Are EdX Courses Good For College Applications?

Are EdX Courses Good For College Applications?

In today’s competitive world students crave supplementary knowledge to enhance their expertise and outshine their fellows. Digital education platforms have made it easy for students and all the curious learners out there to enhance their capability. Online learning platforms nowadays play a crucial role in the academic life of a student, the professional life of a teacher, scientist, and any other enthusiast working in any field whether it’s business, finance, or the technician who wants to gain additional knowledge. But can all the digital learning platforms that exist today help you achieve your goals?  Do all the digital learning platforms like Edx that provide you verified certificates for your online learning courses considered to give weight to your college applications? Are these courses worth establishing your credibility while applying for a college application or a job application? Well, you will get answers to all your question in this article.

What is the edx online learning platform?

EdX is a renowned online education platform that was created and started by Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with the mission and a global vision of achieving their goal of proving high-quality mass education to the dedicated and talented learners by bringing top-class universities to the same platform to collaborate. 

EdX like any other online learning platform such as Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy, Mindvalley, etc. is appraised for its quality learning experience and is considered among the top ten online education platforms in 2022 after the pandemic. 

What does edX offer?

The edX covers a wide range of fields such as Art and Culture, Biology, Data Sciences, History, Literature, Medicine, Technology, etc. for various learners around the world in different languages. It does not only offers free and verified certificate courses but the platform also offers numerous diverse MicroBachelors® programs, MicroMasters® programs, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and professional certificates. 

On this platform, you can find self-paced courses and programs of your interest organized by top-class universities around the world such as MIT, Harvard University, The University of Texas System, Boston University, University of British Columbia, The University of Queensland, Berklee College of Music, etc. Therefore, if you are among those curious minds of the world who keep learning end exploring then you definitely should add this digital learning platform to your list of interests.

Are edX online courses or MOOCs good for college applications?

Online courses that are called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) enable you to have a learning experience from your comfort zone whether it’s home or any amusement park. The edX has collaborated with various top-ranked universities that create MOOCs. Harvard, MIT, and Stanford universities were the first ones to create MOOCs.

Online learning platforms such as edX have become significantly vital during the pandemic. They have enhanced their quality of academics and range of online courses and programs over the years. These self-paced courses on edX can be studied for free or you also can pay for these courses to get verified certificates. 

Do edX courses help in getting college credit?

EdX verified certificates obtained from online learning have started gaining recognition all over the world. But the question of this answer can be both, Yes and NO. 

The edX courses are definitely good for college applications. These verified certificates are the recognition that you have successfully completed the course with more than 75% passing grades. All the universities that have collaborated with edX provide certificates for the successful completion of the course on this digital learning platform and many of them accept credits for the MOOCs. So, in other words, edX courses can help you earn some college credits in the applications for universities that are teaching those courses. 

As far as you are concerned your application stands best among millions of competitors while applying for universities, various institutions might not give credit to your applications for digital learning but can consider your extra-academic knowledge as your capability and accomplishment for your job and college application because sometimes its not college credit that matters but it’s your motivation and dedication that matters. No admission committee in universities can ignore the extra academic activities you have even done on digital platforms. 

Moving forward to this question, if your priority is to increase college credit by obtaining a verified certificate then you can get more clarity from MOOC on edX itself. Some universities such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have senior advisors who also provide the MOOCs for testing before you apply for college admission. These MOOCs can also be a great help and a deciding factor before you apply to universities because MOOCs help you get an idea about what kind of education you can get at a particular university. 

There are a few examples of Universities that have collaborated with edX and offer MOOCs that provide college credit for the college application such as:

  • Charter Oak State College 
  • Global Freshman Academy from Arizona State University 

A final word

Getting admission into a university or applying for a job can be highly competitive nowadays. Online learning platforms started gaining recognition in 2012. Talented and dedicated people do not have excuses for not gaining enough knowledge and credibility. No matter where you apply for college or job applications, the admission or selection committee will definitely love to assess your enthusiasm and your potential. 

EdX is considered among the top 10 distance learning programs. If you do not consider it vital to add a verified certificate to your college application, even then it is absolutely fine and highly recommended to enroll in the edX courses or programs to perceive the knowledge that will enhance your skills and expertise. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Q 1. Why should I enroll in edX courses?

  1.  EdX is an online learning platform that offers courses for distance learning. It collaborates with top-ranked universities around the world such as Harvard. You are recommended to enroll in edX courses because all the courses might offer you college credit but can enable your application to stand best among millions of applicants while applying for admission to a university.

Q 2. Is it worth getting a verified certificate from Harvardx (edX)?

  1. Getting a verified certificate from Harvardx is a good asset. These certificates are worth proving your credibility in an interview and in college application as well.

Q 3. Can we enroll in the edX course for free or get a discount?

  1. Yes, you can enroll in any course on edX for free. The courses offered by edX and collaborated universities are self-paced and you can also pay for the courses if you want to get a verified certificate. You can get discounts up to 90% on edX once you fill out the form mentioning why you cannot pay the fees for the course.

Q 4. Can I contact the professor of the course that I am doing online on edX to get into the university?

  1. EdX has professors for a particular course from top-ranked universities around the world. If you liked the quality of MOOC and professor, and you have a project that you are working on or you want to work on a project with the professor or particular faculty at the university then you can contact them through the university website, share your idea with them and they will definitely help you and will want to work with you.