Can You Get Into Stanford With A 3.2 GPA?

Stanford University is one of the lead revolutionary universities of the 21st century. It’s an esteemed school that is known for being selective. Though the application process is lengthy, multifaceted, and requires readiness, the effort you expend applying will be worth your while. Starting with Can You Get Into Stanford With A 3.2 GPA?

Can You Get Into Stanford With A 3.2 GPA?

To get admitted into Stanford University, you must be a hardworking scholar who understands the importance of academic learning, values academic success, and strives for better performance. A prerequisite for this is to have an average GPA of 4.18.

Acceptable GPA at Stanford University

–       Range 1: It is ultimately best to have a GPA of 4.00 to 4.18. This is the highest acceptability range.

–       Range 2: The second range would boast of a slightly lower acceptance rate: 3.5-3.75. 

–       Range 3: This is an average plus/minus range of 3.75 to 3.00. It provides a lower chance but ultimately not the lowest. 

–       Range 4: This range is the lowest chance of acceptance of 3.00 and lower. It’s highly unlikely to get accepted if your GPA falls within this range.

Helpful Tips to Get Accepted into Stanford University

  1. Your performance in high school should be a glimpse into your current and future academic success. Therefore, it’s better to have at least a 4.0 GPA.
  2. Include as many of your extracurricular activities as possible – ranging from internships, projects, certificates, and awards.
  3. Make sure you are aligned with the deadlines and well into completing your application on time.
  4. Ensure that your GPA falls between 4.18 and 3.95 for best results and likelihood of acceptance. Ensure your SAT score ranges from 1430 to 1500 (700 reading + 730 math). 

 Stanford’s Concerns

Stanford cites the three main principles needed to pass the selection process: “academic excellence, intellectual vitality, and personal context”. They seek top academic performers, regardless of race, ethnicity, and other social demographics. It is one of the top five universities that prioritize intellectual curiosity, stellar academic performance, work ethic, readiness, and drive. 

Stanford Funding

Stanford offers funds to students, regardless of need. You will be given one if you request a scholarship, even if it’s your final year of study.

Preparation Process

There is much more than just sending grades through an application. You must compile all the work, extracurricular or not, that you’ve done throughout the years; prepare your essay eloquently and impressively; strengthen your recommendations; demonstrate your belonging in the institution; pay heed to deadlines and strive to get accepted. 

Note: If you get called for an interview, do not bring transcripts or official data. It’s better to dress formally and be yourself since the interview is an informal conversation to get to know you better. Ask yourself questions before you go. Typical ones would be: what are my goals? What would I like to learn more about Stanford? What makes me unique out of all the prospective applicants? Why should I get accepted?

How Can I Strengthen My Profile?

You could supply your profile with extracurriculars, awards, projects, certificates, etc. It’s beneficial to add all your work outside of academic success to portray your potential and showcase your intellectual curiosity and readiness to perform. Moreover, your essay is a valued asset. It speaks volumes about you so make sure to write it eloquently and creatively, free of errors and grammatical mistakes. 

Is It Hard to Get into Stanford?

Being an Ivy League school, Stanford is quite difficult to get into relative to other universities with an acceptance rate of just 4%.


It’s safe to say that Stanford University is one of the more demanding, high-profile, and selective schools. You cannot get in with a 3.2 GPA, or it’s uncommon, but don’t let this discourage you. With the right preparation and readiness on other aspects of your application, including but not limited to academic success, you may well get accepted to pursue your esteemed degree at Stanford University.

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the lowest accepted GPA at Stanford?

The lowest GPA accepted into Stanford was 3.96 points. 

What does Stanford care about?

Stanford pays attention to your application essay, recommendations, extracurricular activities, GPA, and standardized test scores. 

Does Stanford look at freshman year?

Stanford does not focus on freshman year when evaluating the prospective pool of applicants. 

Can I get into Stanford without extracurricular activities?

This is highly uncommon. However, what’s reassuring is that you don’t need several activities – you need just a few/one that shows your initiative and differentiates you from the pool of applicants.

Do I have to be interviewed?

No, you don’t. Only 10 percent of applicants are given the interview option. It solely depends on the current pool of applicants and the volunteers available/at capacity to interview students.