Do Universities Check Your Qualifications?

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Do Universities Check Your Qualifications?

The evaluation universities make when reviewing  students’ documents for admission is to check the qualifications; it is very mandatory in the criteria used when reviewing students’ admission applications. Many students planning to gain admission to the university do not know if their qualification will be considered or not, most especially those with low qualification do possess the nightmare if their qualification will be checked and considered. Universities check students’ qualifications be it for diploma, undergraduate, post graduate or graduate studies and other courses be it professional or non-professional.

The process universities consider to review students for admission, intern and scholarship is to check the student academic qualifications. These determine the fitness of students academically. Anyone planning to further to the university do bear in mind if universities do check qualifications.

Types of Qualifications Universities Check

Every Individual may possess several qualifications inform of certificate or award even person’s character may be part of ones qualification at times this use to reflect during interview or other inter personal relationship but the most honorable qualification is the certificate achieved in the field of academic study other qualifications acquired beside the study field is an advantage these include :

  •  Extra curricular activities award.
  •  Competition award.
  •  Certificate of participation in events.

These certificates have great usefulness; they are being considered when reviewing student applications before a decision is made. This is why it is very good for students to be active in school and outside school. Moreover, to contribute and explore other purposes that are beneficial be it academically or non academically there are several student clubs and social clubs in high schools and high institutions across the world which are beneficial to students. It is advisable for students to be serious with academic in all areas because the best qualifications is given priority over others in every aspect of academia the advantage of good qualifications is very high today universities check qualifications on best performance in academic and extracurricular activities  for admission decision at any level and to determine if a student is eligible for loan, scholarship, internship, SIWES, exchange student program and other benefits.

What are the qualifications universities need? 

The main qualifications needed by universities are :

  •  The final year certificate achieved in high school.
  •  The original certificate of the final exam taken in high school.
  •  Completed academic transcript that indicates subjects taken each year.
  •  Bachelor degree certificate and full academic transcript for post graduate studies known as Masters degree.
  •  Bachelor degree certificate, academic transcript and research work for graduate studies known as PhD.
  •  Test scores. Examples of test scores are SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, DUOLINGO and the rest. Some Universities make the test score compulsory while others make it optional but it is very important in scholarship decisions.
  • Any other certificate acquired in the field of study.

The best thing to do first when planning for university is to do thorough research about universities to know the best suit for one’s desire. Researching about universities may be cumbersome at times, this is why length of time is set for research purposes and must be started early to be on the safer side. What are the things universities look at in one’s qualifications? They are but not limited to academic performance, leadership skill, extra curricular activities, which makes one stand out for the intended course of study.

Why Universities Check Qualifications?

Academic qualifications determine students’ performance. A committee is set up by every university around the world to evaluate each applicant’s qualifications. The purpose of this committee is to determine if a student is the right fit for the university and program offered. Students’ past academic record is being reviewed and a decision is made to know if the student is fit or otherwise. What are the things universities check in qualifications? These include but not limited to:

  • Certificate’s which prove  a level of education has been attained by a student. Certificates are reviewed to determine the next level of education career a student is willing to pursue.
  •  Academic transcript is reviewed to know the performance of an applicant in a previous field of study. The transcript boldly portrays the cumulative grade point acquired. Different universities around the world have their own acceptable CGPA for specific programs, for instance Texas University at Austin has an acceptance GPA of 3.8 on a scale of 4.0 while Stanford University acceptance CGPA is 3.96 and Harvard university has its acceptance CGPA to be 4.18.
  • Curricular activities are reviewed to know the performance of the student outside academic activities, also to know the value the student can add besides academics.

 Importance of Checking Qualifications by Universities

To determine if a student is right for a university program it is important to check the qualifications. There is no university that will not review a student application before acceptance. This is done to determine the strength and capacity of the student by reviewing the previous academic achievement and also to know the suitable program best for the student.

Some importance of checking academic qualifications by universities include but not limited to:

  • To accommodate best performance.
  •  To avoid junks and low performance
  • Good qualifications and better performance boosts school ranking.
  • To maintain excellence position of the school.

Without considering qualifications it will not be proper for universities to know the background of a student, be it weak or strong.


Maybe or maybe not universities check qualifications should not be a question that bothers anyone who comes across the information provided here, the details and importance of why universities have to check qualifications have been thoroughly outlined.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How do universities check qualifications?

The university requires prospective students to submit necessary documents  for evaluation after which each document is review before a decision is made.

2. How do I know if my qualification is okay?

It is important to do a deep research about the university anticipated. The requirements and process of admission are to be noted to avoid forfeiture in the future.

3. What if my qualification is not good enough to go?

The best thing to do is to research for a suitable university with a program that suits the qualifications. 

4. Do universities review low qualifications?

It depends on the university decision. Students with low qualifications may be considered for a program which does not need high qualifications to enroll.