Central Michigan University Admission Requirements And GPA

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It is crucial to make the right choice of school when you want to further your studies, to ensure you make the right decision on which school is best for you, it will be proper not only the academic curriculum you should put into consideration the study environment, extracurricular activities, societies, teaching pattern, and facilities provided by the university to aid your learning.   

Central Michigan University Admission Requirements And GPA

Central Michigan University is one of the prestigious institutes of education in America. Established in 1892, the university has up to 250,000 students online and present on its Mount Pleasant campus, Central Michigan University has an undergraduate program, and graduate programs and admits both citizens and international students. Seeking admission into Central Michigan University involves a seamless process designed to select the right candidate for the school, there are different admission requirements for admitting Undergraduates, Graduates, and International Students, a successful applicant must have gone through high school, and if you are an international student you should possess certification of similar grade, meet the GPA criteria, must be a graduate for those seeking graduate admission, and can afford the application fee or be eligible for financial aid, you have to prove that you are cognitively sound to get into CMU.

Central Michigan University Admission Requirements And GPA

Undergraduate Admission Requirement  

CMU adopts a uniform criterion for all freshmen, and the admission process flows in the below order  

  • Ensure you meet the criteria  
  • Draft your application  
  • Payment for the application fee  
  • Send your official transcript  
  • Submission of test score (optional)  

Ensure you meet the Criteria: Central Michigan University has a more flexible screening process than other universities, but they pay careful attention to GPA, high school courses, and ACT/SAT scores. The GPA criteria to get into CMU is 3.54. they have announced that the test score for the 2022 admission process is optional, the school have some recommendation about a course that students are encouraged to offer;  

  1. English 4 years 
  2. Mathematics 4 years  
  3. Biological and Physical science 4 years 
  4. History and Social Science 4 years 

They also encourage these additional courses;  

  1. Foreign Language 2 years  
  2. Fine Art Electives 2 years  
  3. Hands-on computer experience 1 year 

Draft your application: admission is awarded on merit starting from the 1st of December, about this, aspirants are expected to submit their application in early August. you can drop your applications directly to https://fireup.cmich.edu/apply/ or apply using the common application https://www.commonapp.org/explore/central-michigan-university.  

Payment for application Fee: aspirants would have to pay 40$ application fee, they are further encouraged to probe their high school guidance and counselor if they qualify for a fee waiver if they are experiencing financial hardship.  

Send your official transcript:

Aspiring students may send an unofficial transcript to gain admission, but for a course to be considered for credit by CMU students should have their official transcript sent to the University by their former school, CMU does not accept copies or hand-delivered transcripts, transcripts must be sent electronically to apply@cmch.edu or mailed to Central Michigan University Transcript Department, 802 Industrial Drive Mount Pleasant, MI 48858.  

Submission of Test Score:

While submitting your test score is optional, it is advisable to do so if the candidate scored high on their SAT or ACT. students seeking admission could compensate for their low GPA with a Higher SAT or ACT score.  

Once a candidate is through drafting their application, CMU would review it and notify the applicant of their decision.  

Graduate Admission Requirement  

Central Michigan University has a personalized graduate program plan in other to accommodate people from all works of life, they have a world-class library, and comfortable classes providing a conducive learning environment. If you want to embark on your graduate education journey with CMU below is how to go about it.  

  • Ensure you meet the criteria  
  • Draft your application  
  • Submit your transcript  
  • submit program extra credentials 

Ensure you meet the criteria: if you are applying for a graduate program at CMU, you are expected to have checked if you meet the criteria which include but are not limited to an accumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.7 and a bachelor’s from an authenticated educational institute in the region.  

Draft your application:

Application for a graduate program is done on the university website, and an aspirant is encouraged to check the application deadline for their program of choice, to complete your application, you would have to pay 50$ the application fee.  

Submit your transcript:

You would have to demand that your transcript be sent directly from your former college to CMU.  

Submit program extra credentials: some courses would need more credentials as part of their criteria like a letter of recommendation, purpose statement, and writing sample. To find out if your program of choice has these requirements visit https://www.cmich.edu/program-finder.  

While drafting an application you are encouraged to make use of https://fireup.cmich.edu/status/ to ensure you submit a complete application. After a careful review of your application, the university will reach out to you with a verdict.  

International Student Admission Requirement  

The international recruitment team at Central Michigan University is at your service, ready to assist international students with their application process. The application criteria and process for international students are the same as the undergraduate and graduate admission, but international students are expected to pass the English proficiency test unless they are from a country where English is a primary means of communication. There are several options to explore when you are ready to take the test which includes but are not limited to TOEFL, ILETS, PTE, Duolingo, and other you can find them here, https://www.cmich.edu/docs/default-source/student-recruitment-and-retention-division/admissions/international/options-for-determining-english-proficiency49f8a0b5-c12a-49bf-a6a9-79aa18f03713.pdf?sfvrsn=7e84f57a_6. If an applicant fails to reach the minimum score required to gain admission, they can still be admitted in the university English Language Institute.  

Files and other materials required for admission should be submitted directly to the international admission office unless instructed otherwise. Central Michigan University, Attn: Application Processing, 802 Industrial Drive Mount Pleasant, MI 48858, USA, or mailed to isr@cmich.edu


Central Michigan University offers a great learning experience to students with a diverse student community, 400 student organizations, 227 labs on campus, mentorship programs, and integration of technology into student daily life. The school does not only prepare students for academic excellence but also prepares them for real-life experiences outside academics.  

Frequently Asked Questions?  
  • I applied to CMU but did not gain admission. Will my application fee be refunded?  

Answer; No, the admission application fee is not refundable in instances of denial.  

  • I previously applied to CMU but never finished my application. I was told I must apply again. Do I have to pay the application fee again?  

Answer; Yes, applicants have one year after their application submission date to complete an application. After one year, your application expires, and you must reapply and pay the appropriate fee again.  

  • I was dismissed from CMU, but I want to come back to finish my degree. Do I need to submit a new application and fee?  

Answer; Undergraduate students who were dismissed and have not attended in the last three years or more should submit a new application. you would not pay another application fee, but there may be other fees associated with re-enrolling. Make sure to send transcripts from every college you have attended since your time at CMU with your application.  

 Students dismissed that have attended in the last three years do not need to submit a new application or pay the application fee. Check with Academic Advising and Assistance for more information.