Benefits of going to College In-State

To know about the 7 Benefits of going to College In-State….Read on this article…!

Did you know that in the fall of 2016, Statistia carried out a study that shows that 78.5percent of all first-year students across the United States, enrolled in colleges located in the same state they live in? The reason for this statistics result could be associated with different factors such as; Financial constraints, the need to be close to home, a familiar environment, etc. 

Benefits of going to College In-State

In truth, whatever decision you make, whether going to college in-state or out-of-state, wouldn’t necessarily mean that you made a bad decision as there are benefits to enjoy from either option. It is entirely up to you to choose which one you want more.

Nevertheless, choosing a college is never an easy task, since each has its advantages and disadvantages, and there are lots of factors to be considered. Therefore, to make the decision process easier for you, we have outlined some significant benefits of going to an in-state college.

The benefits of going to college in-state are the following

It Is Cheaper 

Attending an in-state college will reduce your total cost of going to college. For one, you can easily decide to be going to school from home and save money on accommodation, especially if your family house is just a couple of minutes from the college 

Another reason why it’s cheaper to go to an in-state college is that you won’t have to go on any long journey, therefore you won’t spend so much on transportation. Students who attend in-state colleges don’t have to take flights, so their transportation cost is reduced since they are only paying for bus or train tickets.

Lastly, it is a known fact that each state provides significant discounts for residents who have lived in the state for at least a year or more. This kind of program allows you to save money on tuition fees as well. Although some colleges might offer some sort of scholarship to out-of-state students, the discount is never as much as the one offered to in-state students.

In all aspects, it is way cheaper to go to an in-state college than an out-of-state college.

You Are In A Familiar Environment 

This is another perk of attending an in-state college. This familiarity with the environment, allows you to focus more on studies and other important school activities.

You have an advantage since It’s probably your hometown, or you have lived in the state for some years now — You can easily navigate your way around town, and you are familiar with the area and demographics. This means you can have a proper social life, and maintain friendships! Also, you will find it easier to get jobs while schooling. For instance, a neighborhood restaurant will be more willing to hire you because they are familiar with you. Students in an out-of-state college in most cases will find it difficult to settle in, in the sense that it takes time to familiarize themselves and understand the surroundings. 

Proximity To Family 

In as much as schooling is important, family time shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s important as well. 

Students who attend out-of-state colleges always tend to miss important family functions such as birthdays, weddings, etc. mainly because they are far from home and it may cost a lot to travel back and forth within a short period. On the other hand, attending an in-state college will allow you to enjoy quality family time. Even if you decide to stay in the school’s dormitory, you can always go home anytime there’s a family celebration or when you feel homesick, or even if it’s just to do your laundry. And in times of an emergency, you can always have a family member close by.


There’s a sense of comfort that comes when you attend college in-state. Since it’s your state of residence and you are familiar with the environment, you’ll find it easier to get whatever you want. 

Even as an introvert, you will find it easier to socialize because you will be met with a lot of familiar faces, either from your neighborhood or high school. This is an additional benefit to an overall college experience.

Financial Assistance From College 

Many colleges offer programs to assist students that are residents of the state. Programs like this could range from buying school books at a lesser cost, eating at the cafeteria for free, or riding the bus or train for free. Always try to find out what kind of financial assistance your school is offering at each given time.

A student in an out-of-state college might be having some financial problems but won’t be able to enjoy any of these privileges.

Increased Job Opportunity 

Employers consciously or subconsciously prefer to hire candidates who graduated from a college in the same state where the company is located. When an employer sees that you graduated from an in-state college, they get the impression that they are hiring someone already familiar with the company and its environments to some extent.

This is a significant advantage of attending an in-state college, because it gives you a competitive advantage, especially if you intend to work in your home state after college.

High Chance of Acceptance

Some colleges give priority to students with permanent residence in the state where the college is located. Especially in situations where a large number of applicants fail to score very high on their SATs, or lack any sporting ability that the school might be of benefit to the school. Colleges will always make exceptions for residents of the state. This doesn’t mean that you must be accepted into an in-state college if you have low grades, but It is advisable that if you don’t score very high on your SAT, you should consider applying to an in-state college.

Deciding which college to attend is one of the most difficult tasks a high-school graduate can be faced with. There are various factors to put into consideration including; financial capabilities, how close you want to be to your family, etc. But having a precise knowledge of the advantages can be very helpful in making a decision.


Other than these, there are lot of benefits of going to college in-state. Anyone willing to pursue degree on any field must think twice before going anywhere else. The in-state colleges are quite better than one could even imagine of.