Community College Social Life

Everyone has the dream to spend a memorable college life with lots of friends and social gatherings. However, some colleges are different from others; for instance, community colleges are in many ways different from four-year schools. The big difference between the two is the small strength in class and fewer social activities in community colleges. Let us see how social life will be at Community college.

Community College Social Life

Community College Social Life

Some other differences between community colleges and four-year institutions are low tuition fees, nearly available campuses, shorter programs, fewer sports events, short class strength and lack of extracurricular activities in community colleges. Therefore, in community college, you cannot attend class in lecture halls because small rooms with a capacity of 20 students are available for students. Due to these reasons, many students are afraid to take admitted to community colleges because the chances of social life are limited here. In this article, you will get awareness about how to improve social life at community college. In the meantime, you will come to know that social life in community college is not as bad as you have heard about it.

Comparison between community and four-year colleges

Apart from academic pursuits, students of four-year colleges or universities have unique social experiences. If you compare the two, you can see the rigid values, rules and regulations in community colleges. They have limited extra-curricular and co-curricular chances for students. They lack the students’ houses, halls and cafeterias, other college events that are considered necessary to make friends and relationships, as well as spots teams and large-scale mega-events, are less in number in community colleges. However, some other reasons make the social life of community colleges different from that of four-year colleges. Some of these are:

  1. Inexpensive education
  2. College size 
  3. Reflection of the local community
  4. Social life and leadership
  5. Lack on-campus life
  6. Be open to the selection process  

1. Inexpensive education

Community colleges are considered the best options to provide you with an inexpensive education and aim to make you well-equipped with some kind of skills. It provides education as well as skills within a low budget to those who can’t afford high college expenses. After taking admitted to a community college, you can apply for a transfer to a four-year institution. However, social gatherings and club activities are limited, the reason behind this is the affordability due to the low budget in community colleges.

2. College size 

One of the big differences between community colleges and four-year institutions’ social life depends on the size of enrollment of the students. Students in community schools are limited in numbers. Therefore, they have a limited social circle, while in four-year colleges you can find more same-minded people because of the large number of enrollments. But this can be seen that in small colleges and universities, students have a strong bond because they know each other by their names. Their professors know students’ performance personally because students are few. Here professors call them by their names and can give attention to all in class. 

3. Reflection of the local community

All colleges have their distinctive values and culture, but it seems in community colleges that they are the best reflection of their local community. Students of community college come to attend classes, spend some time and then leave. For instance, students of rehabilitative health sciences are a bit older and often come at night after working during the day. This experience is different from the four-year institution where you spend most of your time at college and have a big social life. But it does not mean that learning in community college is not good. The best part of it is the friendly relationship between students and teachers and the way teachers encourage you and guide you to achieve your future goal is remarkable. Therefore, see your choices and don’t worry to take admission to community college. 

4. ​ Social life and leadership

As it is said that college life enhances the qualities of leadership through students’ participation in co-curricular activities. Some activities like curricular and co-curricular activities and community involvement develop the growth of students’ personalities and provide an environment for professional growth. Although four-year college students get more opportunities due to their excessive need, community colleges also offer activities for the leadership development growth of their students. Some renowned community colleges like Estrella Mountain Community College specifically mentioned in their curriculum that it provides a suitable environment for leadership development growth. It offers services like childcare assistance or discount bus passes also.

5. Lack of on-campus Life

Another reason for less social life in community colleges is the lack of on-campus housing. Hence, students have less access to campuses and travel back to their classes. Therefore, students are unable to enjoy social events, sports events, dining services, club events and other campus-related activities. To fulfil the demand of campus life, most community colleges like Nassau Community College makes many clubs and organizations. Its administration follows some steps to prevent student’s transferring to four-year colleges. It claims that more than 35 clubs are associated with the professional, social and cultural aspects of campus life. Here students can join any club of their interest and even the college facilitates them to start a new club of their interest. Students’ fear of missing social life in community college can be overcome through these useful steps. 

6. Be open in the selection process

Choosing an appropriate college is a difficult process for students and some students are more careful in the selection process. However, it is seen that students who are more choosy and careful about the selection of college have a less healthy self-image. These types of students are mostly less social and cannot adjust everywhere. They may have a negative impact and cannot achieve their future goals. So be open to choosing a college and select it according to your status without having fear of the college name. Therefore, be confident when you are taking admission to community college. You can build your personality and can improve your social life if you are positive anywhere. It is also a fact that nowadays many students prefer to get a degree from online institutes without going to the campus. As online students miss the opportunities for the social life of college, it does not mean that they are not skilful. They can get jobs on the bases of their learning and skills. Therefore, physical appearance in college is not necessary and you can develop your personality traits without attending the social life of the college. 

Advantages of social life in college

Nowadays, many community colleges give wonderful services and activities to their students. They aim to involve their students in social, academic and cultural life through extracurricular activities. As most students get transfer to the four- year colleges, therefore most community college administrations are working to provide an attractive social life to their students to decrease their fear. For instance, the NCC campus of community college claims to arrange the best quality, free or low-cost events and programs. They aim to provide an active social life for their students. Similarly, it depends on you how you start a conversation with your fellows and make friends. You may have a good social gathering with your friends in a community college if you are fearless of being embarrassed to start a conversation with others. Even if you are a student in a four-year college and you are not confident enough to participate in club activities or to start a conversation with others, you will have a non-social life. Nonetheless, it depends on you how much potential you have for making friends and enjoying student activities. It does not depend on the age, social status and the name of your college. 


Many students have some doubts that they cannot enjoy the social life in community college. Although community colleges are less expensive and work for students with a limited budget, still it is a miscalculation that there is no social life in community colleges. Though community colleges arrange a few extracurricular activities for their students still you have good socialization there. Less strength in class makes you well connected with every classmate and you have good friendly terms with your teachers also. With the increased need for extracurricular activities for the development of personality, many community colleges are trying to focus on social activities. They encourage on-campus activities and arrange support events and other club events etc. In short, you can join community college and develop your personality growth without any fear of less social life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to maintain a social life in college?

Social life in college means the life of students having social and club activities. Socialization is the process of making friends and expanding your social circle through college events. Therefore, good social life helps you to share your problems and study matters with friends.

  1. Why it is tough to make friends in community college?

As it is hard to make a friend as you get older. As an adult, it seems difficult to approach someone and start a conversation and make him a friend. Therefore, people struggle in community college to make friends.