How to Deposit Cash for Ally?

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 Ally Bank is an online banking service that focuses on people that enjoy banking from the comfort of their homes and smartphones. Ally Bank is an online-only bank service. Their banking services include online deposits, savings, and transfers which are all conducted online. The bank has no physical branch but provides all banking services and 24/7 customer service.

The online banking service is something we are already familiar with. Online banking means accessing almost all services you can get from a traditional bank on your smartphone. Online banking allows a person to carry out financial transactions through the internet.

How to Deposit Cash for Ally?

Ally Bank is an online-only bank meaning that this bank does not provide banking services or have a physical branch like a traditional bank. Ally Bank banking services includes no monthly fees charge, ease of use, a 24/7 customer service system, high-interest rates, and many other benefits which pull customers to them. There is no hassle when it comes to opening and having an online bank savings on Ally Bank, making use of their online service, and even dealing with their customer service. But when it comes down to making a deposit, it becomes a bit of a problem. 

How to Deposit Cash for Ally?

Ally Bank has no physical branch that allows customers to carry out a cash deposit, and it’s a bit of a hassle to have your money in an online bank and be completely oblivious to how to perform this crucial step. You can’t make a deposit except via online check into your Ally’s account, but there are other viable means to deposit money into an Ally Bank. An alternative way is to scan a check deposit on your Ally Bank app and send, transfer money from one of your bank accounts to your Ally bank via online transfers, use wire transfers, and by sending a check through the US Mail. 

Ally Bank has a good number of pros but the cons come down to carrying out a deposit for your Ally bank. Below is a clear overview of the Ally bank online service system and the solutions that can help you carry out money deposits for your Ally with ease. 

Ally Bank Account Services 

Ally bank offers an online account checking service on this mobile app called the Ally interest checking account. The advantage of not having a single physical branch is that the bank transfers savings to its customers in the form of lower fees. Opening an account with the bank requires no fixed minimum deposit, and the customers enjoy the benefit of no monthly fees charged to their account. The bank does not charge overdraft fees and customers are entitled to a free debit card, standard checks, and bill pay services. Free ATM charges on every withdrawal performed on their Allpoint ATM, and the bank pays an annual percentage yield 0.10% on accounts with a daily minimum balance of less than $15,000. And an annual percentage yield of 0.25% on checking accounts with a daily minimum balance of $15,000. You may not get rich off the annual percentage yield because of the generally low-interest rates but you’d surely get a better rate than you would have gotten from a traditional bank.

Methods to Deposit Cash on Ally Bank

There are many benefits of having an account on Ally bank, there’s the ease and comfort the bank provides you with, but not all the time. With the absence of a physical branch or structure, making a cash deposit on your Ally bank can be strenuous. Below are some of the ways to carry out a cash deposit for your Ally:

  • Online Transfers: One method of depositing cash into your Ally is through transfers from another bank account into your Ally bank account. It’s quick and efficient for those that have other bank accounts, the only stress is that you have to visit the bank and make a physical deposit before the transfer.
  • The E-check Deposit: This service is provided on your Ally bank mobile bank app. This step involves you making a check deposit with the payee’s signature online, you can perform this on your Ally bank mobile banking App. 
  • Wire Transfers: This is an approved transfer method to deposit into your Ally bank account. You’d need to provide some important information when doing this, such as your Ally bank account, the routing number, the name of the beneficiary, and the address.
  • Sending Check via the US mail: You can only send a check via the US mail to Ally Bank, you cannot send cash. 

Is Ally Bank easy to use?

This is an online-only banking service, the bank can be used from the comfort of your home with ease just with a smartphone. The bank has a mobile app, for iOS, Windows, and Android, but what you can do on the app varies on the operating system. 

Is Ally bank Safe to use?

 Ally bank has a well-built reputation, that focuses on its customer’s banking needs. For more information check their website for their legal information, bank certification, and FDIC insurance. 


Ally bank is an online banking service that allows seamless banking service from the comfort of your home and through your smartphone at any place and time. The pros of banking with Ally bank outweigh the cons, the only downside is the issue of cash deposits due to the unavailability of physical branches because all of its services are online. Nonetheless, there are alternative methods stated above that can help you carry out a swift deposit to your Ally account. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to use Ally Bank?

To use Ally bank you’d have to download their mobile app on your phone. The bank has a mobile app for iOS, Windows, and Android. You can also access the bank services through their website.

  1. How can I open an account on Ally?

To open an account you need to head over to their website, click on the open account tab, follow the instructions and provide the information requested.

  1. How much do I need to open an account on Ally Bank?

One of the advantages of using Ally bank is that the bank does not require a minimum amount of deposit.