Does Baruch College Have Housing?

While in college, your place of residence goes a long way in shaping your college experience. This is why to get a real college adventure, many students opt for the residences affiliated with the college. In this article we shall see Does Baruch College Have Housing?

Baruch College does have a residence plan for its full-time students. Interested students are to complete the Baruch housing application form, with housing payments being made each semester or monthly through the Sallie Mae tuition payment plan. It also renders financial aid to eligible students.

Does Baruch College Have Housing?

Housing Plan In Baruch College

The Baruch College Residence team members comprise the staff of Student Affairs and Resident Assistants who have been trained to guide and support living in the residence.

Baruch College offers housing at 1760 3rd Avenue in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. This housing plan has single, double, and triple rooms for students. Depending on their preferences, students either stay alone, have a roommate, or have two roommates. Students are often required to live at the school’s residence hall for a full academic year. The Baruch college residence expenses range between $19,317 and $17,427, for on-campus and off-campus rooms respectively.

Benefits Of Baruch College Housing To Students

I) Students are entitled to a clean environment. A clean environment directly or indirectly keeps a student’s mind at peace and ease. It encourages them to go about their day healthily and study at any convenient place of their choice. 

II) Students have the right to be free from intimidation or embarrassment. This way, students are entitled to the respect of their fellow students and the respect of their resident adviser.

III) Students’ personal property must be safeguarded. On no account should a student’s personal property be found missing. Their belongings must be safeguarded by the school residence management and security.

IV) They are entitled to hard copies of housing rules and regulations, or individual building policies, which govern individual and group behaviors. This way, they are up to date on what they are to do and what they are not to do. They also have the opportunity to find their way around the college and residence.

V) Students have the right to study in comfort. The residence can either provide a reading corner for each room or have an adequate reading room, which should be comfortable for an average student. This way, the students’ study life is put into consideration and made a priority. 

VI) They must be allowed access to guidance and support of Resident Assistants. It is normal for students to need moral and mental support. So, the counselors and resident advisers must always make themselves available to the students who need their help. They must also ensure that their attitudes are encouraging to the students, as this is the only way to gain the students’ trust. 

Rules Guiding Baruch College Housing

I) Every student is obliged to respect and obey the residence’s rules and regulations. Since the school has provided the above services for the students, then in return, they owe the school their obedience. They must respect every law that the college has made for its residents for peace to prevail.

II) Students need to make their residence payments on time and through the right channel. They have to plan for it, so as not to be caught unawares. The school needs funds to run its residence, so the students need to play their role in ensuring that this is made possible.

III) Students would be held responsible for the behavior of their guests. Whenever students entertain visitors, they need to monitor their behavior. The student who entertained the guest would be held liable for damage or trouble caused by the visitor. This is why every student must encourage their guests to behave so as not to put them in trouble. 

IV) Wrong behavior and conduct must be reported to the appropriate authority. Living in a residence is like living in a community. You do not turn a blind eye when something that could harm the residence is ongoing. As a student, you must be quick to report wrongdoings that serve as potential harm to the residence. This way, you play your role in ensuring that school rules and regulations are properly upheld. 

V) Students are to respect the rights of their fellow students. Well, we could say here that a student should do unto other students what he or she wants other students to do unto him or her. This way, the principle of empathy operates and guides every student. If this works out, then students will be at peace with each other, and the residence’s management would barely have a negative case to preside over.

VI) Whenever there are judicial proceedings, resulting in the appropriate code of conduct, students are expected to participate. This is a medium of ensuring popular participation. It is right that students should be part of the rules and regulations that govern them. This helps them understand and appreciate the spirit behind the rules and regulations governing them, thus, they see a need to obey them. 

From the foregoing, you can see that not only does Baruch College provide housing and residence plans for its students, but it also stipulates some rules that guide and protect them, and as well as ensure that the students coordinate themselves. This is a good way of promoting the uniqueness of the college’s residence halls. 


If you are interested in applying for a room at Baruch College residence, then you should. The college has a good housing plan for its students. It makes their interests a priority and provides them with the basic college services they would be needing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Can I apply for the Baruch College residence as a part-time student?


No, you can’t. Only full-time students are eligible to apply.

2) What kind of rooms does Baruch College’s housing plan provide?


Baruch College’s housing plan provides single, double, and triple rooms, for one, two, and three students respectively. So, you can choose any based on preference.