Ask Someone To Be A College Roommate

College life is a time of your life that you will cherish forever, isn’t it? Whether you rent an apartment or are staying in a hostel room, one of the most important parts of your life is your roommate. Not only does a roommate eventually become our friend, but he/she would also help you out so much and make your college life a little easier. They help you with your homesickness and help you manage your finances. Once you get a roommate, your college phase will be a lot more fun! But the major hindrance to having a great time is the process To Ask Someone To Be A College Roommate.

Ask Someone To Be A College Roommate

Asking Someone To Be A College Roommate can be scary and tedious work. You would have to decide on whom to ask to be your roommate, possibly for the next few years; ask them if they would like that; know their expectations, and set the financial management rules. This is and always has been a long process but asking someone is a short one. This process of asking someone is really easy and flexible. You can do this over text, email, call or ask them in person. Getting in touch with your potential roommate is very important.

Roommates typically help you with your studies, friends, personal problems, and overall social experience. While some colleges allow you to choose your roommate, others assign them to you. If you can choose someone to be your roommate, you would have to ask them and give them time to consider. 

Why should you have a College Roommate?

There are multiple plus points to having a roommate. They might annoy you at times but make your day a lot better in different ways. 

You always are assured of the company

You are rarely ever left alone on your own when you have a roommate. They are always with you and whether or not you are close to them, they are ever persistent in your life. 

You can split your chores

Compared to managing the house all by yourself, having someone to manage it would be of great help. You can manage grocery shopping and dust much more easily. 

Your finances also get easy

From rent to food to grocery shopping, it is a lot cheaper when you live with a roommate rather than alone. You can save up the remaining money or get a bigger apartment for both you and your roommate. 

It will be of convenience

Your schedule and your roommate’s schedule might be different. So if you own a pet or a plant or have some errands to run at a particular time, your roommate can help you with it. 

But the pressing question now is who should be your roommate and how would you go about asking them?

On what basis should you choose your roommate?

There are many ways of getting roommates, but not all of them work for everybody. While some might look for roommates online, some would prefer to ask their close friend circle. It is advisable to ask your friends if they know someone who can be your roommate whose behavior is also guaranteed for. 

In this tech-savvy era, it is easy to pose to be someone else on social media and the internet. Owing to this, cyberspace has become a very dangerous place, much more when it comes to choosing roommates. Since a roommate is someone you are going to share a house with for a couple of years, you have to be extremely careful in this.

You would want to talk to your potential roommate before inviting them to live with you. This is not only to know them but to know if they are compatible with you and okay with the conditions you may have got. Once you decide on whom you want to be your roommate, you will be facing a greater turmoil: asking them to be your roommate. 

Asking someone to be your roommate

This is the million-dollar question. How do you ask someone to be your roommate? You first have to ensure you have chosen the right person to be your potential roommate and then have to know whether they are looking for a roommate or not. This is a pretty complicated process, but remember to ask them at least 2-3 weeks before the term begins. This would give them time to consider your invitation and would give you time to look for another roommate if they decline your invitation. 

Remember, since the other person has a different personality, conflicts are bound to arise and it is common. Keep this in mind and do not expect a worry-free few years just because the other person is very compatible with you. 

You can approach the person and ask them if they would like to be your roommate via text, email, call, or in person. Asking through email is pretty outdated these days and communicating is a lot simpler on social media. So you may want to go with the more informal way and ask them through Instagram or WhatsApp. 

It is not a great idea to just pop up the question to them. Rather make it clear that they have time to ponder about it and convey their decision to you. You have to be specific about what you are looking for in a roommate and make sure you are making it clear. You can ask your potential roommate if they are clear about what your expectations are and if not, you can clarify it for them. 

You need to give yourself and the other person time. This is so that you have enough time to search for another roommate if they say no. Or, they might have already made the necessary arrangements to live somewhere and your invitation will be of no use to them. You should be prepared for a declination as well. If and when they decline, do not feel offended as it may be due to various reasons that probably have nothing to do with you. Chances are, they decided to live alone or already got a roommate. Do not take it personally and keep up the search for a roommate. 

Looking for roommates online

Roommates can be found online on various social media or groups. There might be someone compatible with you when people you know aren’t. You can find them through social media and the web. Although the chances of scoring a roommate are very high on social media, it is quite unsafe and an unpredictable environment to base such a decision. Looking for roommates in cyberspace ought to be your last resort. But when it comes to it, there are some tips that you would like to follow. Firstly, remember that the person you are talking to might not be a real person, and be prepared for it. Do not share a lot of personal information with them on chat. If you are comfortable with it, have a video chat with them to ensure that they are genuine. Remember to ask all the questions that you want to ask and tell them all your points. Eventually, you both can meet up once or twice before the semester starts and make all necessary arrangements before moving in. 

But all in all, do remember that a roommate is someone you would be sharing a few years of your life with, and sometimes, even if someone is very compatible with you, you may not be very comfortable with them. In that case, rather than going for them, do look for more roommates since your comfort is more important than compatibility. When you get a roommate, there will be conflicts that arise, even regarding the decor of the place or other things. All of these can be solved by having a proper talk and making your ideas clear. Your roommate might even end up being your best friend with whom you go running into the sunset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will it be difficult for me if I don’t get a roommate before the term starts?

It may not be ideal to look for a roommate after a term starts because everybody would have already made arrangements, but it’s not too late either. There might be someone who hasn’t gotten a roommate yet and you might find them to be a good roommate to you. While this possibility still exists, chances are quite thin and it is best to have a roommate before the term begins.

Is it okay to have a roommate of the opposite gender?

It is perfectly fine for your roommate to be of a different gender if you are comfortable with it. You might like to set boundaries for you both to live in harmony and peace. 

What do I do in case of a conflict with my roommate?

In case of a conflict, you have to talk it out patiently and ensure you both stay on good terms, at least till the term ends. Finding another roommate is tough and it is not very easy to move like that quickly either.