College Freshman Top Gift Ideas

College, the most exciting, scary and real experience of the life, for college students anyway, so whenever someone goes off to college there may be times they will be missing you and what better way to make them something to always keep them smiling and that something can be “Gifts”. Let’s learn about ‘College Freshman Top Gift Ideas’.

College Freshman Top Gift Ideas

College Freshman Top Gift Ideas

Top gift ideas for the college students to remind them of their close ones.

Whether it’s for your daughter/son moving to a new city and about to begin a new chapter in their life or be it your best friend or your little siblings and even though they are annoying, perhaps a little something to remember you by would be a good idea. Down below are some of the things they will definitely appreciate and keep with them and some of them are practical too, so they can actually use it in their hectic and life changing college schedule and would thank you even more for it.

Let’s look at the list now: College Freshman Top Gift Ideas

1. An alarm clock 

What better way for a college student to start their day on the right foot, and that is not being late for class and get the time to clean up and have a full breakfast before the day is spent running around the campus and going to different classes. Gift a student an alarm clock which also has some other feature such as a night lamp clock would even be better and whoever you plan to gift it to would keep you in high regards indefinitely.

Q. Does it matter if the gift is expensive or cheap?

A. Truly, it is as said “that it is the thought that counts” and really any college student can tell you that a gift from friends and family is special and that it really doesn’t matter as long as it has some sort of emotional value attached to it or a practical one. Of course, we all wish for gifts that are more useful in our day-to-day lives, rather than a gift that takes up storage space and sits there. So keep in mind the practicality and the sentiment while picking and giving a gift.

2. Wireless or wired headphones with minimal outside noise

This may be one of the best gift to give to a going away students, especially if they are planning to live in a dorm room. These can be a lifesaver for students and most of them would agree that headphones with noise cancelation are a must, especially when they are in a bad mood and want to lift their spirits a bit or cool down or just want some peace while studying without the ongoing chatter of the people all around.

A few things to keep in mind while giving headphones

• Pick out something that is foldable, as students like to carry it with them if they plan a sleepover, or maybe they have a travel trip for college and need a time with music therapy on the way.

•whenever you plan to buy a headphone, remember that either it is something comfortable around their ears, as there might be long hours of studying sessions, and they would need something that doesn’t irritate their ears or something takes the focus off of their work.

•If your budget allows, buy wireless one that can also be used as wired headphones, so there’s no wire hassle but if they run out of battery they can just plug it in and can continue as if nothing happened, and they wouldn’t lose their focus.

3. Laptop 

No need to mention how much a student would appreciate a laptop since they will have long tiring assignments and of course notes and other essential study material and important ones, so they can keep all the essentials at one place in the laptop, so there’s also no hassle to keep forgetting their notebooks somewhere or important material getting lost right before an assignment or exam. So a perfect gift, hassle-free and very useful too.

4. Stun gun 

Nowadays, crimes rates have gone up very drastically, and it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to be ready just in case you encounter a thief or an off the street criminal. This is also true for students, many cases have been reported in and off campus where a student coming to their dorm room or apartment late at night got mugged or even worse. A stun gun would be a perfect gift, especially if that close one is going to another state or even another country to pursue their education.

5. Lights with photo clippers

One thing about college which is special are the memories and this gift is particularly for students who like to keep photos of their favorite memories whether it be for the rest of the college years till graduation or memories with their loved ones that they moved away from. 

How is it useful?

1.      Well, there are a lot of uses for these fairy lights, first whoever you gift it to they can put it up on a wall in their dorm room or in their apartment, so they can put up those pictures with an aesthetic fix to their room.

2.      Secondly, it really makes them miss you more and give comfort to them whenever they are going through something rough or just homesickness, it adds a sentimental value to their life which is in anyone’s opinion is the best gift a student can hope for especially when they have to move away to their college and away from their old friends and family.


So the list ends here, and the ideas mentioned above are all practical and would make for great gifts for your college freshman student. Some of these are expensive, but some are very cheap and some are affordable but whether they are high in price or not. All of these gifts would greatly be appreciated by the person you plan to give it to, and they would remember you for all the time that they spend in their college years and sometimes even after that, after all it’s the sentiment and the care to give a gift in the first place that matters, and they would be all for it so go ahead and try these ideas.