Do Colleges have Infirmaries?

Do Colleges have Infirmaries?

To know do colleges have infirmaries…Read on this article….!

Most colleges have prioritised the health of their students and so they are taking up measures to make sure that their students are safe and healthy. Every college has medical courses and programs. They provide ample knowledge to the students on how to be safe and healthy. This creates more chances of having an infirmary in the college so that the students may understand the basics well.

Many colleges have infirmaries on the campus. It is necessary for emergency purposes. College students may be suffering from fever or any hidden problem that may get triggered all of a sudden in the college. Instead of waiting to take the student to the nearest hospital, the college infirmary can prove to be the best option to provide first aid to the students. 

Need for infirmaries inside the campus of colleges

So, what is the need for an infirmaries inside the campus of colleges?

  • Often the students might feel sick or tired due to boring and long lectures. Some students do not have the habit of sitting for too long during the lectures or sessions of the college and hence they might feel sick due to the long lecture hours. 
  • The classroom is the place where the students are to study about a certain course but bad health or stress can create a bad environment of learning for the student as well as his companion and others. 
  • He may need medical attention and that is where the infirmary works. An infirmary is the best to keep the students on rest and help them recover from the problem their bodies had been facing. 
  • It is a dedicated place where a student can take a rest and recover from his illness and get back to his class soon. 
  • A college infirmary provides all the important facilities for any patient or sick person and helps them get better soon.

Every other college should have at least one infirmary inside the college campus and this is an important thing for the students who face recurrent health issues like migraines, stress, anxiety, etc. 

What facilities does a college infirmary provide?

A college infirmary is a place where any student or any staff member approaches when he or she feels sick due for certain reasons. Certain health facilities are provided by the in-charge of the infirmary in the college. There are many medications in the infirmary which are used for the sickness after consulting the doctors. Facilities like:

  • There are resting beds and couches to relax and lie down.
  • There are washrooms for sudden use (so that the patient need not get all-around to the college washroom being sick).
  • There are approved medicines for various problems like fever, headache, stomachache, migraines, strokes, etc.
  • There are anti-venomous serums in case the student has been bitten by any poisonous insect.
  •  There are energy drinks for the students as the ones who approached the infirmary due to strokes while playing on the games court might need it for instant energy.
  •  There are bandages, antiseptic creams, nasal sprays, pills for gastric problems or multivitamins in the infirmary.
  • For females, sanitary aids are also present.
  • Small, private kitchens which serve the purpose of providing food instantly to the students taking rest there, are also present.

How does it effect the students and parents?

For the parents and the students, it is one of the most reliable components of any college. The parents may feel free to send their children without any worries. Of course, any parent or student themselves will not like taking off any student to the hospital for any reason away from the college under sudden emergency when parents are unavailable at the moment. Also, the parents think that it takes too much time for taking any student to any nearest hospital in case of requirement. Students say that it is inconvenient if they do not have an infirmary inside their college. They find it difficult to perform well on the grounds while playing any sport. If they get injured they will have to rush to the hospital to get first aid. However, having an infirmary would help the students to perform carefreely and it will also be reliable enough to provide the best first aid. Colleges which have infirmaries tend to be more famous among the students and parents. It may be something psychological because humans tend to keep themselves safe from dangers. 

Do the infirmaries charge anything for providing services?

College infirmaries do not charge anything while you use them. However, the infirmary expenses are added to your college fees which you pay during admission only. This means that you pay for the infirmary of your college in advance and that you can use the infirmary of your college several times depending upon your health. They have many medicines and other small medications which do not charge anything. For females, sanitary items also do not charge anything. The infirmary provides all the facilities at any time during the college hours and no one points on the students for getting any aid from the infirmary. 

How are college infirmaries different from other public clinics?

College infirmaries are low-level health centre which is just for providing first aid in the time of emergency. It is for the places from where the patient cannot be taken to the hospital all of a sudden. It is also a place where small problems are cured for which we do not need to go to any hospital. It can be any injury while playing or stroke due to playing any match in the sun or any other small problem that can be treated here in the college infirmary. If we talk about other public clinics, they are the places which have broader scope like there you may get an ultrasound, blood tests, X-rays, etc which is not possible in college infirmaries.


College infirmaries are important for any random college. It keeps the students as well as their parents less worried about any sudden accident or its consequences. College infirmaries do not provide a final solution or cure to big problems which may need hospitalisation but it helps provide first aid for those problems as taking the patient to the hospital can be time taking and taking time may prove to be life-threatening. For small problems like bruises, wounds, strokes, etc, we may not need to go to hospitals and infirmaries are best at providing aid in these cases.

Frequently asked questions
  • How many infirmaries a college can have?

It depends upon the campus areas. Large areas can have 1-2 infirmaries or else 1 infirmary is sufficient.

  • Do infirmaries ask for identity before entry?

The in-charge will register our name and date of aid for records and not identity.

  • Are mobile phones allowed in the infirmaries of the college?

No! One should keep his mobile phone on silent before entering the infirmary and submit it outside the infirmary.

  • Is it safe to take medicines from college infirmaries?

The medications in college infirmaries are prescribed by specialised doctors and are safe to use.