Are a’s and b’s good for college?

A’s and B’s are excellent grades for your college admission. These grades show that the college you are applying to get into is consistent with studying and taking your education very seriously. Therefore, getting good A’s and B’s grades gives you a high chance of getting admission to the college you prefer.

Are a's and b's good for college?

You can follow different steps to get good grades, such as A’s and B’s.

Steps to get a’s and b’s in your grades

  • Attend all classes, listen to and participate in class.
  • Have a study schedule 
  • Consider studying in groups
  • Make sure you exercise and sleep well
  • Don’tDon’t hesitate to ask for help
  • Remove distractions when in class and studying at home

Attend all classes, listen to and participate in class

As a student, it is hard to participate in all your classes especially considering the number of subjects you do. However, you must attend and show interest in all your classes. That will help you, but it will show your teacher that you are interested in what is being taught. Therefore, participating in class will help if you need our teacher’s assistance.

Have a study schedule 

To avoid stress and a lot of work, it is advisable to have a study plan. For example, every day, you need to read notes you got from school on that particular day to reduce the workload when you have exams. In addition, breaking down your work into small pieces makes you avoid a lot of stress during exam time. 

Consider studying in groups. 

Studying in groups helps students to motivate each other. When students study amongst themselves, they understand each other better. If you are lazy to study alone, this will help a lot as there will be other students or friends motivating you. This varies from people as other people focus more when studying alone. Therefore, it is better to find a study routine that suits you well. 

Make sure you exercise and sleep.

According to studies, you were exercising and sleeping help your brain to function well. Your brain needs fuel to be productive. Therefore every meal you eat must be nutritious and balanced. To be productive at school, you must never miss breakfast. A person needs to get 8 hours of sleep each night to be productive during the day. During the day, it is advisable to join a sports team at school and stay active to stay fit.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Asking for help from your teacher or students is not a bad thing. However, we cannot be good at everything. If you have identified a subject you are struggling with, it is better to ask for help from other students or the teacher. If you can afford a private tutor, you can do that. This will make you get good grades even in subjects you do not like and understand.

Remove distractions when in class and when studying.

For your brain to process what you are studying and understand what is being taught, you don’t have to be distracted by anything. If you have a phone, it is advisable to turn it off so that you may focus. Turning off your phone will limit notifications that distract you, making you not concentrate in school or while reading. If you are at home, you should turn off the TV or any gadgets around that may distract you.


You must know that your grades are not the only thing colleges look at. There are many things they look at, such as your behavior profile (if your high school offers any), your leadership profile, and sports. They look at these things according to the scholarships or funding you might have applied for and the college degree you intend to take. For example, some colleges require essays for you to be admitted. Therefore your essay needs to be outstanding. Many colleges don’t require only A’s, but you need to try your best to score as high as possible to increase your chance of being admitted to the college of your choice. If you have A’s and B’s grades then easily get admission in your dream college.

Frequently asked questions 

  • How can I stay on top of my class?

If you want to stay on top of your class, you need to ensure that your average mark is higher than everyone in your class. You need to study very hard and dedicate yourself to school work to obtain this.

  • How do I stay focused in class?

If you want to stay focused in school, you need to make sure that you surround yourself with focused friends. Sitting in front also helps you focus, especially during subjects you don’t find interesting. The other thing you can do is participate and ask questions in class.

  • Does doing my homework affect my grade? 

It varies depending on whether your teacher decides to make it count as part of your class mark. However, it is advisable to do your homework whether or not it affects your grade because home works challenging and can help you prepare for exams.

  • Where can I get a tutor?

Tutors sometimes differ from subject to subject. Some schools offer tutors. In some instances, you might have to ask your parents or guardian to help you look for a tutor

  • Can I listen to music when I study? Will that distract me?

Some people study better with music, some don’t. The best thing to do would be to try and see what suits you. You might find out that you study better with music or you like studying in a tranquil place.