Does Columbia College Chicago have Dorms?

Columbia College Chicago is one of the most popular non- profit private institutions situated in South  Michigan Avenue, Chicago providing a range of disciplines which are quite dissimilar from others, in the field of media, acting, cinematography, video editing, creative writing, fashion designing and its aligned courses. In this articles we shall see if Columbia College Chicago has dorms?

 So it’s quite obvious that students who have a creative mind will be willing to enroll themselves here. There are a number of students who enroll each year here, and for them the college also has dorms and accommodation facilities.  For the students, the college made special arrangements for students so that they can stay here and pursue their dream course.

Does Columbia College Chicago have Dorms?

Housing Structure

The college authorities have made accommodations in such a way that the residence will be at a walking distance from the College campus and the public transport will also be nearer. The College have ensured in proving safety to the students and always looks whether there is any kind of discrimination going on within the residence. Unlike most of the educational institutions, Columbia College Chicago have made the accommodations gender inclusive which guarantees people of different sexual orientation to forward their housing application for a special kind of room.

Feature of the housing

Coming to the features of the housing, there are four houses that can be leased to the students and every housing is equipped with the best decorations and amenities so as to increase the creativity of the students. The four housings are namely

  • 30E. Balbo Drive
  • The Arc
  • The Dwight
  • The University Center

30E. Balbo drive

  • Location- The 30E. Balbo Drive was built recently in order to meet the rising demand for rooms among the students. Situated in 30E. Balbo Dr road. 
  • Capacity- it can have a maximum of 340 students and the students can choose whether they want a shared or private bedroom. There are options where they can opt for two, three, four or even five person apartments in single or double occupancy bedrooms. 
  • Others- They can have their dinner in an open area or in a dining area as well. The place is perfectly designed for increasing friendliness towards each other. 

The arc

  • Location- Next residential housing The Arc, 37 W. Van Buren, which was built in the late nineteenth century, has an architecture representing the culture of the city and is situated at the heart of Chicago town. 
  • Facilities- The housing has almost all the modern facilities and ambience that are required by a student. There is a provision for up to six persons sharing an apartment with ranging one to four bedrooms available. However, this housing is an additional feature of upper class-men and this building has been recently renovated.

The dwight

The Dwight was earlier made to serve the purpose of many shops doing printing and binding manufactures. In course of time, this building has been renovated and undertaken under the college authority to serve for residence purposes. 

  • Location- This housing provides a perfect atmosphere for a creative environment as it has some ethnicity as well as workforce ambience which may drive the students to explore some new artistic designs. Situated at 642 South Clark Street.
  • Facilities- Four to six persons can share the apartment here and 2 or four bedrooms are available at each apartment. This housing has an Art Studio, 11th Sky Lounge, music facility and what not.

The university center

  • Location- The University Center is located at 525 South State Street.
  • Capacity- perhaps the largest among the four residential housings, which can hold up to 1700 students and was constructed recently. However, there is Semi- Suite and less options for shared apartments. 
  • Facilities- There is a study room on every floor, accompanied by a large dining space, rooftop garden and student-oriented retail space. 

General Facilities Provided In All Housings 

All of the lodging facilities are different from one another stating different factors. But still they have few things in general. This general condition has few facilities. All the housing that is provided by the administration has a fitness studio, laundry facilities, shareable kitchen, security measures and some of them have unlimited internet service.

Housing costs

The students of different financial backgrounds can have a range of options available for housing. The academic year is divided into Spring and Fall semesters and billing is done accordingly. All the housing starts at $5585 per term while the highest rent per term varies between $9864 and $7802 and the University Center is the costliest. 

  • For the University Center, the annual range is $14938 to $19728. 
  • In the Dwight, the range is $1170 to $15320. 
  • While in The Arc, it  is from $15320 to $17536. 
  • The E. Balbo has $1170 to $17536. 

As already mentioned above regarding the room structures, these rents are also according to the facilities provided.   It can be seen that the students can also subscribe to a meal plan as per their budgets. To be noted that there are certain meals that have to be taken along- side the kind of rooms they aspire for. In a simple word, a semi suite resident in the University Center has to buy the meal and that is mandatory.


Columbia College Chicago has indeed planned for dorms that are ideally a place where students can co-exist and can learn and grow with each other. Students who are from different parts of the world, willing to take admission but unable to find a suitable hostel can easily apply through the forms that the college provides and can find themselves sooner in one of the residences.  Moreover, keeping in mind the budget constraints of the students, the authorities have kept the rent at a minimum affordable price and have tried to provide the best facilities for the students as well as safeguarding the interest of the students.