Can You Get Into Baruch With a 3.0 GPA?

Can You Get Into Baruch With a 3.0 GPA?

Getting into college is one of the toughest aspects of life. When your GPA isn’t up to the requirements of the school, there is a very low chance of you being admitted.We will see can you get into Baruch with a 3.0 GPA or not in this article.


   Baruch who is known as CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College is located in Manhattan and it is a city University in New York, which is also a public college, which majorly operates in undergraduate and postgraduates programs.

 The minimum GPA of Baruch College is 3.3, getting a low GPA of 3.0 will reduces your chances of getting into the school. It has a very high competitive standard, and other requirements such as SAT and ACT can be taken into consideration if submitted.

What is GPA?

 GPA which is also known as Grade Point Average, it is between 1.0- 4.0. It is the average grade of the sub total of your scores. GPA is needed when going for your Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree, scholarships programs, jobs, or any other degree you are going for.

Most people admitted into Baruch have an average GPA of B+ a GPA of 3.3, low GPA reduces your chances of getting into college, and applying for your dream job when your grades are required.

How to calculate GPA

GPA can be calculated by multiplying your grade point with your credit hours, thereby, dividing the sum, total of your grade point with your credit hours. Example is as follows:


Divide the total number of your grade point by your credit hours

31 divided by 10 = 3.1 GPA

There are some that do not use credit hours. Divide your total grade point by the total number of your courses.

Example is as follows:


The total of the courses offered is 4

 Total of grade points 11 divided by 4 = 2.75 GPA

Number of courses

Your GPA is the first thing to be taken into consideration when applying to Baruch college.

How can you get a good GPA?

Study/ Attend classes: Try to put in your best effort to study, always attend questions, and avoid being the lazy type.

∙Attend extra classes: There are some things which are not taught in the lecture room that you can get when you attend extra class or summer classes. Try and find some time to attend if you want your grade to be okay. If your grades are high, the chances of you being admitted will be high.

∙Ask questions/ study in groups: Ask questions when you don’t understand, also study in groups. Group effort will help to boost up your grades. You tend to exchange questions and find answers to them.

How does Baruch Admission process works?

Baruch has a very high competitive standard, only those who well and has a high GPA are most likely to get in.Other requirements are also taken during the process, requirements like SAT and ACT. You can also improve your chances of getting into Baruch by submitting recommendation letter, your extracurricular activities and an application essay. Read on to know better;

What is SAT?

SAT which is the full meaning of Scholastic Assessment Test is a test which is written to measure the student readiness for college. It is accepted by most schools, and international students. SAT comprises of;

∙ Reading

∙Math which comprises of two sections (calculator and the no calculator)

∙ Essay (which is optional)

∙ Writing and Language

The Reading aspect: It is the first second of the test and is based on Science, Literary and History or Social Studies. The time applied to it is 65minutes for a total of 52 questions, and it is associated with 5 passages (75seconds per question).

The Math (no calculator): It is a 25minute test with just 20 questions, and it shorter.The first 15 questions are standard multiple choice, and the final 5 questions are grid in (75 seconds per question)

Math calculator: This aspect is longer, and you are permitted to use calculator.There are 38 questions in this section which times limit of 55minutes (87 seconds per question) 

The writing and Language: This is the second section of the test with a time limit of 35minutes and a total of 44 questions. It consists of four passages and covers topics in the aspect of science, humanities, history, social sciences, and career fields. 

The Essay test (optional): It is a 50minutes in one essay, and the final section of the test.  

What is ACT?

ACT which is also knows as American College Test is a standard test taken to measure your readiness for college. It is grouped into: Mathematical aspect, Reading, Science, English and optional writing essay. An international student that wants to apply for college will have to register the exam online.

∙The mathematical test comprises of 60minutes with a total sum of 60questions.

∙ The reading test which is a comprehensive reading consists of 40questions with a time limit of 35minutes.

∙The English test comprises of 75questions, with a time limit of 45minutes.

∙The Science test is made up of 40questions with a time limit of 35minutes, and it is mostly related to natural science.

∙The writing test (essay), and it is optional, it is a one essay with time limit of 40minutes.

Recommendation Letters

Baruch does not accept recommendation letters from family and friends. The letters should be a professional letter gotten from the recommenders in the school. The school looks at your recommendation letter to know you better, your personal goals and the challenges and experiences you’ve gone through.

Extracurricular activities: Your activities and what you’ve done in the past, and how you write about it can also increase your chances.


Your chances of getting into Baruch with a 3.0 GPA aren’t high enough because of the competitive standard of the school, and they tend to accept fewer students with high grade. Baruch does not require SAT test, but it will be considered if submitted. Baruch takes the highest ACT score test of the multiple which was taken by the student. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How can my GPA reduces my chances of getting into Baruch?


Due to the high competiveness of the school, and how they only accept few students, low GPA will make or chances lesser, and you may eventually not be admitted.

2. Can my letter of recommendation come from my parent?


Baruch do not accept letter of recommendation from parents, they accept professional letters, either from your counselor or teacher.