Franklin and Marshall Acceptance Rate

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Franklin and Marshall Acceptance Rate

Franklin and Marshall is one of the highly-ranked, distinguished, and recognized liberal arts institutes of the United States. Every term, it receives hundreds of thousands of applications from not only American students but also overseas students. This results in strict criteria and high merit for the selection and admission of students. That is why F&M has an acceptance rate so low as compared to other educational institutes.

Franklin and Marshall Acceptance Rate

As per the Fall 2020 admission statistics, Franklin and Marshall had an acceptance rate of about 37% among the 9500 applications they received at national and international levels. Most of the received applications have an average of 1210-1440 SAT scores and an average of 29-31 ACT scores. Only a few chunks of students fall below or above the mentioned average.

Franklin and Marshall’s Admission Procedure

The admission process for the Franklin and Marshall students is based upon three major steps:

Applying for Admission

As easy as it may sound, selecting the right method of application is sure to get you into this highly ranked liberal arts college. Franklin and Marshall provide four main types of admission applications

  • By Early Decision

If you have timely decided that you want to pursue Liberal Arts and that too from Franklin and Marshall, then what is there to wait for, actually? All you have to do is submit your online Early Decision Agreement via Common Application mode or Coalition application mode before either 15th January or 15th November.

  • By using Standard Test Scores of SAT/ACT

In this method, you will fill out your online admission form through the Common or Coalition Application and mark your preference in getting your test scores considered. Plus, attach a copy of your SAT or ACT scores for the admission team to evaluate.

  • By using Standardized Test Option

If you feel your scores are not up to the mark or you are not satisfied with your SAT or ACT performance, you can also take up the Standardized test option, exclusively offered by Franklin and Marshall only. The option allows you to be evaluated, not on your test scores but on other credentials. While filling the admission form through Common Application or Coalition Application, be sure to mark your preference for not considering the test scores you undertook. 

International Students

Overseas students can also apply via the Early Decision option or by the Standardized Test option, just like the nationals. However, instead of SAT and ACT scores, they are bound to provide IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo English test scores.

After applying online, the student should also attach $60 admission fees (which are non-refundable) with the application form and submit it to the Admissions Office.

Selection of Students

There is a wide range of skills and records which are thoroughly evaluated before selecting the students, some of which are

  1. Admirable Academic Record
  2. Active Participation in Co-Curricular Activities
  3.  Academic background in Arts, Literature, Music, Language, Maths, and Sciences
  4. SAT/VAT scores (if chosen that option)
  5. Student’s Character and Personality
  6. Spoken and Writing English Skills

Interview Process

During the rigorous screening of students via steps I and II, the interested students are called for interviews with the staff and faculty members. The interview is more like a discussion where the interviewer provides an insight into the life at Franklin and Marshall Colleges, takes students’ perceptions and expectations from the college, and also addresses their queries and concerns. This session lasts for 45-50 minutes, after which the students leave with more than a handful of knowledge about the institute and their degree choice as compared to those who do not opt for an interview. Even though it is not a required step, students are advised to go through the step as it fancies the admission form and provides them with required clarity w.r.t their degree and the college.


Hence to conclude, Franklin and Marshall is one of the most prestigious and reputed art colleges not only in the US but across the globe. Therefore, the best candidates from all over the world apply for their admissions, but, due to limited seats, they can cater to a limited number of students, and that is why the merit gets really high, and the best of the best gets selected only.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Franklin and Marshall require interviews?

No, Franklin and Marshall do not require interviews as a compulsion. However, students undertaking interviews have a preferable upper hand during the selection process. It is a general informal discussion with the panel to get more information about the college and get counseling in terms of your degree selection and professional path. 

  • Does Franklin and Marshall offer scholarships?

No, Franklin and Marshall are undoubtedly amongst the few colleges which provide financial aid and grants for their needy students; however, they do not offer academic scholarships or merit grants. For deciding upon the deserving students, F&M assess students’ family’s annual income, their tax-paying eligibility, and FAFSA, after which they give off fee concessions or student loans as per the required need. 

  • IsFranklin and Marshall a good school?

Ranked 42 among the liberal arts school, ranked 44 among the best undergraduate colleges, and ranked 31 among the most valued schools and colleges all over the United States, Franklin and Marshall are one of the most reputed and distinguished art schools in the country

  • Is Franklin and Marshall a dry campus?

Yes, Franklin and Marshall have a strict no-drug use and no-liquor policy within the campus for its students and staff, and faculty members. Since F&M has an aim to create and sustain a clean, healthy, and accepting environment for all of its students, it, therefore, projects “No Tolerance” for the eventual abuse, misbehavior, and immoral acts that result from a drug overdose or alcohol abuse.