Boston university or Bucknell university

To know Boston university or Bucknell university which is best….Read on this article….!

Boston university or Bucknell university

After graduating High school, the big question remains, “Which university should I attend?”. If you find yourself procrastinating about whether Boston or Bucknell university is the best option for you, let’s set your mind at ease.

Boston university or Bucknell university

Boston university is located in Massachusetts. They are known for their business, communication, political science and health profession majors. Boston university is one of the most diverse universities in the United States and they strive for equality and community. Bucknell university is located in Pennsylvania. They are known for their liberal art, sciences and engineering faculties. According to reports and research, Boston university is a better option. Boston is able to offer more variety in terms of their courses, reputation and faculties. Choosing the best institution is not solely based on the cheapest option. Generally, it should be based on the institution that is able to give you the best experience.

Guidelines on how to choose your university:

  • Choose an institution according to the location that you are fond of. If you do not want to move too far from home, it would be best to choose a university that is nearby.
  • Make a decision on your field of study. Do your research on which university caters to your interest and faculty.
  • Make sure that you meet the admission requirements. It is important to check if your GPA aligns with the requirements.
  • Compare the fees. Although scholarships are given to deserving students, they are not always fully covered. It is best to go with the option who offers better financial aid options.
  • Choose the university based on the experience you want as a student.

Which university is cheaper?

Boston university tuition fee is approximately $59,816 for undergraduates. They offer scholarships and financial assistance. Boston university covers 100% of your tuition fee according to your financial need and academic performance. Bucknell’s university tuition fee is around $59,802 for undergraduates. They also provide scholarships to well academic students and provide financial assistance through various options. These scholarships are valid for eight falls or spring semesters and students are expected to continually do well in each program. According to these statistics Bucknell university is cheaper for tuition fees. However, Boston university has a lower net price. Boston’s average net price is at $29,154 and Bucknell’s average net price is at $39,359.

Which university is harder to get into?

Boston university is harder to get into. Boston’s average GPA needed is 3.71. Bucknell’ s average GPA needed is 3.56. Boston’s average ACT score is 30/34 and Bucknell is at 28/34. Boston University’s SAT score is in the range of 1310/1500. Bucknell’s SAT score is within the range of 1250/1430. Boston’s acceptance rate is 20,1 %, whereas Bucknell’s acceptance rate is at 38%. This proves that Boston university is slightly more competitive and harder to get into.

Which university provides better faculties?

Both of these universities offer accommodation. Boston’s university dorms are relevantly small but it adds that freshman dorm experience. Bucknell university is also small and comfortable. They give you the opportunity to choose your roommate according to who matches your interest and living traits.Bucknell has a variety of sports to take part in but they mainly specialize in football. They also offer scholarships for football. According to the men’s football report, Bucknell is ranked #25 out of 117 schools within their division. Boston university is known for their athletic ability. They have 21 clubs pertaining to sports. There are many opportunities. They provide rare sports according to the student’s interest including sailing, ice hockey etc. Boston university also provides athletic scholarships to several outstanding athletes. Bucknell and Boston university offers internships. Bucknell university has a few internships programs to choose from. They provide scholarships for students who are doing an unpaid internship. This is only within the non- profit and public service sector. Boston university provides workshops and resources to internship opportunities and offers financial assistance to unpaid internships. They also annually host internship job fairs on campus. This gives the students an opportunity to experience the workplace. Boston has a variety of student activities and clubs. Therefore, Boston university provides better faculties.

Which university has better courses and career opportunities?

This all depends on which field of study you are interested in. Boston offers more majors than Bucknell university, however students are able to double their majors. According to the number of full- time programs, Boston offers better courses. Boston and Bucknell university, provides resources to prepare the students for the world of work. According to past student reviews, Boston university is considered a wide network, which means that there is a good chance to receive opportunities. Student reviews also state that Bucknell university career development center has been helpful in getting prestigious jobs after graduation. Due to these reports, both Boston and Bucknell university can provide good  career opportunities.


Hopefully these comparisons helped you make your decision.Make sure that the  university of your choice is a place that you know you will be happy, because for the next few years until you eventually graduate, it will be something you get to remember.


What is Boston university’s motto?

Their motto is based on Virtue, Learning and Piety.

What does the students have to say about Bucknell university?

It is one of the most memorable experiences. Everyone is welcoming and it makes you feel at home. There are a variety of social groups that you will be able to relate to according to your interest.

What is Bucknell’s motto?

“Work hard, play hard “is the motto they live by. They believe that your academics should come first, they also know how to have a good time in their free time.

Why is Boston more selective than Bucknell university?

Both of these universities have similarities. Their tuition rates are not too far from each other. Boston however, is slightly more competitive therefore it has a lower acceptance rate.