Are College Dropout Rates Increasing?

Are College Dropout Rates Increasing?


It is becoming worrisome how some individuals quit college for no good reason and choose to be college dropouts. Some have given up on the system and have found quick success in their career by ignoring the educational foundation, which is the key to success. The failed educational system in most societies is not helping matters, no adequate practical and academic facilities to aid learning, and thus students are being deprived of adequate knowledge and skills needed for career development. We will see is college dropout rates are increasing or not in this article.

The Rates of College Dropout.

The rate at which students drop out of college is quite alarming. This is so when the economy of the state suffers retrogression and cannot cater to the basic needs of a rapidly rising population. Life becomes harder, tuition becomes difficult to pay, help is not forthcoming, and the only means to survive the situation is to drop out of college. In the united states, there are about 40% of college dropouts as of 2021, those who leave school or college before the completion of their studies.

The rate of college dropout is increasing because some of these students are struggling to find or define themselves academically and they fear they may not meet up with the requirements for graduation, and may not bear the risk of failing.

Causes for the Increasing Rates of College Dropout

  • One cause of the increased rate of college dropout is the high cost of study in the university of their choice, and so, they decide to give up on college.
  • Another cause of these increased rates is the unhealthy ones who are not on medications or who do not receive appropriate medical care for their ailment. A typical example of these students is those who suffer from depression.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to the increased rate of college dropouts. Many students lose interest in continuing their studies, even the online classes, as they do not have the motivation to do so, because of the loss of their means of livelihood or losing a dear one caused by the pandemic.
  • Relocation is also a cause of the increased rate of college dropouts. Most college students who got married during their programs became dropouts when they left the college to be with their spouses in an unfamiliar state or city. Some do not have the intention of continuing college in their new location because there was an imbalance between studies and their new status.

Ways to Reduce College Dropout 

The rate of college dropout will be reduced if both the individual and the authority can consider or put into place the following.

  1. Colleges should provide an experienced and well-trained college counselor that will communicate rightly to students and meet their emotional needs. Communication is very important. If someone they trust gives students the right information, they will do better and not have the thought of quitting.
  1. Students should be told the truth about realities and ways to scale through successfully. They should not instill fears in the minds of students if they do not do well but be thought how to overcome such fears and be better.
  1. Giving students too much workload than they can handle in a particular semester should be reduced. They do not need academic pressure to be successful In their careers.
  1. We should give students adequate support needed in their careers and academics. With this, they will enjoy learning. They also need to be involved in the activities and the decision-making process of the school for them to feel wanted and be active in their career. This process also helps them to be successful outside the workplace.
  1. When students feel frustrated and faced with life’s challenges, we should encourage them to take a break instead of being forced to continue.


For every problem or challenge, there is always a way out. The increasing rate of college dropout can be brought to its barest minimum if the students in question, the school, take steps, and those at the seat of academic decision-making. There should be a means where accessing a college degree should be affordable without undergoing a rigorous process. We should set up a panel to look into student welfare, provide support and hold one-on-one counseling sessions with students, to put them on the right track and to hear their pain points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the College Dropout Rate Increase in the Future?

The rate of college dropout will not increase in the future if students and authorities take into place the right measures.

Will I Get a Good Job as a College Dropout?

Both college graduates and dropouts will get jobs in a working system, but the chances of a college dropout getting a better job is very slim. In some organizations, there are no job openings for college dropouts.