Arizona State University Tempe or Auburn University?

Auburn University and Arizona State are considered world-class, research-oriented, and culturally diverse universities in the United States. Thousands of students apply to these elite universities each year, but not everyone gets into one of these schools. Here we will see about Arizona State University Tempe or Auburn University?

Both Auburn and Arizona State University have their unique selling proposition for which a variety of students prefer one university over the other. Therefore, there is no such concept as best because everyone should compare different parameters with their personality and a preference to know which school suits them.

Every aspirant who is undecided about choosing one of the above universities must base their decision on the parameters mentioned below.

Arizona State University Tempe or Auburn University?


Every high school graduate and their parents want to choose an academically sound college. At the same time, prestigious universities such as ASU or Auburn University seek students who have shown extraordinary results at high school or undergraduate levels. The schools that value academics produce highly skilled, competent, and valued graduates who earn high salaries, are less dependent on social support, and are less inclined to destroy society’s social fabric. Both the universities highly regard individuals having extraordinary academic records. It is not easy to get into any of the universities. Still, the data shows that it is comparatively more difficult to reserve your seat in Auburn than at Arizona State University. The acceptance rate at Auburn is relatively lower, making its admission process more competitive than that of Arizona State University.

Moreover, the average high school GPA is 3.5 for Arizona State University, while for Auburn, it is 3.90. The ACT scores have ranged from 25-31 for Auburn University, while they have remained between 21-28 for Arizona State University. The SAT scores are also showing similar trends as for Auburn, the scores range from 1160 to 1320, and for Arizona, they remained in the range of 1100 to 1320.


The setting and ambiance of an institution affect the overall experience, which is why a substantial number of students value an institution’s location, city, and the local community, etc. For example, Auburn University, the second-largest university in Alabama, is situated in the suburbs of Alabama and is spread over 1,875 acres. On the other hand, Arizona State University has four different campuses: Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe, and West, with Tempe being the main campus. Arizona State University’s Tempe campus covers an area of 661.6 acres. Compared to Auburn University, ASU is a mid-size university, while Auburn is in the category of a relatively more minor university. It is also pertinent to mention that both the institutions are public or state-owned. In addition to that, Auburn University has a total number of 30,737 students, while over 70,000 students pursue their studies at Arizona State University.


Getting higher education is almost every person’s dream, but only a handful of people’s dreams come true. There are many reasons for students not being able to enroll themselves in any college, among which the high cost of a degree is evident. The United States is the country that spends the most on college or higher education. It is being observed that states and families spend twice as much as people in average developed countries to be able to graduate from college. In addition, the average tuition cost at Auburn University is higher than that of Arizona State University for out-of-state students.

In contrast, tuition fees of in-state students are comparatively higher at Arizona State University. It costs around $10,080 for in-state students at Auburn University and $10,710 at Arizona State University. The room boarding charges also differ, and likewise, Auburn costs a bit higher than ASU. The boarding expenses cost $13,778 in Auburn and $ 13,510 at Arizona State University. On average, one has to bear more expenses at Auburn University than at Arizona State University.

Arizona State University has proved to be more charitable and philanthropic regarding scholarships, aid, and other financial support. On average, a student gets a grant valued at $9,247 in the case of Auburn and $12,637 for Arizona State University. Likewise, the percentage of students that receive assistance or any other sort of financial support is 93 percent in the case of Arizona State University and 73 percent for Auburn University. Therefore, a financially weak individual who does not possess enough license should prioritize Arizona State University over Auburn.


The Graduation percentage of Arizona State University has been low compared to that of Auburn. This fact implies that it is not comparatively easy for any student not to take the classes seriously or bunk classes and stay in the university at ASU, as the high dropout level suggests. Generally, the high dropout level has also been associated with weak financial status and family mobility. Still, a student in

any of the colleges must take their academics seriously; otherwise, it will be very tough for them to stay in university.

In addition, it is being observed that, on average, a graduate of Auburn University earns slightly more than a graduate of Arizona State University. However, as far as earnings are concerned, the difference is not very high; a student may still choose Auburn and not ASU.

Also, the percentage of students paying back their students loan is considerably high at Auburn University than at ASU.

In conclusion, Auburn University and Arizona State University are prestigious universities and on the priority list of thousands of students, not only high school graduates in the U.S but also outside it. To select one of the two universities, an individual must carefully examine which institute’s characteristics suits their potential, beliefs, and experiences.


Can I get admission to Auburn University?

Yes, provided you have met the required criteria.

Is it difficult to get into Arizona State University?

Though the admission process is selective, the acceptance rate is still relatively high.

Where is Auburn University located?

Auburn University is located in Auburn, Alabama, United States.

Can I get into ASU with low SAT scores?

Yes, if you have extraordinary co-curricular records.