Does Lip Graduate College?

Jeremy Allen White is a prominent actor born in Brooklyn, US, on 17 February 1991. He has been active in his occupation since 2006. He has a fair physique and is 5 feet 6 inches in height. He is famous for his character role of Phillip Gallagher’s “Lip” in the web series Shameless. He played the main role. There are 134 episodes total in this series. Lip’s character portrayal was very practical and honest but very careless in terms of situation handling. The series was entertaining enough to grab audience love from 2011 to 2021. Lip character was nominated in 2014. He won a critics’ choice television award for the same. Currently, Lip is married to actress Addison Timlin, and they have two daughters. We will get to know about many questions in this article, Like, Does lip graduate college? Yes, He did graduate college, lets’s discuss more;

Does lip graduate college

Does Lip Graduate College?

In real life, Jeremy was not fond of going to school. He loved dancing. He chose to learn various forms of dancing moves. Lip, as the character, was similar to Jeremy. He had above-average intelligence, but he chose to do uncertain acts, which got him into trouble. The fictional drama shameless is an American comedy-drama web series. It was also released in the United Kingdom, and the American show is more romantic with better reviews. 

“Lips” character

Lip, age 24, born on March 29, 1995, is from Chicago, Illinois. He was born in a poor family. In the series, he is very much into his studies. He worked at a cafeteria, which was not very bad. He got through college admission with a score of 4.6 Cgpa. He was the eldest son and second child to his father, Frank Gallagher, and Mother Gallagher was ignored by Lip. Lip still cares for them and is loyal and protective towards his family. He had six siblings, out of which Ian was closest to Lip. Lip is a character who falls for illegal activities to earn money for his family. He gave the SAT in place of others mainly for money. He would ensure that students who take drugs are safe from the cops. He also had unprotected sex with multiple women. He took his help of Ian and never tried to expose him as Ian had planned to get into the marines. No wonder he was a genius. Still, he could not judge between right and wrong things. He had a cynical personality. He was not a good decision-maker. He fell into a trap for most of the unpredictable situations. He also had a juvenile prison record too.

“Shameless” reviews

  • The reviews are good for web series all over the world. It has an IMDB rating of 8.6 /10. It is liked by 99 percent of television viewers. The show has got a very good response from the viewers.
  • More about the show “shameless.”
  • Shameless is an American web series created by John Wells and aired on Showtime. It is adapted from the British series by Paul Abbot.


Lip was very much indulged in learning and was good at studies, but due to a wrong sense of judgment, he was expelled from his college. He was alcoholic and self-destructive. He couldn’t realize that his future was ruined because of his bad habits. He loved all his siblings and cared for his family. Still, the family couldn’t understand this, and often he ended up arguing with them. His parents had high expectations of him. They wanted Lip to excel in his field. However, at the end of the series, it is shown that he again enters college to complete his education. The father, Frank, dies of Covid 19 at the end of the series with no one by his side. The story has a lot of twists and turns and is interesting to watch till the end.

  • Is Lip’s character real in shameless?

No, Lip is purely a fictional character. He is not a real character.

  • Was Gallagher real?

No, they are imaginary. The house where the family lived is real in Southside Chicago.

  • The type of story of Shameless?

The sitcom is in the comedy-drama category.

  • Which college was lip studying?

Chicago polytechnic University. Lip went to study Math and Science subjects.

  • Was Frank Gallagher disabled?

Yes, he got hit in the gut by airborne chicken. He worked in a poultry processing plant.

  • Was Frank abusive?

Yes, Frank was abusive due to her careless and abusive mother, Peggy.

  • Shameless season eleven was canceled?

Yes, it was delayed due to COVID 19 lockdown. The pandemic has affected the show adversely.

  • Where did the Shameless show air?

Shameless can be watched on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. You can also watch it on Netflix.

  • What is the rating of Shameless?

The rating is in the mature category.

  • Did Lip drop out of school?

Yes, he dropped out of school after taking money from high school fellow students to take the SAT for them.

  • How did Lip change in season 7?

Lip changed by getting admitted to rehab; he left alcohol and thus was changed in season 7.

  • Does Lip get rich?

No, he failed a huge deal of $ 250,000 for Gallagher’s house. He was still in poverty, working for a food delivery company.