Did Brian Laundrie go to College?

If you’ve been abreast with the 2021 fourth-quarter report behind the mystery of the death of the couple-adventurers, then the name Brian Laundrie strikes a chord. The mystery behind the death of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, and himself sent a shock wave down the spine of New York City. The timing, the events that occurred before that, and what transpired after the manhunt went into the wild to search for Gabby Petito is a story that set the sun spiraling on its axis. But did Brian Laundrie ever attend college before getting into the mystic boiling cauldron that covered the supposedly bright future of him and his girlfriend?

Brian Laundrie attended Bayport Blue Point High school in the Big Apple, United States. He never went to College. In the United States, a high school doesn’t equate to college. College is considered a place for undergraduate studies where people can obtain either a two-year certificate for enrolling in a certificate program or a four-year degree. For someone to be able to attend college in the US, he or she must have a high school diploma or GED (General Education diploma or degree) and other course-related works showing that he or she truly attended high school.

In such light, Brian never furthered his academic career beyond the high school level after his graduation. He and his high school girlfriend Gabby Petito engage in wild traveling adventures after they graduated from high school. They were fun lovers who took delight in exploring and going for super fun adventure trips. How he died is shrouded in an unraveling mystery strung up by multiple stories. There’s this singular belief from reports that he murdered his girlfriend, Gabby. Due to multiple sources from authorities that resurfaced after Gabby went missing, there was conclusive evidence that Brian did, in fact, murder Gabby. But the hunt for Brian only led to the identification of his corpse months later. This leads us to the exploration of the life of Brian Laundrie. Who he was; his academic pursuit and the unraveling mystery behind his death. 

Did Brian Laundrie go to College?

Brian Laundrie background

Brian Laundrie was born to Christopher John Laundrie and Roberta Maria Vinci Laundrie. There’s been some speculation about his actual age, and since nothing has been verified, the date of his birth might be considered inaccurate by some. The speculations of his age state that he was between 23 years old to 37 before his untimely demise. 

Brian Laundrie High School

Brian Laundrie attended Bayport Blue Point High school, New York City, United States. In his high school days, he was regarded as a taciturn and only devoted to his books. 

His girlfriend, Gabby Petito, who attended the same school as him, was considered to have similar traits to him. She was known to be unfettered, dedicated to her books, a lover of nature, and also a loner. However, before their graduation, they parted ways. 

The adventure fiasco with Gabby Petito

After high school in 2019, Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito rekindled their romance. In July 2020, he proposed to her aiming to tie her with him for the rest of his life. She accepted, jovially and in excitement about being married to her like mate.

Brian never pursued College life and in the same month of July 2020, after he had proposed to Gabby, he and Gabby went hiking. The couple continued their adventure trip, exploring different places. 

On the 17th day of July 2021, the couple paused their travel expedition and went back to Blue Point in New York City for Gabby’s brother’s graduation. After the graduation ceremony, they both left Blue Point and traveled across the country in Gabby’s white 2013 Ford Transit Van bearing a license plate of the state of Florida. 

Verified reports have it that on the 29th day of August, Brian Laundrie was hitchhiking, alone, in Cotter Bay and was picked up by Miranda Baker and her Boyfriend after he offered to pay them $200 for a lift. The events after he was picked up included him engaging in the following:

  • Using an unauthorized debit card 
  • Driving Gabby Petito’s van with her not being present in it
  • Returning to his home without Gabby Petito

On the 11th day of September 2021 after Gabby was reported missing, Brian Laundrie hired an Attorney and he refused to speak publicly about the whereabouts of Gabby Petito. 7 days later, Christopher John and Roberta Maria Vinci Laundrie called the police and told them that Brian hadn’t been seen for 3 days.

On the 19th day of September 2021, Gabby Petito was found dead at the Spread Creek Camping Area, Bridger-Teton National Park; and on the 25th day of September, an arrest warrant was issued for Brian for the unauthorized use of a debit card. A manhunt was conducted to search for him.

On the 21st day of October, a medical report confirmed that the human remains that were found on the 20th day of October 2021 at T. Mabry Carlton Jr Memorial Reserves and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in New York were identified to be that of his. A month later, a medical report also confirmed that he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. 

The chapter of Brian Laundrie was closed and the mysterious trail leading from his graduation to his untimely death has remained unsolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What did Brian Laundrie do for a living?

There is no official public report as to what Brian Laundrie did for a living, although most reports claimed he was an artist.

  1. Did Brian Laundrie Kill Gabby Petito?

From verified reports, the speculation is that he did in fact murder, Gabby Petito. One report verified by the Authorities is that the couple engaged in a quarrel, some weeks before Gabby was declared missing. And his unwillingness to cooperate with the police left a question mark.