Do Colleges Have Buses?

Do Colleges Have Buses?

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College time is the most awaited moment of a student’s life. The new turn takes the students to different experiences. However, there are major changes that the students have to witness in their daily lives after starting college life. It can be packing up lunch on their own, completing assignments and thesis on their own and what other change they witness?

Many of the students ask whether they have to get to the college every day at their own expense. They ask if the college provides buses for its students. The answer to the question is no! Students have to get to the college on their own and the college does not guarantee any kind of responsibility for the students. They do not provide any conveyance for the students. 


The topic of discussion is if colleges have buses. College life is too busy for students as well as the teachers, professors and management. There are thousands of people studying in a single college. Everyone comes from diversified regions. It becomes very difficult to keep records of the regions so diversified. Also, the college needs to have more than one bus if it wants to solve the problem of diversification of the regions. Different buses in that case will be responsible for different regions. However, having more than a bus or two will increase the expenses for the college. Eventually, the college authorities will ask the students to pay extra just because of the increasing expenses. Having a bus for travelling is not a bad idea. Students will reach on time and no classes will be bunked or missed. However, the college has to do nothing with late attendance. There are very few colleges which focus on the attendance criteria. Students who attend the classes or lectures late are not punished as they were in their school days. Students in their college are taught to manage things on their own. However, recurrent late attendance will cause you to get scolded by the authorities or the senior professor. The option of having a bus is not going to solve the problem of being late if it is someone’s habit.

Colleges Need buses

Many students and parents argue about the need for the bus for college students. They say that they feel the need to have a bus for travelling for the students. They want help from the college buses so that the students may get around the college easily. 

  • One of the most important reasons why they feel the need for the buses is that it is safe. Students who go to college with their vehicles are at the risk of accidents and injuries but with a bus driver, they will be safe. For an instance, a situation may arise where any student getting late starts driving faster than he should and strikes with any car meeting accident. In this situation had he been on the college bus he would have been safe and reached college in time.
  • Apart from safety, it also teaches the students to be in discipline and follow the routine. Any student who goes to college by bus would get up on time and go to bed on time thus making his sleep cycle stable. He would do this so that he may reach college in time and not get late for his lectures. 
  • Going to college by bus would give the student some time to complete the pending task which he cannot do otherwise when he has to go on his own.
  • It would help the students in the extremes of the temperatures.
  • It reduces the cost of expenses on fuel for private vehicles.
  • It would improve road congestion so that others might go safely to their work

Why colleges do not provide buses?

The college does not want to take responsibility for the missing children who had bunked the classes or lectures before boarding the buses. They have lots of responsibilities and they know that college students no matter how much we make them understand the necessity to be regular will try to bunk the classes and once they have learnt the art to lie and to bunk, they are always ready to do it for the next time. In this case, where the number of students who bunk the classes is more, the college does not want to force the students and take their responsibilities.    

How do students manage to get around the college?

The students have to travel to get to the college on their own. The walking distance depends on the regions where they live. If the distance between where they live and the college is more then they have to take their private transport. Students who live within the walking distance of their college are at ease. There are many public transport systems like public buses or trams which can help the students get to their college. The only problem is that they will cause daily expenses and they are not reliable. By reliability, we mean that it is not guaranteed that they will help the student reach his college in time as college buses could do. Also if the public transport fails or breaks down in the middle of the road, it causes great trouble for the students. The students have to manage to get to their colleges on their own then. Other options like carpooling can also help but it is not a wise option for regular students.


Many argue that they need a college of buses. However, the college does not provide the buses at their own expense. There are certain problems with the college authorities in assigning different buses for different locations and also situations and students do not support the colleges to have buses for its students. Students bunk the classes a lot and so the college finds it difficult to discipline the college students. However, due to the absence of college buses students who are regular find it difficult to get around college daily. They have to take multiple public modes of transport to get to the college daily. Sometimes it gets too expensive for the students.

Frequently asked questions
  • How much it can cost me to take public transport?

Monthly it can cost you around $100.

  • How many students use public transport?

7% of students of the single college are recorded to use public transport in the United States.

  • Do universities provide buses?

Like colleges, universities also do not provide buses for the students.