Elon University Acceptance Rate

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Elon University Acceptance Rate

Elon University originally known as Elon College is a private university founded in North Carolina, United States in the year 1889 by the Christain Community and it is led by Connie Ledoux. It has an outstanding system of learning and has been ranked among the top 40 business schools in the United States and the top 83 National Universities by the US news and world report. It also has a record for being the 2nd in ranking for excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for two consecutive years and top ten most innovative universities in the nation. The university has six schools of which most offer bachelor’s programs and others master’s programs. 

Elon University Acceptance Rate

Elon University has an acceptance rate of 71% and 68% for early applicants, generally speaking, The university is brutally selective when it comes to admission and that is why you must be exceptionally ready academically if you want to apply to the university as it has a high rate of competitive applicants. Interested applicants must have a GPA of 3.98 on a 4.0 scale. In addition,

 An ACT or SAT score is also required for admission, owing to the incredible competition, you must have an SAT score of at least 1190, however, to increase your chances, you should aim for a score of 1300 since very competitive applicants all over the world will be joining the application process. The ACT score requirement for admission is 81 but I would advise you to aim for a much higher score like 89 to strengthen your chances of getting admitted.

Other criteria you might want to consider keeping in check before applying to Elon university is, 

 Ensure to take part in extracurricular activities as Elon values creativity. You should join your high school music band since the university pretty much appreciates music, you can also join the sports team or any other interesting creative group.

l Engage in activities to boost your personal growth and overall development, focus on achieving qualities like leadership, teamwork, communication, etc. This will help you stand out from the already exceptional applicants also struggling to get in. Make them see beyond your academic performance, that will increase your chances.

l Another thing you should do is, volunteer in your community or hometown, this makes you a good ambassador and Elon University need that quality, They need someone who will be able to represent them in their local environment too.

Things TO Do before Applying 

Follow these steps critically and avoid mistakes too, also, always keep your ears on the ground for updates on the school’s application process and look out for any change that may arise, you can sign up for their newsletters to get emails directly sent to you. Below are some necessary steps you do not want to miss out on your application;

1. Prepare a well written, error-free essay that shows the university other qualities or traits, especially the things that the university doesn’t get to figure out from other parts of your application

2. Try getting at least one recommendation, could be most likely your teacher who majors in the same field you wish to apply to the university. This boosts the university’s confidence level in your application.

3. Do not wait till the eleventh hour before applying. It is always better to apply immediately, late application usually narrows down your chances of getting admitted into any university at all. Applying early also saves you the stress of late application as several other students are in the same process, due to the large influx f applications on their website, there may be too much traffic thereby reducing speed and increasing difficulty

How To Apply

Approximately 17,000+ students are admitted yearly into the university, to be among these lucky candidates, you must first submit your complete application along with the following:

l a non-refundable fee of $60

l A copy of your high school transcript

l Two letters of recommendation

l In addition to SAT or ACT, you are considered to submit a TOEFL (Test Of English As A Foreign Language)

l International students are required to submit an official certified English translation of their academic records containing the last four years of secondary school studies.


Does Elon University Offer Scholarships? 

 Elon University offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities, they do have a merit-based scholarship, presidential scholarship, Elon engagement scholarship, fellow programs, etc.

What is Elon University Undergraduate Tuition Fee?

The undergraduate tuition fees are estimated to be $37,921. Other fee includes Room and boards for $13,141, Books and supplies for $900, and $500 for other miscellaneous. This amounts to a total of $54,562. Payment can be made via credit card, cash, cheque

Is Elon University a School For The Rich?

Yes, the university is a predominantly rich one. Research has shown that students who attend the school come from top-class families.

What kind of students will I meet at Elon?

The university is best suited for people with outstanding public speaking skills and who have a high level of confidence, students who are ready to learn at all costs and willing to give whatever it takes for growth and development both for themselves and their communities at large.

Is Elon University Owned By Elon Musk? 

No, it was not, the university was established in 1889 before Elon even was born. Elon Musk has no connection whatsoever to Elon University.

 Can A student Drive Car At Elon University?

Yes, as long as you drive within the speed limits, driving cars by both student and staff is allowed by the school and provided it is registered legally and parked properly.

Are Undergraduate Students Allowed To Live On Campus?

It is required of first and second-year students to live within the school premises unless they already live with their parents. Transfer students however may live off-campus if they wish. But it is recommended to live on the campus as it strengthens your engagement with the school community.


In conclusion, Elon is a good school, it has a well-equipped learning environment with the best teachers and students. It is a university you would want to attend if you can afford it. With an acceptance rate of 71%, it would have been one of the best choices for the smart ones but unfortunately has a great limiting factor, it is too expensive, so much so that only the wealthiest are privileged to attend. Aside from that everything else, students, staff, and undergraduate programs are all top-notch.