Does Best Buy Pay For College?

Does Best Buy Pay For College?

We all know how famous the consumer electronics company Best Buy is. Headquartered in Minnesota, the United States of America, the company has evolved in the market when it comes to innovating technology. However, it is not just the consumers that feel satisfied with the quality products and services of the company. But they have got special tuition assistance programs for their full-time employees as well.Best Buy does not pay the entire amount of tuition fees to a college student, but they offer some portion of it. The Tuition Assistance Program provided by the company provides all the necessary details as to how a student could apply for tuition assistance from the company.Even though most people would think that it is easy to get tuition fees, but certain criteria would determine whether one would get the tuition fees to help or not. However, it is not just Best Buy that comes up with assistance such as this, but other companies offer the same thing but in a different way.

What Is The Tuition Assistance Program Policy Of Best Buy?

The tuition assistance program is a policy that has been laid down by the company Best Buy. But, it is one of those policies that only a student can get only if they are eligible for it. Best Buy has provided all the guidelines and the eligibility criteria of the program online in a PDF format which anyone can go and have a look at it. The policy of the tuition assistance program was built so that students can get the best learning organization.

But, there are specific eligibility criteria that you have to meet in order to get the most benefit out of these programs. The eligibility criteria will be mentioned below in some of the sub-sections. Please have a look at them. The assistance is given to full-time employees, who work for at least six months and contribute 32 hours per week.

What Is The Criteria or Requirements For Becoming Eligible For The Program?

The criteria or the requirements that the company has set have been kept quite simple. If you are doing an undergraduate program, then you may get a different amount for your tuition assistance and if you are doing graduate coursework, it would be different than the graduate one. However, below are the basic requirements for becoming eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program from Best Buy.

  • The candidate or the student must be a full-time and active employee working at least more than 32 hours per week.
  • The student has to complete at least six months of continuous service prior to the course start date.
  • In the HRIS system, the student or the candidate should be listed as a full-time employee at both the course start date and the reimbursement date.

Only if students meet the above-mentioned criteria/requirements, can they be eligible for the tuition assistance program. Therefore, one should clearly pay attention to the criteria mentioned above so that there are no issues later on due to some kind of miscommunication.

What Is The Process of Tuition Assistance Program?

There is a certain process before all the finalization is done. Well, fir of all, everything should be right in order, which means the student or the candidate seeking the tuition assistance program should be eligible for it first. Then the company authorities will do the further processing. The process may take some time, and the student should be patient with the same.

However, below we have mentioned the steps or the process of how the tuition assistance program can take place from Best Buy.

  • The student or the candidate looking for assistance financially would have to submit the Tuition Assistance Program application online (
  • Since the candidate would be an active employee of the company, he/she will receive an employee ID while joining the company. This employee ID will also be the user ID of the candidate.
  • The user ID must be put while logging in after visiting the above-mentioned website.
  • After logging in for the first time, the user will be prompted to set a new password.
  • Once the new password is set, the applicant must submit the application before enrolling the course.

With the simple procedure, one would be easily be granted the assistance for their college tuitions. In case you are still confused about the process of the tuition assistance program, then you can always talk about it with the concerned authorities at the Best Buy store that you are working at.


In the end, students would want to get any help to decrease the financial burden of their tuition fees. Well, companies like Best Buy and many more such companies have helped students who are working for them lessen the financial burden of their college tuition fees. However, there are several other ways of getting financial aid, like taking a loan from a bank which is also known as a student loan, or borrowing from someone. But, companies helping out students is something that any eligible student can do because not only will they work they can also pay for their college tuition fees as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it good to get tuition fees from a company?

Ans: Yes, it is worth it that the company you are working in is responsible for paying your tuition fees. This way you can work and as well as pay for the tuition fees.

  1. What is the most popular way of paying tuition fees to the college?

Ans: There are many ways that students can pay their tuition fees to the college, but borrowing money still remains the most popular way of paying tuition fees. However, one can start working with a company to get some financial aid.

  1. What is the basic pay at Best Buy?

Ans: Best Buy pays its employees on an hourly basis, around $15 per hour for domestic employees. There may be a revised salary for such kinds of candidates.