Personal Financial Management Steps for Working Abroad

Setting off to seek your fortune abroad? Congratulazioni! Before you saunter off into the sunset, however, take a moment and run through this simple five-step checklist to make sure your financial bases are covered. 1. Make a budget It’s simple, but effective: creating a reasonable budget before you leave the country is personal financial management […]

Healthcare Reform Means Help for College Students

I’ll never forget when my husband finally landed a good job that included health insurance. Both of us, for the first time in almost 4 years, went to every doctor imaginable to make sure we were OK. I remember apologizing to the dentist because it had been 4 years since my last cleaning! When we […]

How To Survive The Real World: Zero Income Living After College

How to survive the real world on zero income? My father always tells me, “Don’t worry, there are no longer any debtors’ prisons. What are they going to do, lock you up?” Good advice for an age where salaries are not going up, yet price of living is on the rise daily. As this giant […]

Credit Cards: The Ultimate Evil

“Don’t buy things that you can’t afford.” A few years back when Steve Martin hosted Saturday Night Live, there was a hilarious infomercial sketch for a debt-management book called “Don’t buy things that you can’t afford.” No matter how many times the spokesman explained to the couple the title, theory, and financial plan—all of which […]

Best Cities for College Grads: Where to Live?

The big question…what are the best cities for recent college grads? Where to live? I am going to write this guessing that you don’t know. I have a gut feeling that you wouldn’t be reading this article if you’re happily settled, no longer concerned about finding a job after college, with a mortgage and roots […]

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