind. Then, you begin to question your sanity, can I do this? Am I going to fail again? Failure is part of life and we should not let it consume our thoughts, it’s normal to fail but it’s abnormal to wallow in your failure.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH SOMEONE INTERESTED IN LISTENING: Sometimes you have to lift the weight off you by sharing your pains with others. Just one person that is interested in listening can make a difference.

DON’T OVERTHINK, YOU’LL BE FINE!: Try not to fuss over your new environment, don’t stress yourself. With time, you’ll be fine! 

MAKE FRIENDS AND FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE: You can feel nervous when you’re in the midst of new people. Be calm! Life is a process! Your old friends are in other places trying to figure out their lives too. So, make new friends in your new school, laugh, gist, talk about your old school, and share fun experiences.

How To Adapt In A New Environment

  • Accept the change
  • Stay positive
  • Develop healthy routine
  • Organize your room

Accept the change: It is good to accept the change and try to adapt to the new environment rather than thinking about your city. Understand that the only constant thing is change, so, it’s okay for certain things to change and for you to change, you have to change your geographical location to become the person you aspire to become

Stay positive: Stay positive no matter the negativity around, surround yourself with positive friends, smile, dance and ease off the stress.

Develop a healthy routine: Develop a healthy routine, eat, relax, and read good books.

Organize your room: Clean your new room, arrange your things

Tips On What To Do If You Feel Very Nervous

  • Acknowledge your feelings
  • Try to familiarize yourself with the environment
  • Focus on learning
  • Adjust to academic standards
  • Make social connection 
  • Engage in hobbies and sports.
  • hit the gym if you feel the need
  • Communicate with old friends
  • Be patient

Acknowledge your feelings: Your emotions are valid and it’s not bad to feel nervous, but don’t get yourself worked up by your emotions. It may be the first time you’re leaving home and you might start feeling homesick, but with time, the feelings will ease and you’ll begin to like your new school

Try to familiarize yourself with the environment: See it as an opportunity to know the culture of others, especially if you’re an international student. 

Focus on learning: The main aim of being in school is to learn, focus on your studies and try to gain expertise in your field.

Adjust to academic standards: The academic standards of college are quite different from that of high school. So, you might find it challenging at first. With time, you’ll get used to the system.

Make social connections:Connect with friends, don’t isolate yourself in your new school, and ask questions.  

Engage in hobbies and sports: Ease the stress of thinking about the new environment by engaging in what you enjoy, sports like football can also ease your stress.

Hit the gym If there is a need to: Hitting the gym will make you feel relaxed, and comfortable and relieve your mental stress.

Communicate with old friends: tell your friends about how you’re feeling, they might be feeling the same way in their new school. It might be weird that at the end of the day, you’ll laugh when you hear about their experience. 

Be patient: Be patient, getting used to an environment takes time, so, calm down, don’t stress about it, and enjoy the process.

How To Make The Best Out Of College Life

  • Organize and plan yourself
  • Always go to classes
  • make amazing friends
  • Go out and have fun
  • When tired, pause and take a break


In conclusion, your feelings are valid but they are temporary. So don’t fuss over the new environment. You’ll be fine with time and you will get to like your new school. So, try to be calm and enjoy the best of your stay in college

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I feel nervous in my new school?

It’s because you have not adapted to the new environment

Q2. Am I going to feel nervous forever?

No, you won’t feel nervous forever, your feelings are temporary, with time, you will get comfortable with your new college

Q3. Do I need to leave this college?

No, you don’t have to leave, you will still feel the same way if you transfer to another college.

Q4.How can I feel less nervous on my first day of college?

Share your feeling with someone interested in listening