Does Verizon pay for college?

An introduction to Verizon:

This American telecommunication giant was founded in the year 2000 in New Jersey, United States. The founders of Verizon were Vodafone and Bell Atlantic Communications. This wireless network operator has its headquarters located at Basking Ridge, New Jersey, United States.  Here we will see about Does Verizon pay for college?

The company offers home telephone, mobile phone, and internet services throughout the United States The company also offers a 4G LTE broadband router with voice connectivity. In the year 2021, it was reported that Verizon’s 4G LTE network covered around 99 % of the population of the US. This has resulted in Verizon being the largest wireless carrier in the United States. The company has about 142.8 million subscribers at present.

Does Verizon pay for college?

Does Verizon pay for college?

Education has become one of the most expensive commodities in our lives. And when it comes to college, one is often found stuck under the heavy burden of tuition fees and student loans. But as a sign of relief, your place of work can save you from a lot of financial burdens caused due to universities. 

Verizon is one of those companies that look after its employees’ better future and learning. The company provides financial aid to its employees so that they can pursue higher education and it pay for their college fees.

Verizon’s Tie-Up with Bellevue University:

Verizon has a tie-up with Bellevue University and they together provide affordable university degrees to the employees of Verizon. The full-time employees can take the advantage of the tuition fees assistance of Verizon combined with the University’s aid. \

There is a specified amount of tuition fees assistance for each academic term that can be accessed by the employee seeking a degree. You will be enrolled at Bellevue University each year as a degree-seeking student. All you need to do is apply for the degree and qualify for it at the university. 

After qualifying, the student will be availed of generous tuition fees assistance annually. 

Eligibility and Benefits of Verizon’s Financial Aid:

Verizon provides various tuition benefits to its employees depending upon the following eligibility criteria:

  • For full-time employees: $13,250 per year for pursuing a degree at Bellevue University.
  • For part-time employees: $8000 per year for pursuing a degree at Bellevue University.
  • For employee’s family members: $2,500 per year for pursuing a degree at Bellevue University.

Benefits provided by Bellevue University:

Providing tuition assistance to adult learners consists of a lot of requirements and priorities. Bellevue University has taken a lead in understanding these requirements and providing suitable learning experiences and assistance to the working students. This is the reason why Verizon chose to partner up with Bellevue University for this program. Verizon has been providing the required assistance as per its policies but there are certain benefits provided by Bellevue University’s side too:

  • No charge while transferring credits: According to their program, the University allows the employee-students to transfer credits that they have already earned in some previous college classes. But during this transfer of credit, the University does not charge any transfer fee from the student. You can get in contact with the enrollment counselor at Bellevue University and get your credits evaluated. The enrolment counselor can even suggest to you other ways of gaining more credits for your previous work.
  • Deferment of tuition fees: The University provides relief in the payment of tuition fees. Bellevue University allows you to defer the payment of tuition fees and does not pressurize you. The University allows the payment deferment until they receive the tuition assistance. So as an employee-student you will not have to pay from your pocket until Verizon is paying for you.

Other Employee Benefits provided by Verizon:

  • Discounts and incentives for its employees: The employees at Verizon can enjoy exclusive discounts on various Verizon products and gifts. The company also provides competitive salaries to its employees. Depending on the performance the employees can gain extra incentives from the company. Verizon also has a 401(k) savings program with a company match.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): There is a provision for a free Employee Assistance Program that covers professional assistance for child and eldercare services. The assistance is free of cost and is available 24/7. The assistance program also helps in adoption, mental health, stress management, financial challenges, and substance abuse assistance. 
  • Paid Parental Leave: The Company provides a paid parental leave for a period of up to eight weeks at 100% base pay salary. The leave will be provided only to the eligible employees. They also provide maternity leave to female employees for a period of up to 16 weeks. It is a paid maternity leave between short-term disability and parental leave.
  • Healthcare benefits: When it comes to Verizon’s healthcare benefits, they are best-in-class. The Company provides healthcare spending accounts and on-site fitness centers. Being an employee of Verizon, you can also get discounts at participating gyms. You can also get the benefit of healthy pregnancy programs through the company.

Other Companies that Pay for their Employees’ Colleges:

1. Starbucks: Starbucks provides the Starbucks College Achievement Plan for its employees working both part and full-time. The Company provides 100% of the tuition fees for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University.

2. Sam’s Club: For the employees working at Sam’s Club, the company covers up to 15% of the entire tuition fees at American Military University or American Public University. 

3. Chipotle: Any employee who has worked at Chipotle for 120 days or more can receive entirely free tuition fees at Guild Education. This applies to both part-time and full-time employees.


Free education provided by companies for their employees is a commendable step towards a learned society. Verizon has been doing a great job by enabling its employees to pursue higher education. The terms and conditions of the company should be properly followed, and you can achieve the best out of this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Verizon employees get life insurance benefits?

Yes, Verizon provides life insurance benefits for its employees.

2. Does Verizon have work from home?

Yes, there are certain job roles at Verizon that are “work from home”