CUNY Hunter College Transfer Requirements

Cuny Hunter College is located in Manhattan, the largest CUNY college (City University of New York), with over 170 undergraduate and graduate programs, founded in 1870, celebrated its 175 anniversary on the 7th of May, 2022. CUNY Hunter College has 713 faculties, Over 11,000 full-time undergraduate and over 4,000 part-time undergraduates, and over 1,500 transfer students, an equivalent of 2,475. Lets’ start with CUNY Hunter College Transfer Requirements.

CUNY Hunter College Transfer Requirements

Cunny hunter college offers doctoral, certificate, master’s, and professional programs in the following five schools: education, nursing, sciences, health professions, and arts. Cuny hunter’s admission process requires a nonrefundable application fee of $70.00, a minimum GPA of 3.07, SAT score of at least 1150 on the 1600 scale (as their 25th percentile), and 1330 on the 1600 scale ( as their 75th percentile). ACT scores of 28 and above, February ( fall semester), and September 15th (spring semester) are the application deadlines for transfer students. There is a seek transfer club that helps transfer students to review CUNY hunter’s requirements for their transfer, understand the transfer policies, integrate participants to CUNY hunter college, to provide counseling platform, tutorial opportunities, and any help services according to prospective applicant’s interest. An applicant in the following categories is considered a transfer student:

An applicant that is a graduand of a college or university

An applicant seeking a second undergraduate degree

A non-degree applicant that seeks an undergraduate degree

General requirements for a CUNY Hunter degree

  • A student must complete interdisciplinary studies with half of the credits
  • A residence student at cuny hunter must complete at least 30 credits
  • A complete at least half of their major credit
  • A student must have a complete minor credit or half of it

Transfer Requirements

  1. Cuny application fee:- The application fee for cuny hunter college is $70.00, and it is nonrefundable.
  2. Cuny Minimum GPA:- The minimum GPA for cuny Hunter transfer applicants is 3.07, even though there is a GPA requirement for a transfer student, the GPA is not transferable. The only GPA acceptable or transferable is the GPA from cuny hunter college.
  3. Cuny assessment tests:- Every applicant’s proficiency is tested based on the standard tests available. SAT at 25th percentile of 1150 ( with 580 from the mathematical section and  570 from the reading and writing section), 75th percentile of 1330 (with 680 from the mathematical section, and 650 from the reading and writing section) ACT score of 28, and above, prior English or math exam, and NYS Regent’s exam. Here is the analysis for the minimum score required by Cuny Hunter College
  4. Official transcripts:- All transcripts from previously attended schools must be forwarded. The applicant’s are encouraged not to omit any aspect of their educational history, because omission can lead to a 5-year bar from CUNY colleges and Hunter college. An applicant who does not have electronic mail should mail the transcripts to the UAPC post office box listed under the “University Admissions Office Address” section of Step 3 at A situation where electronic mail is not available for the applicant, use the  students should send their transcripts to CUNY Admissions at:
  5. Application essay:-  Essay is optional in the admission process, three essay questions should be answered if an applicant is interested in writing one. Applicants have 250 to 600 words to explain their achievements and say something about themselves.
  6. Cuny interview:- After the completion of the applicant’s transcript, evaluation by the admission unit of the college, the college will contact you for advising, orientation, and registration at cuny hunter college for the semester. During this period every applicant is allowed to meet with an advisor

More Information

A transfer student should list their intended majors in the application, credit transfer evaluation is available for only students who have been admitted and have determined to attend cuny hunter college.

CUNY hunter credit transfer policy

Not all credit is transferable to cuny hunter college, Students who were part of the College program at their high school will automatically be reviewed for course credit, but if applicants take a noncuny college course in high school transcript is needed to be forwarded. Here are the criteria for transfer of credit to cuny hunter

  • An applicant who completed the advanced placement (AP) course with a grade of 4
  • The previous college of the applicant must be regionally accredited
  • The courses must be similar in scope
  • They must be college-level courses
  • For associate degree-granting institutions, 70 credits can be transferred.
  • For a baccalaureate degree granting institution, 90 credits can be transferee applicant who has completed the college-level examination program (CLEP) with specified scores.

CUNY hunter’s unacceptable coursework

Medical professional training, police study, pharmacological, EMT training, non-nursing CUNY courses, remedial courses, secretarial courses, firemen study, office technology courses, Developmental courses, freshmen orientation course, hospitality management, experience courses, and many more.

International Applicants

  1. Applicants must complete the online application
  2. International students will provide TOEFL, PTE, IELTS, or Duolingo test scores in addition to the general requirements expected of the resident applicants. The following requirements are expected of an international transfer student:
  3. Applicant must complete payment of fees ( registration fee of  $35, Placement test fee of $25, and application fee of $175.
  4. Financial statements:-  Applicant must provide a bank statement from a sponsor with a minimum balance of $22,500 ( bank statement must ve in English and can be mailed in PDF format), Affidavit of support form, Proof of income, and Sponsor’s Letter in English.
  5. Applicant must provide a copy of F-1 visa
  6. Applicant must provide an I-20 form of three pages of all schools attended in the United States.
  7. Applicant must provide a copy of the I-94 arrival stamp.


In conclusion, to transfer into Cuny hunter college, applicants must meet all the requirements listed above, cuny hunter college always make sure that the proper transfer credit is awarded that is why no educational history should be omitted. CUNY Hunter College has decided not to use SAT or ACT for admission processes for the 2022 Fall semester and 2023 Spring semester. But SAT and ACT are part of educational history therefore, applicants should still present their scores where necessary.

Frequently Asked Question

Can an international student apply for transfer into cuny hunter University?

International students can transfer to CUNY Hunter college provided they meet the expected requirements.

What is a baccalaureate degree?

A Baccalaureate degree is an undergraduate academic program. A Baccalaureate degree is used interchangeably with a bachelor’s degree

What is the difference between SUNY colleges and CUNY colleges?

SUNY ( State University of New York) schools are found in New York State while CUNY ( The City University of New York) schools are found in New York city

What does SEEK mean?

SEEK is an acronym for Search for Education Elevation and Knowledge