Georgia Institute Of Technology Admission Requirements And Gpa

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Are you a high schooler interested in becoming a Georgia Tech Rambling Wreck? Want to make a huge impact in the world of technology and help human lives thrive? Then this reputable research institution is probably your best bet for you. 

Georgia Institute Of Technology Admission Requirements And Gpa

Georgia Institute of Technology admission requirements are like the academic background of prospective first-year students ,GPA and it just doesn’t end there as they consider your influence and involvement outside the classroom too.  First-year applicants are mandated to use the Common App to apply and pay an application fee of $75 ($85 for international students). As a highly competitive university with an acceptance rate of 21%,  admission is based on certain requirements which also includes GPA evaluation. 

Georgia Institute Of Technology Admission Requirements And Gpa

How is GPA Evaluated?

Georgia Tech main campus considers the GPA gotten from the student’s high school transcript. The university uses a 100-point weighted GPA system if it is available. If not, they also accept the 4.0 GPA system or anything similar, weighted or unweighted. 

What if your high school does not support the GPA system? Or maybe you have attended multiple high schools? Georgia tech solves this case by calculating a 4.0 weighted GPA for the student. A school report from the high school counselor is essential in helping the university understand more about the student’s high school curriculum. 

The minimum GPA required of a first-year aspirant depends on the college the student is interested in. Colleges of Computing and Engineering require a GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale while colleges of Sciences, Design, Scheller college of business, and Ivan Allen college of liberal arts all require a minimum of 3.0. 

What are the Other Admission Requirements for Georgia Tech Main Campus?

  1. Standardized tests
  2. Academic preparation
  3. Personal essay
  4. Contribution to community
  5. Major selection
  6. Interview for english proficiency
  7. Institutional fit 

Standardized Tests

Georgia Tech requires prospective first-year students to send test scores in for admission consideration. SAT or ACT scores can either be self-reported with Common Application or sent through the testing agency. It should be duly noted that the school will require the official test scores from the testing agencies after the student has been enrolled. Most of the students admitted to this prestigious university have an SAT score range of 1370 – 1530 and an ACT score range of 31 – 35.

Other tests such as IB and AS, AP, and A level exams are optional requirements for admission though they may help to provide college credits once enrolled in school. 

Academic Preparation

One of the requirements Georgia Tech is interested in is how well first-year applicants coped through the challenges of the high school curriculum such as the AICE Program, Advanced Placement, and even more. As an institution under the University System of Georgia, Georgia Tech expects the minimum academic courses of all prospective first-timers. These are:

Social science3
Foreign language2

Personal Essay

Georgia Tech uses a personal essay not only to test a student’s writing skills but also to get to know more about him/her as an individual and how well a fit he/she would be in the institution.

Essays are divided into two sections: the common application essay and the Georgia Tech short-answer essay. On completion of essays, the student must edit and review work before he clicks that ‘submit’ button. 

Contribution to Community

There is no one way to tell this section of the admissions application. Georgia Tech is interested in the impact the student has made in his/her school, family, and community. They bear in mind the effects of covid 19 may have hindered the student’s vital plans and they would also like to see how his/her time was spent during the pandemic. 

Major Selection

Georgia tech encourages every prospective first-year student to add a primary and secondary major in their common application since it is an essential step in the admissions application review process.

Interview for English proficiency

The interview for english proficiency is required only by prospective first-year students who are from non-native english speaking countries. This requirement helps Georgia tech to know the student’s background as well as test his/her english speaking proficiency. 

Institutional Fit

The University’s priorities are an important requirement in the admission process. These priorities are what are sought after while evaluating other requirements such as personal essays, GPA, and standardized tests. They help to know if the applicant would be a good fit into the institution and contribute their quota of excellence, innovation, and diligence. 

How does Georgia Tech evaluate test scores?

For the SATs, the university evaluates the highest section score on math, evidence-based reading, and writing.

The ACT scores are considered by evaluating the highest section on math, english, reading, and science. 

What is Georgia Tech looking for in personal essays?

Georgia Tech is looking out for these traits in the personal essay:

  • Awareness of grammar, topic, and writing style
  • Why did you choose Georgia Tech and how does your essay relate with the mission statement?
  • Authenticity and mindfulness


Admission application and all the required documents, including high school transcript, must be submitted on or before their deadlines. High school transcripts can be submitted electronically via the common application or other electronic services, or by mail, if the electronic option is not available. To know more about this institution’s admission requirements, please refer to this link 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Georgia Tech website to apply for admission?

No. First-year applicants must use the Common App to apply for admission and no other means. 

Must all students take the english proficiency interview?

No. The interview is not for students from an english speaking background. 

Can I apply to Georgia Tech without taking SAT or ACT?

No, you cannot. Standardized tests are a compulsory requirement for every first-year applicant. 

Do these admission requirements apply to both local and international students?

Yes, they do. International students can be asked for supplementary documents.

Are recommendations compulsory?

No. Recommendations are a completely optional requirement for admissions.