Choosing A Sorority

A Sorority simply means a group of people whose intentions are to spread friendship and this is completely an emotional decision. You must be very careful while selecting a sorority. A good sorority must make you feel comfortable, support you and share the same feelings for each other. Let us know more detail about ‘Choosing A Sorority’.

Choosing A Sorority

Choosing A Sorority

it is an organization within the college campus that has its own goals, expectations, rules, and hopes. They have qualities that fit with the qualities of one another in the group. Every member of this organization has the same sort of academic achievements, campus activity interests, and participation in the community. When students start college newly, then they like to join a sorority or fraternity because it helps them, students, to give some space to make friendships and bonds. 

It is a great step in deciding on a sorority group. It is a feeling of sisterhood or what we can call a brotherhood. This helps students a lot in keeping away stress of the students. They do share their views, knowledge, friendship, and efforts. They together learn things and grow with the fellows. They do support each other in their work and their relationship lives for sometimes a lifetime. 

Best ways to Choose the perfect sorority

1. Research before joining any sorority group:

it is so important for you to do proper research before joint the sorority. It is a very basic and essential step to do. You could choose a group that holds morals and focuses on positivity, then it will lead to a successful time in college. We should also look at the alumni to see that this sorority group is contributing to making society better. 

If you are a member of a notorious sorority, then the party will lead professors and make them have false assumptions about you. It does not see you individually but as a member of the group. 

2. Look for like-mindedness:

if you want to face good things at the time of college, you have to look at a group of like-minded people who will make your college experience better instead of making it worse. You need the right support at that time and this is not a thing to be taken for granted, so do not take it lightly. You have to give time to think about which values you need from your friends and then choose them. 

What qualities do you need in your group, you have to realize them, and after you got that realization, then you should start looking into your friend circle for those qualities and traits in the rush process. 

You have to see again that these are the kind of people that you were wanting and if they value you then you can also value them. Choosing the right one means that you should have to ask the correct questions about the qualities you need and find did they complete those or not. 

3. Considering legacy benefits:

when your parents were in school and they are a part of the sorority group, and if you become a part of the same sorority group, there are chances that you will get several benefits from that. This means that you’re continuing the legacy of the family sorority. But first, you must search about that and find whether these rules applied to your present campus or not. Also, search about the benefits or provide to you now. 

If your parents are a part of that group then you need not be a part of the same group because it is not compulsory to share the same group which your family does. You can choose a different one whom you think is a better match to your values, beliefs, wants, and needs. You should join it according to you and do not feel bad to leave the legacy group because that does not suit you.

4. Seek for emphasis on diversity:

when you enter a college the time for exploration and experimentation starts. You face new challenges by getting out yourself of your comfort zone. A college is a place that helps you to develop yourself as an individual. It is good to find a sorority where the people do match your thinking but you can also search for diversity in these factors. 

If you look for diversity and changes in the traits and different cultural backgrounds, it will help you to learn new things from different angles other than what you think. Accepting these challenges and moving forward with them helps you to grow and become a person with an improved and better personality. 

5. Consider the financial obligation:

when you decide to join a sorority group always think about the budget and the financial obligation. All have their dues, so before joining any sorority you must know about their dues pending to be a part of it. Each member of the sorority group does pay their fees each semester and you have to make sure your budget is your financial status sufficient to pay for the sorority cost. 

So before joining any sorority group you must confirm the fees and rent and the cost of being a member of that sorority group. So, you should choose it according to your financial condition. 

6. Do inquiry about the chapter events:

making events is the one of tasks of a sorority group and they throw such events in a whole year from time to time. You can see these in the groups if you have some interest in events. 

You should take initiative on your own and ask the group members about the events they host and what work they do for their sorority. This a question you should include but the whole decision could not depend upon these events. 

7. Your decision should be mutual:

when you enter any sorority group do make sure before joining that the decision is taken mutually. Do not keep that thing in your mind that the decision was not mutual. If you are not included in the group for the first time that means that there is a specific reason that maybe you are not like that group out that was not a mutual decision to add you to that sorority. 

So do not worry that you should be a member of that group that mutually wants you to be a part of them. 

8. Try to come out of your comfort zone:

if you are searching for a sorority that looks like you and is similar then it is not what you should want exactly. You should not look for similar group members who same thoughts as you. But you should search for those whose ideas are different and where you can experience new things and learn something new. Do not search inwards of your comfort zone. Look for people having different backgrounds and a sorority that includes members from all walks and stages of life.

9. Do ask what the particular sorority will give you:

when you decide to join a sorority, there are several benefits it offers. You must know about the benefits that they are offering you. Some are the sororities that do focus on college study and help you with that whereas other sororities do focus on life beyond college or after college ends. Some will help you to engage in extracurricular and leadership topics also. 

When you begin your career, this will help you a lot. So before selecting the right sorority search about the benefits it can give to you. You can ask them questions about the benefits it provides to you. 

10. Focus on the expectations and intentions of the sorority:

when you become a part of a group then it is obvious that participation is very important. When you became a part of it then you would likely start expecting from your members. You start noticing the importance, attendance, and other expectations related to the task and the event. 

Before becoming a part of it do not forget to inquire about the sorority and its values, beliefs, expectations from you, and what they expect from you. Learn about their intentions they made you a member of their group. 


as we have study about it that choosing the right sorority needs many factors to focus on. They include their nature, rules, interest, their finance, legacy, like-mindedness, events, and many other factors. Before becoming a part of it study in deep about the community because then you become a part of that group that becomes your identity. The career also depends upon it.

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. How can we know that we are a part of the right sorority?

You can know about it by focusing on some issues such as first learning about the mission of the sorority. if you have the same mission then it is okay. Then search their mind structure, kinds of communities, and their dues. If you feel comfortable with all these then you are going right.

  1. Which are the coolest and most amazing sororities?

Some sororities are world-famous and well-known for their contribution to the university. Here are some of these:

  • Kappa alpha theta
  • Delta sigma theta
  • Alpha delta pi
  • Phi mu
  • Zeta tau alpha
  • Alpha chi omega
  • Alpha omicron pi