Does Tutoring Kids Look Good on College Applications?

As high school students graduate, the question of what can be done to increase their chances of acceptance into a college of their liking comes up. One of such questions is: “does tutoring kids look good on college applications?”

Does Tutoring Kids Look Good on College Applications?

Colleges get thousands of applications from all over the world, one must take extra steps to find out what they should put on their college application to increase their chances of acceptance and to set them aside from the rest of the applicants. As the process of admission can be complex, tutoring is one such activity that shows involvement in one’s community and can also serve as a work experience, so yes tutoring kids look good on college applications.

Here is more on whether tutoring kids look good on college applications.

Tutoring Kids And Putting It On Your College Application

Tutoring, unlike its general understanding, is not a menial task but rather a job that requires special skill and professionalism, so to tutor kids and then put it on your college application provides insight into your character, showing that you are not just concerned about yourself but that you’re willing to go out of your way to help others as well. Colleges don’t want only students that excel academically, they are also interested in students that are well rounded, students that show achievements outside of academic pursuits. 

Do Colleges Like Students That Have Work Experience?

Not all colleges prefer students with work experience and regard it as very important. Some colleges appreciate work experience while others just consider it but don’t let it heavily influence their decision on whether to accept a student’s application or not. 

Colleges that care about work experience do so because it shows a level of maturity and it often indicates that the student in question has acquired skills that are vital to the collegiate environment namely time management and teamwork, and others.  

How Often Do Colleges Accept Applications Of People That Tutor Kids 

As there are so many smart and well-rounded students applying to colleges nowadays, one must take extra measures to distinguish him/herself from other students. For some colleges, the more competitive the admission process is, the more the college sets out to select special and unique students. When one puts tutoring on a college application, it acts as an identifier of a student that is an accomplished specialist in the field of education, thus increasing one’s chances of being accepted.

What Do Colleges Look For In Students That Send In Applications?

Colleges look for a lot when assessing applications sent to them, some of the qualities they look for in students include but are not restricted to:

  • Special abilities; Ability to think critically, manage time appropriately, take initiative, curiosity, commitment, etc.
  • Leadership qualities; Students with the ability to lead and give clear and concise instructions are highly sought after by colleges.
  • Extracurriculars; Political activism, clubs, and teams 
  • Good SAT/ACT Score; This displays one’s academic excellence. It is so important that some colleges even give scholarships to those with exceptional scores.
  • Letter Of Recommendation; Often written by a teacher, mentor, or school counselor. This is important because it is what colleges consult to confirm what has been provided in an application. 
  • College Essays; This takes up one of the largest percentages of what colleges focus on when analyzing applications. A study shows that a college essay takes up to 25% of your application. It is also important because it may bring to the awareness of the college a characteristic, trait, or quality of the student that not included in the college application. 
  • Talents; Some of the talents colleges look for in applications are good research skills, organizational skills, writing competency, communication, and many more.

Common mistakes to avoid when applying to colleges

  • Plagiarizing; This is a very serious form of dishonesty concerning academics and is even considered to be a crime in some states
  • Not proofreading can lead to submitting an application riddled with mistakes that could have been easily avoided. 
  • Writing about the negative features of the college.
  • Writing an unoriginal essay; If one is serious about being accepted into a college they are applying to, one should then put in the effort.
  • Missing deadlines; If one does this without a legitimate and proper excuse then this just shows insolence and ruins one’s chances of being accepted as some universities are very strict about provided deadlines.


Applications for admission into colleges are competitive as only the best are selected after going through a very rigorous process. To better one’s chances at selection, one should bolster their application form by participating in various activities outside of acquiring good grades. Although just getting accepted into college shouldn’t be the only reason one decides to tutor kids, one should tutor because they want to give back to society and because they want to help, not because they want their college applications to look good. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why should I put tutoring on my college application? 

The competitiveness when it comes to the process of seeking admission into a college can never be exaggerated. One should make sure to always put in whatever skill or experience they have that they feel might give them an edge over other applicants, and that is why it is necessary to put activities such as tutoring when sending out college applications.

  1. Will my application still be considered even if I don’t tutor kids?

Yes, applications will still be considered by colleges even if one does not tutor kids because tutoring is not the most significant element when it comes to college applications although it does increase a person’s chances of being accepted.

  1. What else can I put on my college application other than tutoring?

Other than tutoring, some other things that can be added to a college application to increase chances of acceptance are; internships, freelance work, volunteer work, part-time jobs, good grades, creative pursuits, athletic participation, community service experience, and others.