Can you get a College Scholarship for Esports?

To know can you get a college scholarship foer Esports… on this article…!


Esports, brief for electronic sports, is a sport played and watched online. It is organized by team-based video gamers with couches and competing arenas, just like all traditional sports ( This trend also ensued in societies, clubs, institutions, associations, and scholarships to scout and develop the finest E-gamer. Yes, esports nowadays offers college scholarships. This article will explain what esports are, which colleges offer esports grants, and how to get them.

Can you get a College Scholarship for Esports?

Can you get a College Scholarship for Esports?

Evidence shows that esports has existed for almost a decade. Various esports teams are co-ed, with men dominating though women are slowly joining the arena . Esports formally developed into a recognized sport in the early 90s. Today it is a billion-dollar industry with millions of people participating as either spectators or competitors while major tournaments are televised. These days colleges and universities are scouting esports gamers to join their ranks. The sport is not recognized by the Olympic committee as much as it is not formally made available as a legitimate high school varsity level entry sport. Organized competitions such as the high school esports league offer students a platform to engage in esports competition and tie their commitment to gaming their success into college. Students are now able to receive scholarships and get paid to play esports. More than 30 U.S. colleges and universities offer full or partial scholarships to gamers, while the NACE sponsors about 31 esports scholarship sports programs and is the first college to sponsor a women’s varsity team.

It is regarded that scholarships help give esports credibility to U.S high schools. While state athletics and associations are slow to move on esports, colleges and state universities giving esports scholarships to high schoolers have grown significantly in the U.S. College recruiters scout major tournaments to invite potential students for a paid scholarship to their institutions. The world of digitalization and esports is changing the world. Online tournaments are the recruiter’s arena. You just need to play in certain tournaments and score high in their games. to get a scholarship. 

Esports tournaments having scholarships

As a competitive sport that is worth billions of dollars and has tens of followers, esports has developed to offer some of the amazing competitions that attract gamers all over the world. Esports was projected to be an industry worth $1.5 billion by 2020, and this has led to gaming companies investing in high school computer labs, supporting the expansion of college and professional scenes for gamers, designers, managers, marketers, and data analysts to capture ground support. Esports tournament prizes range from $35,000 to $100.000.

Top five famous esports games played in college:

  • League of legends
  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • Hearthstone
  • Counter-st

The top five college esports teams:

  • Harrisburg University of science and technology.
  • Ashland University.
  • University of Texas at Dallas.
  • Maryville University Esports Participation Award, the grant is $2.000
  • The University of Ut University

Recruitment for esports

If you are interested in playing in competitive esports tournaments and perhaps obtaining a scholarship, you sure need an esports recruiter, but who or what is an esports recruiter? Esports recruiters are representatives of their esports teams and college coaches, who monitor major tournaments and evaluate prospects who have submitted their recruiting forms. With U.S colleges already offering more than 175 esports programs recognized by the NACE. Recruiters look to invite potential students for a partial or full scholarship. Various requirements must be met before undergoing a live try-out, usually held during or before the school year, and at the college level, coaches typically look for individual rank qualifications by a game.

Colleges offering esports scholarships 

Current high school gaming concepts are viewed as a foundation for a high school syllabus that educates students about computers, competing in esports, career prospects, and the history of gaming ( Below is a list of colleges and universities that offer esports scholarships in the U.S. Note all fees and requirements will vary depending on each college:

1. Maryville University Esports Participation Award, the grant is $2.000

2. New York University Game Center EVO Scholarship, application, and amount vary.

3. University of California – Irvine Esports Scholarship, sum and application vary.

4. University of Utah League of Legends Scholarship, application, and sum vary.

5. Ohio State University scholarship, amount of $3.000 – $12.000.


Based on this study’s findings and conclusions, you can get both an esports high school and a college scholarship. In reaching this response, the article examined what esports is and what tournaments and leagues are well known within this sport. Drawing towards its conclusion, you can brush up your gaming skills and attain a scholarship as well! 

Frequently Asked Questions for esports grants.
  1. Can one get an esports scholarship at high school? 

Yes, esports scholarships are available to both high school students and college students.

  1. Can one  participate in an esports tournament individually?

 Unfortunately, not, to participate in any esports tournament, you will need to be a team, check on the internet for a high school that participates in esports tournaments, or contact NACE.

  1. Do high school scholarships offer the same amount as college scholarships?

 No, high school scholarships are offered by private companies to help, but the school gear, books, computers lab, and traveling. Scholarships offered to individuals are partial scholarships ranging between $500 to $8,000 per year. 

  1. Which esports scholarships are available for high school students or rather a team?

The high school esports league offers over $150,000 scholarships for students to win through online esports competitions. North American scholastic esports federation has given $18,725.00 since 2019, eFuse scholarship offers $200,000 in branded scholarships and women in games international scholarship are a few.