Do You Have To Write A Thesis For Undergraduate?

According to Oxford Dictionary, a Thesis is a long essay or dissertation that involves personal research and is written by a candidate for a degree or diploma. A College thesis for a bachelor can be almost forty to sixty pages long, while a master’s degree student would need to write at least a hundred pages long for their thesis. For a good thesis statement, one needs to find a subject that is refuted by several people. They must study that subject and find out the nature of its disagreement and its positive points, express one main idea of their subject, and then write a conclusion. Let’s check-> Do you have to write a thesis for undergraduate?

Do You Have To Write A Thesis For Undergraduate?

You do not necessarily need to write a thesis if you are an undergraduate. Undergraduate students do not require writing a thesis if they have not completed their degree yet some students would need to prepare one for finishing their Bachelor’s degree.

Do You Have To Write A Thesis For An Undergraduate Degree?

Nevertheless, it applies to only some students. The most important factor here is the course. It must be mentioned in one’s particular course whether a thesis is required or not. Different universities apply different rules and some may have courses that do not require writing a thesis. Hence, it solely depends on the university’s course.

Why Do Students Have To Write A Thesis?

Students do not need to write a thesis since there are a lot of jobs in research and teaching that do not require that. But, one must only write it just because they can. In case they want to be academic and earn some letters on their diploma, students should see this as an opportunity to better themselves at learning. A thesis sharpens students’ original ideas and accurately compiles them.

What Does A Thesis Teach?

To present it, some points are referring to what a thesis teaches:

Enhanced Format

A student’s grammatical format evolves into a constructive form that heightens their standard for academic writing

Logical Dispute

It provides a person with better reasons for an argument. If there is a topic to be discussed, then the side that comes up with logical reasoning in the quarrel will be supported.

Improved Critical Thinking

A thesis is prepared to execute the problem-solving process more efficiently. In case an issue stands up in some situation, this provides a student with a better knowledge to deal with the problem.

How To Prepare For A Master’s Thesis?

The master’s thesis is prepared in two ways: Qualitative and Quantitative. The student must submit their first ten pages to the director of Graduate Admission, including the preliminary pages, three weeks before graduation. Two copies of their thesis should be made: one for the Archives and the other for the Circulatory Book Collection.

Qualitative Thesis

Such kind of thesis requires creative work. The student needs to approach the subject differently than the chapters provided by the course. This approach must have logical points, explained thoroughly within two years.

Quantitative Thesis

A Quantitative thesis needs time to complete. The student must require a complete understanding of the subject and observe different approaches suggested in the chapters. The quantitative thesis is longer when compared to a Qualitative thesis, as it does a brief study of subjects that are already taught and simplifies them.

Do Students Hire People To Write Their Thesis?

Unfortunately, students’ lives are busy, and sometimes they cannot complete their thesis before the deadline. They have to hire a writer who could write their thesis for them in exchange for a decent payment. Such happens because of some reasons given below:

Stress Rate

Several students in their starting ages of college suffer from depression and anxiety. It does not let them concentrate on their studies, and they grow unable to complete anything on time.

Side Jobs

Many students do a side job or part-time job to meet their expenses. Such jobs may be exhausting and time-consuming, so students do not get enough time to write a thesis after finishing their studies and jobs.

Better Scores

Some students who need to improve their marks and overall grades require more time with their studies. It leads to focusing only on their academic lectures and not bothering with their thesis.


A thesis is a long essay that presents a subject and highlights its nature. It is written for bachelor’s and master’s degrees or diplomas. An undergraduate student does not need to write a thesis if their university hasn’t stated so in their course. Different universities have different courses. So, it does not apply to all students. A student needs to write a thesis because it improves certain skills in writing such as enhanced literature format, better arguments, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of majors requires writing a thesis?

Majors like Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Criminal Justice, and Literature require a student to write a thesis.

  1. Is a Ph.D. a thesis?

Yes, a Ph.D. is a kind of thesis. It is the most necessary part of a doctoral research degree. A Ph.D. The thesis is the peak of four years of experience, and this leads to creating a real contribution to your academic field. Your Ph.D. dissertation requires them to write something completely different and new from the previous thesis and demands creativity and innovation.

  1. What courses do not require writing a thesis in a university?

Generally, master’s programs require writing a thesis. However, their focus is more on applications than typical research. Some examples of the master’s degrees that are for non-thesis programs are nursing, education, business, engineering, pathology, law, and military.

  1. Can non-thesis masters to Ph.D.?

Yes, no rule says non-thesis cannot master to Ph.D. But, it is not relevant in the case of every university. Some colleges have a particular type of courses that require writing a thesis as necessary. It all depends on the type of university to which one is applying. If one applies for a Ph.D. program, then they are judged for their research work and curriculum vitae.