Did Addison Rae Go To College?

Did Addison Rae Go To College?

To know did Addison Rae go to college…Read on this article…!

Addison Rae, whom Forbes categorise as THE highest-earning Tik-Tok personalty in 2020, is one of the most popular American actress, dancer and singer. She was born on 6th October 2000, in the United States. She is good at lip-syncing and comedy sketch clips. She is 21 years old and one of The most successful actors in the United States of America!

Addison Rae dropped out her college to pursue her Tik-Tok career. It was her first clip on her Tik-Tok account from where she started gaining fame. She went to college at Louisiana State University. She studied for her graduation in sports broadcasting. The university is a public land-grant research university in Baton Rouge. Addison Rae enrolled herself in Louisiana State University after graduating from high school.  

The college

Addison Rae attended Louisiana State University for a very short duration. She dropped out of college because she realised her interest in making Tik-Tok videos. The University she attended provided her graduation course in sports broadcasting. The University is a public land-grant research University in Louisiana. According to Addison Rae, it was a very good college. It has a 66% education rate and a 73% acceptance rate. The university was founded in 1853. Addison enrolled for sports broadcasting there in her college days and other than this the university is said to provide other 30 most affordable online MSW programs for its students. Addison Rae did leave this college halfway to complete her dream and become a celebrity.

When did she go to college? 

Addison Rae went to the Louisiana State University after completing her graduation from high school at Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. She was 6 when she started participating in dance competitions across the country and she decided to make it her career when she was in her college. She did not complete her college and left it halfway. She was pretty sure what to do next after she decided to quit college. She rose to big fame after that. She had joined Louisiana State University when she was 19 years old and left it soon.

Why did she leave her college?

Addison Rae had no plans of leaving her college until she realised that her dancing videos which she posted on her multiple accounts, gained popularity. She was already a good dancer and too she loved dancing from a very young age. She had participated in various dance competitions held across the country when she was just 6 years old. She decided to drop out of her college as she said that she wanted to concentrate on the dancing profession individually. She wanted to keep up that fame. She thought that being in college would affect her road to her fame. She decided to leave her college in November of the year. She told this news to Business Insider in April 2020. She said it to be a big change and that she wanted to take it more seriously. She wanted to expand it to other platforms too. For this dedication, she needed to be concentrated and so she left her college to achieve this big dream.

Her life after dropping out of the college

After she had quit college, she dedicated her full efforts and time to learning and improving her passion for dancing. Her parents were supportive enough to support her in this decision. In just a few months of joining Tik-Tok, she had 1 million followers on Tik-Tok. She has been a part of the Hype House. She uploaded a video on YouTube and when she got very active on Instagram. She got associated with a talent agency in 2020, along with her parents. She released a weekly podcast with her mother.in July 2020. She signed a few contracts for the Netflix web series too. She started doing well in her life. She is categorized as the highest-earning tik toker by Forbes. She became the fourth most followed personality on the platform in 2022. Today, she has more than 87 million followers on the platform.

Fame and popularity

Addison Rae was good at dancing and from a very young age, she started gaining the attention of the people with her dancing. At the age of 6, only she started participating in certain competitions across the country. She gained many followers instantly as she joined Tik Tok and her spirit to gain more fame and popularity caused her to leave her college but today she finds it a correct decision and at the correct time. Had she not been into this, she could not have aspired to become so famous. She has more than 87 million followers alone on the single platform and she wants to expand it even more as she wanted to do it when she was dropping her college out.


Addison Rae never completed her college in sports broadcasting. She dropped it earlier to pursue her career in dancing, singing and acting. She graduated herself in high school and then majorly focussed on gathering fame and popularity. She had the potential to make herself so famous and today she finds it to be the best decision to drop out of her college!

Frequently asked questions
  • How many years old is Addison Rae?

Addison Rae as of 2022 is 21 years old.

  • What course was she pursuing in her college?

She was pursuing sports broadcasting before she decided to quit college.

  • Where did she go to high school?

She went to Calvary Baptist Academy to complete her high school.

  • Who are her parents?

Her parents are Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling.

  • Is Addison Rae a graduate?

She is just a high school graduate also she dropped out of her college before she got famous.