Can You Get an Extension on a College Application?

Every year many students wish to apply to the colleges of their choice. However, there come multiple problems with college applications as different colleges have different criteria for the application process. Students opt for an extension on college applications to have some more time regarding formalities for the applications. Here we will see about Can You Get an Extension on a College Application?

You always have an option of asking for an extension for college application. It gives you more time to understand the terms and conditions and prepare the required documents for the applications. Many students opt to get extensions on college applications when they are waiting for the results of better colleges to be out first.

Can You Get an Extension on a College Application?


Students ask for extension on college application when they realize that they will not be able to meet the deadlines. There are many ways for requesting extensions on college applications. You have to meet certain criteria to get the extensions. You have to talk to your supervisor and discuss the situation. You need to seek out advice from him related to what you should do next. Often, students do not have a valid reason for their request for extensions on their college applications. However, if you give a valid reason for your request, you may get the extensions as per your requirements.

Students are confused about how many days extensions should be asked them from the college. Students should never ask for extensions for more than three days. If you do so the professors might trouble you for a whole semester as it creates a bad impression upon the authorities. You better prove to the authorities o the professor in charge that you are working on the problems that lead you to ask for extensions. You can submit a good request letter requesting the extensions in your dates for submission of the college applications. 

What are how one can request extensions?

There are many ways in which you can ask for extensions on college applications. You can write it down as an application on paper and give it to your professor in charge. You can also mail the problem to your professor in charge. You can reach out to the college and directly talk to the authorities at the college. You can fax or call the person in charge. Online extension application forms are also available for some of the colleges. Students who need to get an extension on dates can fill out the form(if available) from the websites of the colleges. 

How to ask for an extension on paper?

You can write it down to the authorities on paper and hand it over to the authorities via post or by yourself. Keep a few things in mind while writing down to the college for requesting extensions. We provide you with a few tips below:

  • Do not twist and turn things. Come to the point and accept that you will not be able to apply on time. Mention the statement of your inability to apply on time straightly. 
  • Mention the facts to support your statements concerning the first point.
  • Request it straightly. Ask for the favour to extend the dates for submission of the applications. You do not need to make stories regarding your inability to apply on time.
  • Explain but do not exaggerate. Tell the professor in charge about the reason for your inability to apply on time but do not go too deep into it. This may irritate the reader. 
  • Do not make any excuses.
  • Set a new date for submission of the application from your side. 
  • Do not extend the dates more than three days from your side. 
  • Present the new date as a request and not as an order. 
  • While you finish the paper, do not forget to say thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience. 

How to ask for an extension on email?

In emails, you can ask for extensions in the same way as you would ask on paper just a few tips which you need to keep in mind are:

  • Decide to write a mail as soon as you think you need an extension without delay.
  • Be clear about when you can submit your application.
  • Mention the proofs of your progress while you are preparing for the application in the email.
  • Keep the reason for being late very specific.
  • Show them how much dedication you are working on your application via mail.
  • Show gratitude for the support.

Frequently asked questions

  • In what cases would I need extensions?

Cases like: inability to collect all documents on time, waiting for the priority college’s result to be out, etc.

  • Can I go and talk to the college authorities personally about the extension?

If you know someone there already, you can go and approach directly to them.

  • How many days will it take for my request to get approved?

It usually takes 2-3 days for the authorities to answer your request.