A College Education The Best Path to Success?

Before knowing where college education can be the best path to success for one or not , we need to know what success is?

Success means attaining your vision of a good life. It’s defined by the individual. And your vision of success can be different from someone else’s.” 

The answer is both ‘Yes‘ and ‘No’ Because college education can be the best path to success for one, but it can’t be the same for another, you may be in your high school right now, and In this specific age, we all have a lot of questions like what next? What course I’m going to opt for? How am I supposed to decide on my carrier? & so many others.


And it’s normal to think like that because great ideas come from deep thinking, as we all want to achieve everything we desire and It is good to have questions because questions help us to know more about things we have an interest in & questions can be a way to identify what we’re into and what we want from our lives. Every High school student is worried about several things, and career options are one of the most common things among them all.

A college degree won’t decide your future- Here’s why!

Going to college doesn’t determine the talent in you or your personality, or what the future holds for you and college doesn’t give you any guarantee that if follow a college education path than you will become a success also many people in this world achieved the most desirable things without ever going to college. For instance, most of us used once in our life or maybe heard of the application “Facebook” & Also, We’ve all heard about Microsoft Corporation & Apple Inc. & most of us also know about the founders of these mentioned applications & corporations. Facebook’s founder is “Mark Zuckerberg” He created Facebook because he had a hard time relating to people, so he created a website where everyone could connect, and if we get to know about himself, we’ll also get to know that he is a dropout of “Harvard University.”

“Bill Gates” is a co-founder of Microsoft corporation, and perhaps he is one of the most famous entrepreneurs without a college degree. And Also, “Late Steve Jobs” is one of the most recognized billionaires without a college degree in the world. Jobs is a great example that shows that you don’t need a college degree to start a great & successful company.

Colin Powell said:-

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

As he said, there are no secrets to success which means there are only steps we gotta follow to achieve our goals. Going to college can be a step toward your goal, but it’s not a necessary step. If your plans are different in your life that don’t include college in them, you can still produce the desired result with accurate steps and proper efforts at the right time. 

College degree is indeed valuable, but it isn’t obligatory

Going to college can surely enhance your abilities and skills like self-management, collaboration skills, Independent work skills, and critical thinking skills, and it also enables us to take constructive criticism to help us improve in some areas. College education can be essential for those who lack this kind of skill, and it can be proven beneficial, too, beyond doubt.

 College life is indeed desirable for most of us & it is one of the most salient & lively experiences of one’s lifetime, College Education & College Life both lend a helping hand to know more about what other peoples’ point of view on different issues & subject matters. Experiences we acquire during college time succor us in the time of need, as the experience we gain & point of views we’ve listened to of different people are proved very helpful in the stressful events of life, enhancement of communication skills & problem-solving skills helps a-lot of people to manage and understand other people in their lives and solves several conflicts and confusions. However, there are many careers that don’t pay well enough to make a degree worth it, and there are many career fields that can be entered without a college degree like Interior designer, Travel consultant, Stock Market professional, Makeup artist, Dance Instructor, Real estate agents and many more.

If one has Interested in pursuing this kind of career, they don’t require any degree; they just need knowledge, practice & skills to do it. 

Misconceptions related to college life

There are many misconceptions related to this topic that if a person hasn’t been to college in a lifetime, he or she hasn’t lived their life to its fullest, or they don’t have that special kind of experience of fun and don’t have enhanced skills but its not true at all because one can never be to college and still have many different experiences of life & knowledge related to different topics, it all depends upon your own likes & interests if one has Interested in knowing about share market that person can search & increase his knowledge just by reading everything related to that topic from the internet or from books it isn’t a necessity for a person to have a specialized degree to know more about a topic of their own fascination.

Conclusion –

After putting everything into writing corresponding to the expectations of college life experience & its benefits. And also achievements of people without a college education and also the careers that don’t require a college degree.

The decision is entirely up to the student. If one wants to pursue a degree in special education, language, or program, it well and a good idea to go, But if one doesn’t wish to have a degree or have a college education, it’s their own choice, and it needs to be respected & accepted without criticism or judgment because we all have different ideas & plans for living a life we want, some can have a plan that looks wilful but still fail in the end, and some can fail in the starting and then have a charming life, in the end, it all depends on the plans, efforts, & decision makings of a person.

Your decision-making should be strong & sound. Else, no one knows what the future holds. The only way to know is to give your best in every situation and any career you are going to opt for.