Does UCLA have graduate housing?

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Housing has always been a necessity for humans around the globe. As a potential graduate student, it is important to know the accommodation provisions potential schools provide for you. Getting accommodation that fits perfectly with your finances while providing you comfort would go a long way in your studies. Let’s see what UCLA might have for you in their accommodation package as you begin your journey as a graduate student. 

Does UCLA have graduate housing?

The school administration understands the rigors of being a graduate student at UCLA and has offerings for students admitted into its graduate program. Although the accommodation package i.e graduate housing in UCLA is limited and varies depending on what category your graduate program falls into and your needs as an individual.

Things to Know about the UCLA Graduate Housing Program

To secure a space in any UCLA graduate housing facility, there are things you have to know and steps to undertake.

  1. Apply: The first step to standing a chance for accommodation at UCLA is to apply. This is because UCLA has limited accommodation. UCLA expects all graduate students accepted into various programs and in need of accommodation to apply. Single and graduate students with families, scholars, and researchers can apply simply by logging into their portal. Other graduate students, such as medical residents and researchers, are required to verify their affiliation with UCLA by filling out a form. 
  2. Chances: Although UCLA invites all graduate students to apply, housing isn’t guaranteed to all applicants because of limited accommodation. UCLA uses lottery and waiting lists to allocate housing to graduate students. They expect housing applications to be in by the first of July so that they are ready for lottery number assignments done on the sixth of July. Although housing applications submitted after the first of July are still considered. The housing program makes sure that early applicants do not have the edge over late applicants. When you get on the waitlist, you can check the status of your application by sending emails to
  3. Exceptions: The chances of you getting housing also depend on what category of graduate student you fall into. For example, departmentally allocated graduate students have better chances of securing spaces. After considering other graduate students for accommodation, they will attend to postdoc scholars, fellows, and visiting graduate researchers. UCLA gives housing facilities to a hundred postdocs. The postdoc waitlist isn’t based on a lottery. Early applicants have a better chance than late applicants. Once a postdoc leaves the facility, that space will be given to another postdoc on the waiting list. 

Types of Housing Offered at UCLA

UCLA has housing facilities in the University Apartment North (UAN) and University Apartment South (UAS). The single graduate student facilities are at UAN and UAS, while the housing facilities for graduate students with families are at the University Village in UAS.

University Apartments North (UAN)

Single students in UAN can get either the housing facilities in Weyburn or the Hilgard Apartments. Both locations are walkable from the university.

  • The Weyburn Terrace has nine buildings containing studio apartments. All rooms are furnished with appliances and equipment that ease graduate students during their research and learning.
  • The Hilgard Apartments: it has two buildings at the east end of campus and is furnished with 83 studio rooms.

Single Graduate Housing in University Apartments South

The housing facilities in the UAS are located five miles south of the university campus. Unlike in UAN, the four apartments in UAS, namely Rose Avenue, Keystone Mentone, Venice Barry, and The Boulevard, aren’t furnished. 

  • Rose Avenue: it has 93 units, mostly two-bedroom, and amenities that provide comforts.
  • Keystone Mentone: it has four buildings and 244 units. Although unfurnished, it also has certain amenities that provide comfort. 
  • Venice Barry: It has a 140 units building. The units are spacious.
  • The Boulevard: The Boulevard apartment is recent and was acquired by UCLA with UCLA Medical in 2020. It has five buildings on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Student Family Housing in University Apartments South

Graduate students with families get housing facilities at the University Village. The facilities are located five miles south of the campus. There is a shuttle service that helps transport students to and from campus.


UCLA provides the needed facilities for graduate students, including international students. While every student has a fair chance, the housing program looks into some factors in allocating housing and what type of housing. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the Differences between the UAN and UAS?

In the UAN, there is a specified length of stay and can only be terminated if there is an official request to end the contract. Rooms in the UAS, on the other hand, are sold monthly. Tenants are only supposed to give notice when vacating. 

2. Can Single Students Apply to Family Housing Facilities?

No. Single graduate students can only apply to single facilities in the UAN, while graduate students with families are only offered housing in the University Village.

3. How Many Years can Students Stay in Housing Facilities?

Students’ length of stay depends on the number of years of their degree.