Are Apple Watches Good For College Students?

The Apple Watch is a handy accessory (pun intended) when it comes to fitness tracking, text notifications, heart rate monitoring and other essential necessities. It is a high end device equipped with a multitude of features that basically straps all the necessary attributes of an iPhone onto your wrist. It is a powerful machine capable of meeting most of your requirements without actually picking up a phone. Sounds cool right? But how relevant are these apple watches to college students? let us know, “Are Apple Watches Good For College Students?”

Are Apple Watches Good For College Students?

The Apple Watch is indeed a must-have tool for college students, despite being on the pricey side of the Smartwatch market, the Apple Watch puts on a show like no other. Being a sophisticated yet suave device, it quickly became a user favourite right from the time it hit the stores. It is the go-to accessory that every college student must possess as it eases the functioning of a regular student by helping them track their health, messages and other important aspects. There are several reasons to back this statement.

An excellent Fitness Device:

This is one of the most important features of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch serves as an amazing fitness watch with precise tracking of 

  • Calories
  • Distance 
  • Heights
  • Speed

It tracks down daily exercise activities like running, walking, cycling, trekking, etc. down to the decimal and shows the user how many calories they’ve burnt doing the activity with cutting edge precision.

The watch also has detectors to detect when the user has taken a fall (fall sensor) or has gotten down from the bicycle (in cycling mode), this further helps the user to receive medical help in case of non-response.

This is very useful for college students as it not only helps them to track and achieve their fitness goals but also encourages them to take time off their generally busy schedules to focus on their fitness, thus serving as a fitness trainer/guide to the student.

A personal doctor on your wrist:

The Apple Watch comes equipped with sensors and other detectors to monitor the user’s health and this is one of the most exciting features of the product yet that has gotten tech and health experts across the globe talking.

The Apple Watch comes with:

  • Heart Health monitor: The Apple Watch has sensors to track the user’s heart rate and also alerts the user in case the heart rate goes abnormally high or low, thus serving as a lifesaving assistant to the wearer.

The Apple Watch also comes with an ECG app (Series 4 and higher) that helps the user take ECGs with about 99% accuracy, which is quite impressive for a wearable device.

  • Sleep Tracker: An irregular sleep cycle is something every college student can claim, but worry not, the Apple Watch comes with a built in sleep tracker that makes sure the student/wearer gets the recommended amount of shut-eye on a daily basis. What’s more? The apple watch also tracks the respiratory levels of the wearer during sleep. How cool is that?
  • Hand Washing: Given the presence of a constantly evolving and mutating virus, one should not neglect the importance of thoroughly washing their hands, the Apple watch helps ensure this by urging the user to wash their hands for a whole 20 seconds as recommended by health experts across the globe.
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracker: The Apple Watch helps users track their menstrual cycles and also alerts the user on the possibility of fertility window on certain days.
  • Tracking SpO2 levels: The Apple Watch series 6 comes with a built in SpO2 tracker that lets the user know the amount of oxygen present in their blood. This is a very useful feature keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic.

Rivals modern day phones in their ability to handle Social Media:

As mentioned earlier, The Apple Watch is technically an iPhone strapped onto your wrist, providing you a toned down version of all important features that an iPhone, or any phone for that matter, can perform.

This is of paramount importance to college students as they’re susceptible to using social media more than any other age bracket. This also allows them to seamlessly respond to messages without having to look at their phones.

The watch facilitates notifications, which can be turned on or off, based on the wearer’s preference.

The watch also has an LTE version which lets the users make calls and send text messages, which makes the necessity of a smartphone almost obsolete when the user is in situations where it might be uncomfortable for them to handle a smartphone. The Apple Watch is of utmost importance in such scenarios.

Safe, secure and efficient way to store tickets and boarding passes:

The Apple Watch allows the user to store their movie tickets, train tickets and the like on the Wallet app in an organised way and display it when necessary and also store and display their flight boarding passes.

This can come handy to college students who may have to travel a lot and keep all their important documents safely in one place and at the same time, have easy access to it without having to open their phones each time, thus increasing safety, security and efficiency all at once while removing the burden and necessity of having to carry a smartphone with them every time.

Is the Apple Watch worth the bucks?

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly a high-end sophisticated device that is born of cutting edge technology and years of research, this product therefore doesn’t come cheap.

It is a pricey device, but it certainly has its benefits which justifies its heavy price tag.

Is the Apple Watch a substitute for a phone?

The Apple Watch is a toned down version of the iPhone, but at the same time, it is no match for a phone. The Apple Watch is a substitute for the phone only when it comes to working out and other forms of fitness and health tracking features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the multiple versions of the Apple Watch available in the market today?

There are a plethora of versions of the Apple Watch available in the market like the Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, SE, Series 6 and the Series 7.

  1. What are the prices of the different versions of Apple Watch?

The different versions cost differently.

  • Series 3 – $199
  • Series 4 -$219
  • Series 5 – $229
  • SE – $209
  • Series 6 – $259
  • Series 7 – $399