Can I change my mind after accepting university admission?

To know Can you change your mind after accepting university admission….Read on this article….!

Can I change my mind after accepting university admission?

Can I change my mind after accepting university admission?

Students can change their mind after accepting university admission offer if they found that it is not a university where they desire to be.. A student can decline an offer without being punished. It is up to the school to make a refund for all the student must have spent.

What Does it Mean to Accept an Admission?

  It is the dream of many students to complete high school and get into university. To fulfill that dream, they are ready to work hard to meet the admission criteria of their targeted school. Not all students are lucky enough to be accepted by the school they desire. They have to accept the next available school. 

  The process of accepting a university admission makes you a part of such a university. What if you find out, with time, that such a university is not where you want to be? What do you do? Follow the article to get the answer to these questions.

Accepting a University Offer

  Once admission is offered to a student, the student is expected to accept and make deposits to show their readiness to be in the university. Accepting an offer shows the readiness of a student to study at the university. It also shows the willingness to obey the school rules and regulations.

Changing Your Mind About a University After Acceptance

  You can change your mind about a university after acceptance. Students may receive their first admission from a university with little interest. They may apply to the school as a supplement to not being accepted by their targeted university. Along the line, after accepting the first admission, they are given admission by their targeted university.

Here, the student will want to refuse the first admission, for the second one, who wouldn’t? 

  The best thing a student faced with the scenario above can do is to decline the first admission and accept the second admission. You must never make the mistake of accepting both universities without declining one. If you do this, your admission can be revoked by the schools.

Process of Declining Acceptance of a University

  There are specific processes to how an applicant can decline a university admission. These instructions are provided by the university where the student is admitted. In some schools, there is a slot to accept or decline admission right there on the admission dashboard. For other schools, the student is only expected to send a rejection email to the university.

Accepting Offers From Two Universities

  Most times, students receive multiple admission offers. A question that arises is: Can such students accept these offers? Will there be any negative implications?

The simple answer is ‘NO’. You can accept both admissions, but it is advisable to not try them. Doing this can rescind your offer to the school when they find out. Since you need to commit to only one school, why take the risk of accepting two admissions when you can just select the best one you like.

Conditional and Unconditional Offer of Admission 

  Just like the law of contract, certain laws guide an offer of admission. 

  Two types of admission offers will be treated here:

1. The Conditional admission offer: As the name implies, anything which is conditional, is dependent upon certain criteria being satisfied. When you are given conditional admission, your place in such a university will not be definite unless those conditions are met.

2. The Unconditional admission offer: The unconditional admission means that no conditions or criteria need to be met before you are admitted into the university. When you receive an unconditional admission, you already have a slot in that university without necessarily fulfilling certain conditions.

Is there a Set Period to Accept or Refuse offers?

  Schools release their admission list in batches. After a student is admitted, most schools pick out dates for accepting or refusing admissions. When the deadline elapses and the student did not accept the admission during that period, the school takes it that the student is not interested in their offer. They will go ahead to give the slot to the next available student. The slots cannot be left open forever.

What happens if you decline your application after accepting a university?

  What happens after you decline admission to a school depends on that university. After accepting an offer, most colleges mandate you to make a deposit, in the form of an acceptance fee. The University and Colleges Admission Service offers two weeks within which a student could withdraw the admission. If this is done within two weeks, they will get a full refund on whatever cost they had paid.

  If you’ve decided to decline after two weeks, most universities will not refund the money, but they won’t hold you against your will. This is why some universities add a “non-refundable fee” on their admission portal. Paying a non-refundable fee means that all cost you made is to your detriment. Your money will be lost if you decide not to continue the process.

  In a situation where you are standing your ground unconditionally, you can decide to release yourself into a clearing by declining your place in your application. 


  You have the right to cancel your university contract whenever you want, you won’t be punished for doing so. The only problem is that You may, or may not get a refund from that university, which means all the money you spend might end up being lost.

Frequently asked questions
  1. What happens if I accept more than one offer?

Answer: You will lose your admission slot should the school find out. You must pick a school you love out of all the available offers. 

  1. Should the school be held accountable for not refunding my money if I decline an admission after three weeks?

Answer: You cannot hold the school accountable. The Universities and college admission service(UCAS) gives the grace of two weeks. If you decline your admission within those two weeks, your money may be refunded.