Brandeis University Or Tufts University

Are you contemplating if you should go to the Brandeis University of Tufts University? Do you want to know which of the universities has a conducive educational system for students? Or are you concerned about which university should be your next destination? Do not let these questions bother you too much; we’ll have them sorted out in this post.

Brandeis University Or Tufts University

In this post, we’ll be examining and comparing the two universities and by the end of this post, you’ll have a clear view of which university to attend. However, before delving into the details, let’s have a glance at the general overview of the high-level differences between the two universities.

Overview of Brandeis and Tufts Universities

Brandeis UniversityTufts University
In-state Tuition$49,598$50,604
Average Financial Aid$33,462$37,030
Net Price$28,870.0$29,565.0
Total Undergraduates36105236
Acceptance Rate3416
Average SAT Scores1250 -14701370 – 1520
Location415 South St419 Boston Ave
City NameWalthamMedford

To lay more emphasis, it’s glaring that the net price indicates that Brandeis University is cheaper compared to Tufts University. Even though the price does not adequately represent the living cost between the school locations.

The Acceptance Rate of Brandeis and Tufts Universities

Judging from the above table, it’s obvious that the Tufts University is the option with the lowest acceptance rate – 16% to 34% of the Tufts University means that the Tufts University is harder to get accepted. However, the two universities are open to students with different strengths, backgrounds, etc. 

Also, keep in mind that the acceptance rate alone does not guarantee that Tufts University is a better school than Brandeis University. There has not been any proof that states that Universities with low acceptance rates are better compared to the ones with high acceptance rates.

Other Comparisons Between Brandeis and Tufts Universities

Comparing the universities further based on other criteria will give more clarity about the universities. Taking us further on the topic, let’s compare the two universities using the following criteria:


The most important criterion to consider is the general impact of their learning on the students and the available programs in the university. The comparison between the two universities has brought us to what the current students of the universities are studying and where they end up after graduation. 

When we analyze the outcome of each school, it’s an invaluable criterion to fathom the value of the universities’ degrees.

MajorBrandeis UniversityTufts University
Agriculture operations and related sciences1825
Natural resources and conservation131
Area ethnic cultural gender and group studiesN/A8
Communication journalism and related programs4035
Computer and information sciences and support servicesN/AN/A
Communications technologies technicians and support services59136
Personal and culinary servicesN/A24
Engineering technologies and engineering related fieldsN/AN/A

Housing Option

Using the housing option to categorize the two universities, the two universities provide the on-campus living option. Tufts University guarantees housing for both incoming first-year and continuing second-year students. 

The University believes in the importance of students learning together and they’re driven by this focus to provide housing options that may cost them up to $10,000 annually.

On the other hand, Brandeis University guarantees all the students of the midyear class to live on-campus unless they are living with their parents or guardians. The cost for their housing option may be up to $4,000 annually.

Safety and Security Services Offered

Another important criterion to choose the better school between the universities in the campus safety and security services offered. The universities have similar safety measures and security services including 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport service, all-day emergency telephones, lighted sidewalks, controlled dormitory access, etc.

So, on the aspect of safety and security, both the universities prioritize the safety of their students and have put in place the necessary measures to ensure their students are safe.

Social Life

It’s hard to depict the effectiveness of the universities’ social life. Written data are not enough to conclude which of the universities enjoy more social life and that’s why we suggest you should check out these videos to show the potential students of the universities.

Also, the below table shows the student body differences as well. You should check to know how well students of your race attend the universities. 

Brandeis University, %Tufts University %

Having compared the costs, net prices, outcomes, housing, etc. to provide detailed comparisons between the two universities, we believe you already know which one is the best to attend. The truth is, no matter the emphasis laid on any of these universities may not change your mind away from the university you already desired in your heart to attend.

We would both agree that the two universities are amazing and the choice of choosing the best school solely depends on you. However, based on some criteria, Tufts University has an edge over Brandeis University.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Brandeis University A Top School?

Absolutely yes! The fact is that schools are ranked as top universities based on their performances across a wide scope of academic excellence. According to several reports, Brandeis University is among the best universities nationally – the prestigious university is ranked #42 among National Universities.

  • Is Tufts University A Reputable School?

Yes. Tufts University, founded in 1852 is among the best universities in the United States. The university is known for its academic excellence, innovative research, and rigorous educational programs. Over the years, they’ve been recognized as a university that prepares many students as leaders in a wide spectrum of the profession.

  • What’s Unique About Tufts University?

The reputation. Tufts University is diverse – it’s a mixture between a major research university and a small liberal college. Tufts’ students have a sense of community while maintaining global awareness.