Can You Have Fish In College Dorms?

A dorm is usually a residential apartment made for students, where sleeping and other basic facilities for a living are available. The word is derived from the Latin word dormitories which means bedroom. Dorms are popular in the USA and provide accommodation to foreign students or students living far from the college. While packing your stuff for shifting to the dorm, many students feel gloomy about leaving their pets behind. So, the first question that strikes their mind is can pets be carried to the college dorm or not. Here we will see about Can you have fish in college dorms?

                    The permission to carry pets or fish to the dorms varies from college to college. Every college has its own rules and regulations regarding what you can bring with you and what you can’t. Usually, most colleges don’t allow you to carry pets that have furry skins and are hairy like dogs, cats, etc. Fish are permitted if the aquarium has a capacity of fewer than 10 gallons. The logic behind fixing this limit is that pets you are carrying with you should not occupy more space in the room as it can disturb other roomies. So, the answer is yes, you can bring fish with you but, in a small size bowl, jar, or aquarium.

Can you have fish in college dorms?

Why prefer Fish over other pets?

  • Occupies Smaller Space – They don’t need much space like other pets to live. They can live in a container as small as a glass Jar, and if you are thinking of a single fish to keep in your room then, 1 gallon of water is sufficient for it to live happily.
  • Beautify the Ambience – Fishes are so attractive and their colorful bodies and feathery fins are so soothing to the sight. They naturally beautify your room, with no need of buying expensive paintings from the market.
  • They are loved by everyone – Not only you, but your roommates will also going to enjoy your fish pet as everybody loves seeing them swim and play.
  • Don’t mess up your room – This is one of the biggest advantages of having a fish. It doesn’t make your room dirty with hair and shit all-around in your room like dogs & cats.
  • They are their own companions – Even if you are busy with your studies and completing homework & projects, they don’t need you to play with or your attention. They can enjoy with alone or with other fishes in the aquarium.
  • Doesn’t make Noise – You can study in calm surroundings and can sleep peacefully at night as they don’t make any disturbing sounds.

Some of the tips on how to take proper care of your fish?

If you own a pet then, taking proper care and maintaining them in good health is solely your responsibility. Pets are not just only to play with you but, they are also living creatures and have the right to live happy and healthy. You can follow these below-mentioned tips to maintain the life of your fish: –

  • Feed them good food – Fish foods are available in the market. Feed them only that and too of good quality.
  • Change the water regularly – No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to change the 1/3rd water of the aquarium regularly. Once a month change the complete water to avoid a foul smell and to prevent fish from getting infected with any leftover food.
  • Don’t overfeed – Feeding once a day is sufficient for fish. Don’t sprinkle unnecessary food in the aquarium. They can get sick from overeating.
  • Maintain the temperature – The water of the aquarium should be maintained at the temperature of the ocean or seawater (72-82 degrees Fahrenheit) to make the fish survive and breathe normally. 
  • Use only clean water – Make sure that the water you are pouring into the fish container is de-chlorinated and free from any germs.
  • Plan your vacations – Don’t forget to make arrangements for your pet during your summer or winter vacations. Either bring them back home with you or ask any of your friends to babysit them while you are far away from them. Otherwise, they will die from hunger or due to polluted water.

What are the other options apart from fish, you can carry as pets?

  • Turtles – Like fishes, turtles make the best option as pets. They are easy to handle and take care of. Being aquatic creatures, they almost have similar characteristics to fishes.
  • Birds – They can be the best substitute for fish as a pet. They are really beautiful and exist in different colors & varieties. If you really want your mornings to feel closer to nature, you should think about this at least once. Their chirping sounds will definitely make your day.
  • Rodents – They are small-sized cuties that can be found in your homes or surroundings. Mice are cute to play with and can fit in your palm. They are low-maintenance animals and also don’t burn a hole in your pocket. They don’t eat much so, it is a cheaper option.
  • Hamsters – These are like balls of fur which you can enjoy watching after your busy day at college. They are not attention seekers and busy themselves chewing toys or the leg of your chair. Pets are really stress-reliever and can change your bad mood into a happy one.
  • To wrap it up, I would only say that certain small-sized animals like fishes, amphibians, and rodents are allowed in college dorms but, carry them only if you are capable of taking responsibility for two people, one is yourself and the other is your pet. Pets are easy to buy and bring but, hard to care for. Better leave them home with your parents.

Another important fact to consider is that you should ask your roomies before carrying any pet to the dorm. As it shows your etiquette and presents you as a responsible person. They may fear certain animals like lizards, rats, etc, and may not be comfortable with your pet. Everybody has different choices and we should respect them. So, make your decision wisely!!